[UPDATE] Yoo Ah In Courted to Play In “Six Flying Dragons” As King Taejong


So is this coming true, for real? *holds breath*

According to the news released on April 30, Yoo Ah In has been courted by SBS, to play on their upcoming sageuk drama “Yuglyongi Naleusya” (육룡이 나르샤 / Yukrongi Nareusya / Six Flying Dragons / Six Dragons In The Day / The Six Dragons’ Soar). He is offered to take on the role of Prince Lee Bang Won, the future King Taejong, father of King Sejong The Great.

Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “Yoo Ah In is positively considering the proposal. However, his historical movie Sado (The Throne) will release at the same time with the drama’s broadcasting schedule. This might cause potential conflicts on his movie as well as his work schedule. Therefore, we need a little more time before confirming his appearance in the drama.”

Yugiyongi Naleusya or Six Flying Dragons is an adaptation from a novel with the same title. This drama is produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of SBS drama program.

Six Flying Dragons depicts a story of the early establishment of the new Joseon dynasty that was built by King Tae Jo and Prime Minister Jung Do Jeon. Six prominent figures in that turbulence period will be the center of the story. Prince Lee Bang Won (also written as Yi Bang Won) is the fifth son of King Tae Jo who had a big ambition to turn Joseon to an absolute monarchy, which was against Jong Do Jeon’s ideology. Just like many newborn dynasties in the world, bloodshed conflicts to gain royal power occurred most of the times among the royal families.

Duo writers Kim Young Hyeon and Park Sang Yeon, who are famous with hit dramas such as Queen Seondeok and Deep Rooted Tree, take charge in adapting the novel to a screenplay. The drama will be helmed by PD Shin Kyung Soo (Three Days, I Am Legend).

If Yoo Ah In takes this drama, it will be his comeback to the small screen after more than a year. His last drama Secret Love Affair which aired during March to May 2014, received rave reviews from viewers and critics.

Six Flying Dragons‘ first shooting will begin in May or June after the production finishes casting, and is expected to start broadcasting in September or October.

Personally, I’m not too fond of the way SBS handling sageuk, especially with the live shooting and story changing for the sake of ratings. Having watched a masterpiece like Secret Love Affair and then jumping to a might be sageuk fails (case in point: Jang Ok Jung), is my biggest concern at the moment. However, I do want to see Yoo Ah In once again on my screen before he goes away for the two years hiatus.

Will Master Sik receive a drama proposal and come back to our small screen before enlistment? Let’s cross our fingers!

[Update May 1] Actor Kim Myung Min (A New Leaf, The King of Dramas, Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island ) is cast as Jung Do Jeon, and he is still reviewing the proposal as well.

Translated by @Furbabe

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Source: Naver, Newsen, Starnews

13 Responses to “[UPDATE] Yoo Ah In Courted to Play In “Six Flying Dragons” As King Taejong”
  1. Nova says:

    take it please!! He really looks good when played sageuk drama..I’m his big fans when I followed JOJ drama & other friend in my country too

  2. Amanda says:

    Though SBS kept failing in historical dramas these past 2 years in comparison with MBC, I hope if YAI picks this drama SBS will make it the best. Good luck!

  3. Laura says:

    Yay another historical drama! Missed seeing him in hanbok again! Thanks for the article Furbabe!

  4. Phuong nguyen says:

    If it’ s really good , i hope Yoo will take. I didn’ see him for a long time since “Secret love affair”. Thanks Furbabe for your news.

  5. Furbabe says:

    Update: Actor Kim Myung Min is cast as Jung Do Jeon. My favorite ahjussi with my boy in one screen! 😀

  6. MNguyen says:

    I have watched several Korean movies and have been fond of so many actors/characters but Yoo Ah In/King Sukjong is the best for me. I am so in love with Yoo Ah In in the character. Truly the most handsome, manly, charming, attractive king I have ever seen, not just in Korean royal history but also in any royal history in the world! So true that many girls want to be his concubines globally! All my friends here in the States love Yoo Ah In! I ordered my own DVD of the movie since I need to watch it more than a few times to see him again in the movie. Jang Ok-Jong is so lucky to be his love! Want to see Yoo Ah In as king/prince character(s) again. Can’t wait to watch Prince Lee Bang Won! Please! 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      So nice to know that you and your friends in the States love Ah In! 😀 Let’s hope that this drama script and production team are SO good that he doesn’t want to miss it! 🙂

  7. MNguyen says:

    Also forgot to say that I like this version/type of movie about Jang Hee-bin the best. History written by the other side might have not been fair to the lower class/social status. I could be wrong but we never know.

  8. primie94 says:

    This time is for real?? can’t wait!! …so funny last time as KingSukJong,,, Mickey’s father (RooftopPrince) and now as Yi Bang-won,,, SJK’s father (DeepRootedTree) :D:D:D

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