[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interview on Sat Zone Thailand 150321

Yoo Ah In appeared in Thai program Sat Zone Special on the March 21, 2015 broadcast. It’s none other than his special interview in Thailand prior to his Thailand Fanmeeting Tour, November 27, 2014.

The program shows several clips from his press conference and fans interviews, to a clip of the fanmeeting. You may skip those clips and jump to his special interview at 4:30 mark.


Yoo Ah In Sat Zone Special Interview [starts at 4:30]


GIFs represent! ^^


And now here’s the writing translations of Sat Zone video interview with Yoo Ah In~

Translator: Admin GF of YAI International Fans Community

MC: Hello, Sat Zone special today brings you all to see the hot guy of the year who stole hearts of all Asian girls. Let’s meet Yoo Ah In! Sawasdee Ka~

YAI: Sawasdee Krub~^^

MC: Please introduce yourself to all Thai fans

YAI: Annyeong haseyo, I’m Yoo Ah In. I’m really excited to have my first official Thailand fanmeeting, please take a good care of me~^^

MC: We know that this is not your first visit to Thailand. How many times have you come here and what did you do in Thailand?

YAI: The first time I came here was for a fashion shooting. While others were for traveling privately. I’ve been here more than ten times.

MC: You are very famous here. And when you played the role as king Sukjong, Thai netizens said they were queuing up to be your concubine. What do you think about this?

YAI: (laughs) I’ve never known before that many fans wanted to be Jang Ok Jung, (still laughs while talking) I’m so glad that fans talked about my works.

MC: Yoo Ah In has played many roles including student, king and designer. In your opinion, which role is women’s most favorite?

YAI: . . . (ponders for a while) I think it’s Jang Ok Jung. Because, in Fashion King I play a bad guy, in Sungkyunkwan Scandal I have a secretly one-sided love, which is unrequited love. But in Jang Ok Jung the leading actor and actress fall in love to each other, so I think fans may like this role.

MC: If a man is food, what kind of dish do you think you are?

YAI: (laughs and speaks while still laughing) Maybe… Tom Yum Kung? (laughs hard) I’m Kidding! (Thinks for several more seconds) Uhmm… but thinking about Tom Yum Kung again, it maybe true, because it has many flavors including hot and sour, like actors who can play many roles… Hot and spicy!! (laughs more)

[MC starts a new question but he was still laughing πŸ˜€ The pink texts in the video over his head while he’s laughing says that he’s still amused by his own joke]

MC: When you work hard and feel tired, how do you buck up yourself?

YAI: Sometime I feel tired after all the hard work. Having some spicy food can help releasing the stress. Sometime I dine out, sometimes I meet and talk with friends, or go traveling with friends. These things help making me relax.

MC: Since you’ve come over here more than ten times, I think you can speak some Thai. Please, show us ^^

YAI: (laughs) Most of the time I say “Sawasdee Krub” [hello] and “Kob Kun Krub” [thank you]. “Nar Rak Jung Krub” [you are so cute]~ (The pink text reads ‘Nar Rak Jung Krub’ while he’s pointing at MC, then he laughs hard again) πŸ˜€

MC: What is your next project in the future?

YAI: After Secret Love Affair drama, I’ve just finished 2 movies which have not released in Korea yet. I hope I have a chance to come to greet fans again after these movies are released in cinemas.

MC: Finally, please say something to fans

YAI: To all my lovely Thai fans, I came here for traveling privately many times. On this visit, I’m really excited and I feel so glad to get to meet you all officially. In the future I hope we continue our good relationship. Please keep loving me. Thank you. Kob Kun Krub.


Now here are more cute screencaps to pamper our eyes~^^

Check more screencaps in our Facebook album “2014 Thailand Fanmeeting” πŸ™‚


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Screencapped and GIFs: DC and @SIKseekers

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