Yoo Ah In’s Crime-Flick “Veteran” to Premiere 14th May

Hwang Jung Min & Yoo Ah In, Veteran shooting (cine21)

It finally confirmed, for real! Having pushed back the release date for several times, Director Ryu Seung Wan‘s crime-thriller movie Veteran, starring Hwang Jung Min and Yoo Ah In, will be down in cinemas in May 2015.

On the 24th February, a film industry insider told the media, that the film distributor CJ E & M has decided Veteran will be released on May 14th.

Veteran cranked up on June 30 last year in Cheongju, with the final filming involved a large-scale fight scene. Initially, Veteran planned to open at the second half of this year, but the movie distributor held it back to put out for the peak season of the year, where blockbusters are expected mostly during this season, and to avoid Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avengers 2’ which scheduled to release in April.

In December last year, Korean Film Grade Determination by Korean Film Council, has decided that Veteran is rated 15+, which means viewers from age 15 can watch this movie.

Veteran is a story about a strong principle and dedicated CSI detective Seo Do Cheol (Hwang Jung Min) who gets involved in a conflict with a young plutocrat Jo Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In). Yoo Ah In’s character is described as a 3rd generation chaebol who looks confident outside, but in truth harbors inferiority complex.

In his interview with Sina TV, December last year, Yoo Ah In talked about being the youngest actor in this movie, “I was the youngest actor, but in this movie I was the world’s largest character. I own a company, and even though there are persons older than me, I have to beat them, scold them, bully them, look down on others, and be a very rude person. It was very painful to do that to my seniors during the filming. But those sunbae-nims are very professional and gave me a lot of space, so that I performed well.”



Veteran is also touted as an ensemble star-studded casts film with the participation of famous actors such as Oh Dal Su, Jung Woong In, and Jung Man Sik. Complete casts can be read here.

Director Ryu Seung Wan in his recent interview with Cine21, was asked about what aspects from Yoo Ah In he thought was going to blend with Jo Tae Oh. He said, “Yoo Ah In reminds me of a noble person, but surprisingly it works out perfectly with this character. He was a total rough man in his recent movie ‘Tough As Iron’ (2013). I like his handsome and noble character who protects his friend. I thought, how much worse will this handsome and noble man look like if he turns bad. You got to look forward to see him showing a new type of a villain.”

Yes, we are SO looking forward to seeing this sexy badass! See YOO soon, Master Sik!


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6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Crime-Flick “Veteran” to Premiere 14th May”
  1. judy swierkosz says:


  2. S. says:

    I’m so excited !! Villain Yoo Ah In?? Bring it on!!

  3. Laura says:

    yayayay! hope this movie will hit daebak!

  4. Phuong nguyen says:

    We miss YAI= LSJ. We can’t wait to see him in movie again. Wish that film will get success.

  5. ROR says:

    Yes yes so miss him. But his movie is coming!!!!! Can’t wait

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