Yoo Ah In Confirms For New Drama “Six Flying Dragons”, More Casts Added


Local news outlet reported on Tuesday, May 12, that Yoo Ah In has been confirmed for the new SBS sageuk epic “Six Flying Dragons” (working title).

Isplus cites a related source at SBS that Yoo Ah In, Kim Myung Min, Cheon Ho Jin and Baek Jin Hee have confirmed to play as the four prominent characters in upcoming series Six Flying Dragons.

As previously reported in our website here, Yoo Ah In is courted by SBS to take on the role of Prince Lee Bang Won (or Yi Bang Won). Lee Bang Won is King Taejo’s ambitious son who became the nation’s third king, King Taejong, father of King Sejong The Great. Meanwhile, Kim Myung Min (The King of Dramas, Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island) is cast as Jung Do Jeon who is credited with creating the Joseon political framework.

Six Flying Dragons centers around the court of King Taejong (Yi Bang Won/Yoo Ah In), whose father King Taejo was an early monarch of the Joseon dynasty and was assisted by political Jeong Do Jeon (Kim Myung Min). King Taejong clashes ideologically and politically with Jung Do Jeon, the man instrumental in helping his father establish the Joseon nation, and the drama follows the conflict as they attempt to consolidate their power and the state of the fledgling nation.



Additional casts line up with famous names~

Senior actor Cheon Ho Jin (Doctor Stranger, House of Bluebird, The Treacherous), who plays as Yoo Ah In’s father in the 2007 movie Shims Family (Skeletons In The Closet), will be back reuniting with Yoo Ah In as his father again or King Taejo, the founder and the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.

Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki, Triangle) gets the leading lady and her character will be having a love line with Yoo Ah In’s male lead.

Byun Yo Han (Misaeng, Socialphobia) is up to play a skilled swordsman, the bodyguard to Jung Do Jeon and the older brother to the heroine (Baek Jin Hee).

Additionally, Yoon Kyun Sang (Gap Dong, Pinocchio) is still said to be in final talks. He’s casting as Muhyul, the swordsman and bodyguard to Yi Bang Won, whose character also appears in Deep Rooted Tree.

Also in talks for this drama is Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince, Maids), who is considering an offer as the second female lead.

Six Flying Dragons starts filming next month in June for a September air date.

Note: I’m not sure whether this news is legit or not since this only came from one source. In addition, a 50-episodes of sageuk seems like a stretch, and it worries me when the lead role is about to go to the military service soon.

All I can say is: Fighting and GOOD LUCK, Master Sik!


Source: Isplus and Koala’s Playground

10 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Confirms For New Drama “Six Flying Dragons”, More Casts Added”
  1. Sow says:

    Aza aza fighting!!

  2. Phuong nguyen says:

    It’s great, Yoo, fighting. Uwe always support Yoo.

  3. 波瑠 says:


    • Furbabe says:

      That’s right~ He needs to take a good care of his health during the shooting; from a hot summer to cold autumn 🙂

  4. MNguyen says:

    Yes! Can’t wait to watch my fave actor in historical drama again! So happy!!!! 😊

  5. a passerby says:

    Muhyul is a swordsman and bodyguard to BangWon, and a fictional character.
    Six Dragon is the pre-qual of Deeprooted Tree. Muhyul was in DT.

  6. a passerby says:

    He just has the same name with Muhyul, King Daemusin of Gorguyeo.
    They are totally different characters, one being fictional and the other being real.

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