[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In China Fanmeeting 2014

AINyeong SIKseekers~ We’re sorry for having delayed so long in writing the report of Yoo Ah In China Fanmeeting, which was already held on December 7th, 2014, in Shanghai.

Apart from catching up with Ah In’s quite many latest updates, I felt a bit difficult in writing this report, because it felt like an anticlimax after our thoroughly report on Thailand Fanmeeting 2014. Moreover, I couldn’t help but kept comparing these two events. So, apologize for keeping the report short πŸ™‚

There are some plus and minus points in both for sure, but in the end I gotta admit that the Thailand Fanmeeting is the best so far in terms of its flow. But still, I love China fans video project the best -it’s very touching and beautiful- and I like that they were able to take a lot of nice photos in this fanmeeting.

Basically, China Fanmeeting had almost similar rundown or segments as that of Thailand Fanmeeting. What made it special is that Sohu TV broadcast the fan meet live from the spot and uploaded the recorded clips on its website. So, you can watch him again and again!

Here’s the full China fanmeeting video (with 112mins duration) http://t.cn/RzNogzm

In terms of scale, this is a small fan meet at a smaller stage and venue compare to that of Thailand Fanmeeting’s, and with smaller number of fans as well. Ah In wasn’t gracefully propelled up the stage, but just came out humbly from behind. Fans were free for taking Ah In’s pictures or recorded him with any cameras during the show. It’s either because they were too busy with themselves taking photos during the event, or because most of them were older fans, they didn’t scream too loud and were less “crazy”. However in the games segments, lucky fans were more aggressive, to the extent that Ah In looked a bit uncomfy. The power of noonas and ahjummas. Hee! πŸ˜€

The biggest flaw, I think, was the host/MC. As I said before, Ah In would join the fun and went crazy too if the host could create a merry, light atmosphere and laughter during the event. But this MC is too formal or serious, didn’t joke much or try to light up the show. There was no fun interaction between Ah In and the MC. Sometimes Ah In tried to throw jokes and made fun of the situation, but the MC lacked of response.

Apart from these flaws, there were better things presented in China Fanmeeting. For instance, in the movie clips segment, they included Tough As Iron movie, which wasn’t there in Thailand Fanmeeting. Secret Love Affair got the best responds, as it’s his most popular drama in China. Fans also performed a sweet choir for him like Korean fans did in Seoul fanmeeting~ it was adorable ^^ They sang for him a Teresa Teng’s hit called “Don’t Forget About Me”.

The China fanmeeting didn’t hold “Fans Elimination Game” and High Five segments with all fans like they did in Thailand (that’s why the fanmeeting finished in less than 2 hours), but Ah In gave away his self-designed tees to 5 lucky fans. And for the VIP ticket holders, instead of getting the pre-signed posters, they had a group photo session with Ah In after the event.

Ah In tried to speak Chinese several times, and he was so cute. He kept smiling and laughing most of the time. In the first segment, he was sported a Gucci 2015 SS, this time his style was more formal than the Prada “college boy” style he wore in Thailand. In the games segment, Ah In wore Burberry sweater. Most importantly, he sang the same song as he did in Thailand, but this time his performance was so much better, because he didn’t giggle much in the middle πŸ˜€

Now, here are the photos taken by fans before, during, and after the fanmeeting~

Rolls down the window and waves at fans on his way to rehearse before the fanmeeting began

The venue and the stage

Ah In shows up in his Gucci suit

Cute funny expressions

His fashion project and dramas presentations

Games segments

A 70 years old grandma fan from Taiwan who watched Ah In’s dramas with her granddaughter ^^

Watching Fans Video Project

Shows Korean’s “love sign” and poses together with fans

Sings with all his heart

Waves goodbye to all fans at the end of fanmeeting

Poses with the VIP ticket holders after fanmeeting over

Fans still followed Ah In to the airport when he was departing from Shanghai, December 9th


Check more photos in our Facebook in 2014 China Fanmeeting Album


Photos: Baidu, Weibo, DC

3 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In China Fanmeeting 2014”
  1. SUE says:

    Not generalizing it, but Chinese mainlanders are a bit “rude” and “stiff” (which shows on their aggressiveness and the cold MC), so I totally get why YAI looked a bit uncomfortable at times. However, thanks for the report and nice photos!

  2. Ning says:

    Thank you, Furbabe. I wish someone can translate the fans questions ^^

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