Yoo Ah In Looks Bright in McCafé Fansign Event 2015.04.30

Yoo Ah In is back with the second McCafé Fansigning Event. Just like the previous one, a hundred selected customers were chosen through an advanced application on McDonald’s Facebook page.

The fansigning event was held at Democracy Square, Dongduk Women’s University, from 12 to 1 pm KST. 

But several hours before that, around six o’clock in the morning Yoo Ah In posted a photo of Seoul view at dawn and a closeup cigarette in his instagram, commented that he needed some sleep! Gee Master Sik, you gotta get a proper sleep at night, not stay awake the whole night!

A big number of crowds already flooded the street and flocked the venue before he came in, and they went wild when he entered the venue! Check a fancam here.

Yoo Ah In wore a very simple white shirt and jeans, he looks skinnier yet healthy. He never stopped smiling, and he squinted a lot! Since he got to sit facing the sunshine, even with umbrella held above him, his eyes couldn’t bear the bright spring light. But this has made very cute and funny photo moments 😀

Now let’s check out some of Master Sik’s cute photos from this event~

From fans’ instagram accounts, Naver, Haru, Moonai


From KEIN with some more super cute squinted eyes mode on~^^Check more photos from KEIN in her website here


From McDonald’s Official Facebook page


From DC Fashion King


And this one is shared by Ah In manager~ Having lunch after fansigning event done. Looks great in white long sleeves!


Squinting and smiling all the time. Isn’t he adorbs? 🙂 Check more photos in our Facebook Album here.


One Response to “Yoo Ah In Looks Bright in McCafé Fansign Event 2015.04.30”
  1. Amanda says:

    So cute! Thanx for sharing! ♥

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