Yoo Ah In Attends Newkidz Nohant X Hibrow Collaboration Party 2015.05.21

On May 21 Friday afternoon, the emerging local brand Nohant with designer Noah Nam, introduced a full-fledged collection for the picnic season which made of a collaboration between three brands, “Newkidz Nohant X HIBROW (High Brow)” and “Parc” Restaurant.

As the guest-designer of Newkidz, Yoo Ah In attended the launching event which was held in Monkey 47 Bar. He wore Newkidz shirt from the 2015 SS collection. Along with him came some celebrities such as Jung Yumi, top model Lee Hyun Hee and Park Hyeong Seop, and the famous Hibrow designer Lee Chun Hee.

Newkidz is Nohant’s sub-label which has been focusing on charity action by donating all the proceeds to a children foundation. This time, Newkidz Nohant decides to donate all the proceeds to the underprivileged neighborhoods through a collaboration with artists in various fields, for their ongoing campaign ‘From Newkidz To New Kids’.

Having a successful collaboration with Yoo Ah In last year, Nohant welcomes a new teamwork in 2015. He is designer Lee Chun Hee who owns a lifestyle brand HIBROW (High Brow).

Hibrow designs and produces the camping, surfing, and picnicking goods for people to enjoy the outdoor life style. This summer, “Newkidz Nohant X HIBROW” collaboration project creates attractive products and launches a newly opened showroom in Hannam-dong.

Now let’s see some photos of Yoo Ah In at the Newkidz Nohant X Hibrow launching party~

with Jung Yumi

with Park Hyeong Seop

with Lee Hyun Hee


With Son Dambi, Jung Yumi, Lee Hyun Hee, stylists, fashion journalist, designers and other fashion workers~




Photos: instagram accounts, Naver

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Attends Newkidz Nohant X Hibrow Collaboration Party 2015.05.21”
  1. Phuong nguyen says:

    Is YOO and Jung Yumi dating?

  2. Laura says:

    They did the charity again through Newkidz. Cool!

  3. Mimi Meci says:

    I love Furbabe:)….thank you for information…kiss:)

  4. Mari says:

    Not digging his hairstyle 😁 But getting involved in another charity action? THAT’s super awesome!!

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