[INTERVIEW 2015.03.04] Fashion Star Yoo Ah In: “Fashion Is A Game Of Fun”

[Fashion in Star] Actor Yoo Ah-in, “Fashion is as natural as a game of fun” (Interview March 4, 2015 )


Actor Yoo Ah In. | The Class


“Fashion is an attitude. It is necessary to have your own sense and pleasure in fashion”. – Yoo Ah In

Fashion Star Yoo Ah-in reveals what he considers the fashion rules.

His opinions on his own fashion sense in a variety of styles from casual to formal wear, his latest collaboration with 노앙 (Nohant) brand designer where he personally involved in the design, the launch of “Love City” series, and “Yoo Ah-in fashion” became popular.

In his last year’s drama Secret Love Affair, he captured the hearts of women through clean simple styles which exude the natural feeling of a gifted pianist and masculine guy Lee Sun Jae.

Some people say, “Yoo Ah-in just picks any clothes by himself because he has his own beliefs in fashion.” So, we are very curious what Yoo Ah-in’s fashion belief is.

“I think since I’m reaching 30 [in Korean age], having a particular style of fashion items or a specific element compare with the overall understanding of the fashion itself is important. However, having a fashion style close to your own attitude seems to be more important. When you express your own pleasure and personality, when you are brave enough to enjoy fashion and sometimes you use fashion as a language strongly, it becomes your true fashion.”


Yoo Ah In. | McCafe


Baby face with a masculine figure is your advantage. People call you a “well dressed actor”, how do you manage it?

“Compare to the outstanding physical appearance of fashion models, I have a lot of shortcomings. If I’m in unfavorable condition, wearing tailored clothes will be good for my advantage. I seek and rapidly change roles. In order to fit with them, I try to change my body through exercise and diet.”

What are your most favorite color and fashion items?

“I like black and dark green. I’m not a credible fashion director, yet these are the essential colors in fashion sense. As I’m getting older, I gradually increase the collection of my casual sports pants.”


Yoo Ah In revealed the stylish dress to wear. | The Class


Formal wears vs casual clothes, when you wear each of them, the feeling is obviously different. Depending on the circumstances, your personality expression seems different.

“I enjoy a comfy casual wear the most, but sometimes I want to look childlike, sometimes manlike, with colorful images of life through the various fashion in my daily life. Just like in every different works and the interpretation of different roles where I wear different clothes. This is because I often feel bored.”

“The important thing is not either in different styles or a mono style, but having a harmony in appearance and attitude. A man wearing a snap-back baseball cap will not necessarily become a playful young boy, and a man wearing a Windsor knot [a wide symmetrical triangular knot necktie] will not necessarily become a gentleman.”


Yoo Ah In’s style in ‘Secret Love Affair’ Press Conference was reported as the best fashion styling. | JTBC


On the online search that relates to fashion terms, your fashion often climbed first and became the topic. Among those styles of yours, is there any of your most favorite style?

“I remember it was in the Secret Love Affair Press Conference last year. Normally, a press conference is not just a casual occasion, so you cannot give up on a suit easily, but I got rid of some dress codes and boldly wore only a crisp white shirt which suited my character in that drama. I personally am very satisfied with that style.”

You accepted the challenge to be “designer Yoo Ah-in” last year. In the simple design of “Love City” series point of view, there is a feeling that it has a philosophy.

“It was a very interesting collaboration, but in the fashion industry it is a very commercial market instrument, and I think it may now become an outdated trend. Even though this collaboration is based on our close relationship, they didn’t just lend the name, we didn’t just make beautiful clothes, but we wanted to experience a meaningful and interesting work process. My own English-Hangeul printed T-shirts are to show that young people have a great idealism too, apart from the commercial and fashion element. Although the process was very difficult, I had a lot of fun experience. To those who gave me this opportunity to create meaningful things together with my friends and those who enjoy our clothes as fashion, I’m very grateful.


Yoo Ah In collaborated with designer Nohant to create the Love City series which caught attention of many. The Love City series is a unique witty tee design which consists of six world’s city names written in mixed Korean and English. | Lotte Entertainment


Please tips us off your “casual suit” and “airport fashion”.

“Basically, when you want to wear a suit, choosing suits which perfectly fit with the shape of your body is very important. While for the airport fashion, a simple comfortable clothes with hat or sunglasses as accessories would be suffice.”

There is a saying that fashion is indeed a fashion, but good skin completes the fashion. Do you have a special secret? What fashion and beauty items you always carry in your bag?

“I don’t have a fair good skin, but I really like my ruddy complexion. To me, pure heart is the most important. While for my easily chapped thick lips, I often prepare a lip balm in my bag.”


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2 Responses to “[INTERVIEW 2015.03.04] Fashion Star Yoo Ah In: “Fashion Is A Game Of Fun””
  1. Jen says:

    “Pure heart is the most important”. That’s right! Happy to read another good interview of YOO 🙂

  2. Phuong nguyen says:

    Good answer. I like YOO real personality very much. This is really man, not sweet guy.

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