Second Teaser Posters & International Teaser Trailer For Yoo Ah In’s “Veteran” Are Out

A new set of posters for the movie Veteran (director: Ryoo Seung-wan) was released on July 24. Having published the Veteran “VS Poster” and trailer earlier this month, CJ Movie Entertainment released two posters called ‘V Poster version’ and the international trailer. Let’s first watch the trailer clip~


Veteran Official International Teaser Trailer (English subs)




The ‘V Posters’ captivate eyes with sensual visuals of two opposite teams standing in ‘V’ formation, which symbolizes the Veteran.

Charismatic Team Detective looks relax: Detective Seo Do Chol (Hwang Jung Min), Team Leader Oh (Oh Dal Su), Miss Bong (Jang Yoon Ju), Detective Wang (Oh Dae Hwan), and Detective Yun (Kim Si Hu) smile confidently with hands in their pocket, exude a strong force. The team’s catchphrase is “You think you can go far with your money?”

Formidable Team Tycoon looks fierce: Jo Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In) possess the vibe of the unscrupulous tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega corporation. Dresses in a chic suit, he stares with a harsh gaze. Meanwhile, Choe Sang Moo’s (Yoo Hae Jin) presence was striking with a sneaky look, politely follows behind him. Team Tycoon’s witty catchphrase “You think you can handle me?” hints a confrontation with their opponent.

Veteran Production Press Conference will be held on 1st July at CGV Apgujeong, 11am KST. PD Ryun Seung Wan, Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Su, Jang Yoon Ju, Oh Dae Hwan, and Kim Si Hoo will attend the event.

Get ready for the battle of the wits! The unstoppable Detective Hwang Jung Min and untouchable Plutocrat Yoo Ah In showdown, coming soon in August 5.

Check more photos and screencaps from Veteran Movie 2015 in our Facebook album.


Source: Dispatch, MyDaily

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  1. Laura says:

    soooo excited!

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