[REVIEW] The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow in 2015 New York International Children’s Film Festival


Since its première on February 2014, The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow (voice actors Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi) has been screening in a lot of domestic festivals, such as Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), the Muju Mountain Film Festival, and International Children’s Film Festival in Seoul. On the 5th August the anime received the Jury Special Mention Award for Animation Competition at the 18th Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada.

Following the international achievement, early this year the anime was screening in New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF) which took place February 27 and ran through March 22 at venues throughout NYC.



We’ve got a nice review from Monique, a story-teller, animator, illustrator and writer from New York. She’s especially interested in the children’s media and entertainment industry. She wrote a review in her website Simply Robotic, after watching the show in NYICFF, and kindly shares it with us here 🙂 Check it out~


This past weekend at NYICFF,  Jang Hyung-yun’s “The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow” made its New York Premiere. Now I personally am not to familiar with anime or Korean animation but I am enjoying my introduction to movies outside of Studio Gibli and Miyazaki films. As stated on Twitchfilm.com “a handful of new feature animations have cropped up in Korean cinema and are serving as embers for what will hopefully become a full-fledged industry in the coming years.”

The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow is on my list of 10 most bizarre animations I have ever watched. For the first 30-45 minutes I was lost and confused and I could not decide if this was a ride I wanted to stay on. By the end of the movie I was happy that I stuck with it. The story is about a satellite that picks up a musical frequency from Earth while in space and decides to go to Earth to locate the sound. The satellite turns itself into a human girl to blend in and finds the source, a music playing milk cow (who is actually a human but was turned into a milk cow because of a heartbreak). They both end up on a wild adventure along with a wizard roll of toilet tissue (yes, you read that correctly) to return the milk cow to his human form. That is the simplest, least confusing way that I can sum this experience up.

This movie is offbeat, whimsical, maybe a little predictable and a little rough around the edges but it gives the audience a rather pleasant viewing experience. With its numerous puns and gags I can not exactly say who the intended audience is exactly but there is definitely something here for everyone.

It is not on DVD (yet) in the US but I’m sure if you do some searching online you may be able to find places to buy it or see where else it could be playing this year. Until then check out this trailer and leave a comment below letting me know what you think about it.

The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow Official Trailer [ENG SUBS]

8 Responses to “[REVIEW] The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow in 2015 New York International Children’s Film Festival”
  1. 波瑠 says:


  2. cecile lumer says:

    I knew it was playing here in NYC at the Children’s International Film Festival. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to see it. After reading this review I am doubly sorry. I love Yoo Ah In’s voice in the trailer.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks for the review. I hope I can see this anime soon!

  5. Miko says:

    Hello♡ I will watch this animated film at 「アップリンクファクトリー」 in Shibuya. This film will show on
    9th,10th in May.

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