Yoo Ah In Receives Endless Love Calls Before Heading Into Army


News on the group of young actors heading into the army has been circulating in the internet like crazy these days. Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, and Juwon are names often mentioned as the talented actors who will be greatly missed when they’re away for the two years national service. (Fun fact: A recent survey conducted by TopStar News to the readers revealed that Yoo Ah In is #3 best looking guy who will join the military πŸ˜€ )

Newstomato reported, Yoo Ah In and Lee Seung Gi receive the most endless love calls from the entertainment industry for drama and movie proposals ahead of the military enlistment. The drama and film productions are having a fierce competition to cast Lee Seung Gi (27) and Yoo Ah In (28).

Broadcasting officials said, “Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Ah In have the most solid fan base in the same age group, in addition to their star power and quality. The competition to cast stars prior to their enlistment to active duty has become more intense. In their position right now, which is the temporary final work, there are side effects of marketing that the entertainment industry wants to gain from.”

The broadcasting officials admitted that they have already spent endless love calls for these stars, in particular Yoo Ah In and Lee Seung Gi.

A representative of a drama who’s pursuing both actors said, “It will not be easy to find other actors of similar age who are good enough to replace them.” However, he added, “There’s also a situation which becomes an issue in the casting. Since both of them are the prime stars of the late 20s, they take it as their last opportunity to build a more mature image.”

Therefore, both actors are becoming more selective when considering a project.

Yoo Ah In has already finished shooting the movie “Veteran” and “Sado, Memory of Eight Days” aka “The Throne”.Veteran is coming this May, Sado is scheduled to release later this year.

Agencies of both sides are carefully examining the effect in the future before making any decision on a project, in addition to making plan for the two years of hiatus. Through a smart strategy, they hope the stars can successfully return to the entertainment industry.

A typical way to keep them relevant in the showbiz is through advertising contracts, as it will make them still appear on TV constantly during the period of military service.

Going to enlistment after shooting a new movie can also be an effective strategy to fill in the absence gap. If one of Yoo Ah In’s movies releases after he’s enlisting, he can still meet the audience ahead through the wide screen nationwide.

And to those who asked me when Master Sik is going into the army, I cannot answer the exact time for now, but he’ll bid us adieu this year for sure.

Let’s join hands and pray for his healthy drool-worthy six packs bod and safe return! (and for his two movies and other future projects to hit daebak!) πŸ˜€

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Source: Newstomato

8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Receives Endless Love Calls Before Heading Into Army”
  1. cecile lumer says:

    I just want to mention that Satellite Girl and Milk Cow are playing in NYC as part of the International Children’s Film Festival.

  2. Mimi Meci says:

    Subscribe of this, I wish a healthy army and easy and we’ll be waiting with much love (I love Furbabe:)

  3. mpc226 says:

    omg…just the thought already is making me so sad….am gonna miss him for sure!

  4. ROR says:

    Yoo is so busy even when he’s about to go to military.
    Good luck Yoo Ah In oppa!

  5. ζ³’η‘  says:


  6. Laura says:

    I still hope he can do a drama before MS 😦

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