[PHOTOS & TRANSLATIONS] Dispatch Reports On Yoo Ah In’s Charity Bazaar

Dispatch Presents: A Special Bazaar For Children


This man looks different
And yet, his appearance looks similar

Tags, they are yet to be attached to products
His hands are busy moving

Is this his new job?
I’m familiar with that gaze, somewhere

Marching behind Yoo Ah In


Actor Yoo Ah In sets out a new project. This time it is a charity bazaar, a direct flea market. Dispatch follows Yoo Ah In during the event on May 5 from 2 pm KST in Studio Concrete, Hannam-dong, Seoul. Yoo Ah In is quite busy before the bazaar opens.

Outside the studio, a huge crowd of fashion people have stood in line waiting 3 hours before the bazaar opened. Hot before starting.


“♬ Going to the bazaar~”

“Wanna see Yoo Ah In too”

“And this project too”

“And for donation too”

May 5, 5 pm, Director Yoo finally launches the event~


Apparently, this Children’s Day bazaar is a guerrilla project created by Yoo Ah In himself. Even the Studio Concrete crews also surprise with Ah In’s plan.

“When the studio was just open, we had no thought [about opening a bazaar]. But suddenly, he told me that he wanted to open a bazaar, sell his personal collections, and donate five times the profit generated from sales.” (Cha Hae Young, Studio Concrete Founder)

Yoo Ah In’s motivation is really great. He gives away most of his collections. He organizes his clothes and shoes for three days and two nights, carefully picks each item that is still in perfect condition for sales.

He decides directly the price for items which are going for sale in the bazaar too. He gives a discount of 50 to 70% to customers, so that they are more enthusiastic in purchasing his goods.


On the D-day, Yoo Ah In arrives in the studio, carrying Nohant’s Love City bags and starts to wrap some goods up. It seems Studio Concrete crews look surprise by his presence as well.

As the opening hour is coming closer, Yoo Ah In gets busier and busier. He is truly attentive. He attaches the price tags to clothing.

“Three days and two nights of preparation”

“Shall we arrange each color?”

“Attach the price tags directly too”

“Seven-teen. Ele-ven.”

The bazaar is going to open in 10 minutes. Yoo Ah In undergoes a final check-out. He carefully scans the products on the display.


“It finally opens”

“Yoo Ah In’s dearest (?) footwear”

“Farewell, my leather shoes”

It is a sales success. In just 1 hour all items have sold out. It’s thanks to 15 designers’ labels which have participated in this bazaar.

“I didn’t expect the reaction would be that good. In fact, we limited the purchase up to 3 items per customer, so that people who waited at the end of line could still purchase something.” (Studio Concrete official)


“This is a must-buy”

“Truly a project”

“Yoo Ah In once wore these clothes directly. Moreover, this is for a good cause. I feel good knowing that the money that I spent here is going for a donation. It’s worth every penny.” (Sinsa-dong, Kim Yun-X)


Is it only about ‘obtaining the item’? No, it’s also about ‘freedom’. It’s the day when people can have a good conversation with Yoo Ah In freely. They talk, take pictures together, and he also gives them his signatures.


“Got some good angle?”

“Please sign here and here”

“Friendly Yoo Ah In”

Here comes the most important thing. They settle the revenues immediately. The net sales revenue is 10,570,000 Won! However, this is not the amount of money that will go for donation. In fact, the charity bazaar has a unique donation scheme.

Before the bazaar taking place, Yoo Ah In announced that he had a plan to donate for children through this bazaar with “” scheme. It bears the meaning that the bazaar is held on 5/5, at 5pm, and he will donate 5 times the sales revenues separately.


So, after multiplying to 5 times the revenues, how much fund do they get? Total products cost is 52,850,000 Won. Total sales from the bazaar is 63,420,000 Won. Thus, the total sales revenues is 10,570,000 Won.

Using his donation scheme, Yoo Ah In donates 5 times the amount of sales revenues right away, which is 50,570,000 Won, or approximately $46,090. Daebak!

So where will they allocate this fund? First, 50% of fund will be donated to Korea Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Yoo Ah In’s Korean fans [Ainese and DC YAI] have been the regular sponsorship of this institution for several years.

The remaining 50% are going to the children and youth arts education support project created by Studio Concrete. The projects will focus on the professional experience development and training for the underprivileged children.


“Studio concrete plans to create a synergy between business working group and social working group. It aims to create a positive cycle of artistic activity.” (Yoo Ah In)


Studio Concrete first exhibition “The Transit” is on the run too. We can get to see and appreciate the works of artists Kwon Chul Hwa, Kwon Bada and Kim Jae Hoon.


So, any other next projects from Yoo Ah In after this? Well, we will be seeing him return on the small screen. He has confirmed to play on SBS upcoming series “Six Flying Dragons”.

Yoo Ah In takes on the role of Yi Bang Won in this drama. This drama is also a comeback for the hit ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ screenwriter-duo; Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon.

The line-up looks great with the likes of actor Kim Myung Min and Byun Yo Han joining the casting. Kim Myung Min’s and Yoo Ah In’s passionate act is something we are looking forward to.


Translated by Admin007 / Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

© Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


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Source: Dispatch

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    Excellent Actor and Excellent Person ! Love him !!

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    Really admire YOO so much. He’s such an angel and inspired people so much with his kindness and action ♥

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