[PHOTOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interview With Sohu TV China, June 23, 2015

Yoo Ah In made a surprise for China fans. He made a quiet trip to Shanghai, had a short interview with Sohu TV China, and a photo session with Sohu Media on June 17. The interview video was just released on June 23.

Though it was a short visit, it seems there will be more promotion activities with Sohu coming soon. So, while we’re waiting for it, let’s check the interview first!


[Raw Video] Yoo Ah In – Sohu TV Interview 150623


Here’s the written translations by Admin MM from Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


Of all the Korean handsome “flower” men, Yoo Ah In does not belong to what-so-called a pretty boy, however through his great effort, he shot from the “second guy” in the dramas to stardom. Through every single one of his works, from Sungkyunkwan Scandal to Fashion King, and Jang Ok Jung to Secret Love Affair, the fire slowly simmered and the charm of his personality boiled out.

A few days ago, Yoo Ah In had an interview with Sohu Entertainment in Shanghai, and talked about his latest work, favorite character, ideal woman, and other topics. When asked about who he most wanted to travel together with, he looked shy and admitted that he was a fan of Zhang Ziyi, “I want to go to the famous scenic spots in China with Zang Ziyi!”


Part 1: Most favorite role is ‘Lee Seon Jae’ from Secret Love Affair, “I hope to play a ghost in a horror movie”

Whether it is the unruly and cold in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the strong heart and perseverance in Fashion King, the wise and ruthless king in Jang Ok Jung, or the love that breaks all boundaries in Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah In plays it all from the heart and speaks his heart out through works in the Korean entertainment. When asked about his favorite role, Yoo Ah In says it’s none other than the sincere Lee Seon Jae from Secret Love Affair. He works on his own interpretation of a pure genius pianist in love with a woman 20 years his senior, and he’s very happy with the result. When asked about the “vampire” trend in Korean summer shows, Yoo Ah In surprisingly says that he’s been waiting for a long time to act as a ghost in a horror film.

Sohu Entertainment (SE): First, please say hello to Sohu friends.

Yoo Ah In (YAI): Hello everyone, I’m Yoo Ah In. It’s been a while since I greeted everyone last year, and I hope today we can spend a pleasant time together.

SE: You have worked together with seniors like Hwang Jung Min, Song Kang Ho, and Kim Yoon Seok. How do you feel about it?

YAI: The three of them are the best actors in Korea. As an actor I’m very honored to have worked together with these seniors, I learned a lot from them.


SE: Recently you are very active in film, do you think movies and TV shows have different charm?

YAI: TV drama has a very fast pace, there are many improvised parts, and you can also receive audience reaction immediately [through ratings]. In the case of speed; the movie~ like the soon-to-be released Veteran, this film was shot last year and will be released this summer~ compared with the TV series, we still have quite free time and more effort to shoot. So both of them have their own advantages.

SE: Since début you have played so many works. Is there any role similar with your own personality? A favorite role?

YAI: Recently I played Lee Seon Jae in Secret Love Affair. This is my favorite role and similar with me, because his character is relatively genuine and he’s a gifted young pianist. I’m not saying that I am like him, but I was very happy when I played as him. Lee Seon Jae is also a part of my own interpretation.

SE: What do you usually do when you’re not filming?

YAI: Usually I watch a lot of movies and chat with friends to kill time. I go traveling too. I spend a lot of time alone at home.


SE:What movie that you watched recently?

YAI: I just watched a TV series from the USA titled “Game of Thrones”, because I really like that show. The show has been out for five seasons, and I spent two or three weeks to watch all seasons in one go.

SE: What is your “summer time essential”?

YAI: Personally, I like playing with water, so it would be a place such as the beach or the swimming pool. It would be nice if I can play in the water together with my loved one.

SE: South Korea showbiz is getting a “horror fever” during this summer. Is there any thought on starring in a horror movie?

YAI: Actually, I always like the horror theme such as vampire. Every time someone asked me what kind of film I wanted to play, I often answered horror film or thriller. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to play the role of ghost in the horror movie yet so far.


Part 2:Admits that he’s a fan of Zang Ziyi and wants to travel in China with her.

Despite his flourishing popularity, when asked who he most wants to travel together with, he blurts out: “I want to go to the famous scenic spots in China with Zang Ziyi”, then his face blushes. In addition, he still keeps a close relationship with Song Joong Ki, and says that shortly after Song Joong Ki discharged from the army, the two recently met and had a drink.

SE: Some time ago, you and Song Hye Gyo took a photo together, showing a friendship. Can you please introduce your celebrity circle friends?

YAI: My celebrity circle friend is not particularly large. Since Song Hye Kyo and I are in the same agency, and she is my senior, so I have the chance to sit together with her. The good friends with whom I have acted together are Jung Yumi and Song Joong Ki. Just recently after he discharged from military service, I had a drink with him.


SE: In “Youth Over Flowers” they invite friends for traveling. If you can star in the travel show, who do you most want, among friends and family, to go traveling with? What places you want to go the most?

YAI: I want to go to the famous scenic spots in China with Zang Ziyi.

SE: You know Zhang Ziyi? Which of her works that you like the most?

YAI: I am a big fan of Zhang Ziyi. I have seen most of her works, and I’m very fond of “The Banquet” film!

SE: What is your ideal type of girlfriend?

YAI: I have said this when I just made a debut~ there is an actress Lee Mi Yeon, she’s my ideal type. It’s very nice that this time I’m going to have a movie with her. [Note: the movie is Happy Facebook]

SE: Have you ever thought of the ideal age to get married, when do you think it’s supposed to be?

YAI: When you are crazy in love, it is the proper time to get married. I don’t think age is important.


SE: On your trip to Shanghai this time, is there any food you want to eat?

YAI: Just yesterday I went to a very outstanding restaurant. Tonight I’m going to have Shanghai cuisine, my favorite food. Since I like eating Chinese food very much, every time I come to China I will order a table of dishes and taste a variety of Chinese food.

SE: Nowadays, Shanghai people are very fond of eating crayfish, have you ever tried it?

YAI: I haven’t tried it yet, because I didn’t know it before.

SE: Can you please share your next plan with your fans?

YAI: I filmed two movies last year, and they will be released in this summer and fall [note: Veteran and The Throne/Sado]. Then I will play in a 50-episode TV series [note: Six Flying Dragons] and probably meet you all on TV screen next year. Please, look forward to it.

SE: Is there any plan on holding a fan meeting again in China for this year?

YAI: Unfortunately, from the beginning to the end of this summer I’ve been and will always be busy. But if I have time, I would like to come and meet you.

SE: Lastly, please say a few words to Sohu friends.

YAI: Thank you very much Sohu friends. From my first visit to China, and from the time I met you through Sohu, I feel very honored and also feel grateful to Sohu. I hope today all of you have a good time. If I have a chance, I will try to meet you in the future. Please support me. Thank you.

Check more screencaps from this interview in our Facebook Album.


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  1. yosics says:

    Thanks for translating!! Happy to hear that he’s still doing well with Song Joon Ki. The bromance is still alive^^ and is it only me who think that Lee Mi Yeon looks like Jung Yumi? Kekekke

  2. Mari says:

    Thanks a lot for the translations! I’m glad he still keeps in touch with SJK 🙂 Looking forward to his new movies & TV drama

  3. primie94 says:

    😏…hope! there’ll be more surprise of his quiet-journey to Shanghai than just a short interview^^
    Yay! love to see Sik as vampire! ghost!! in the horror film or thriller….
    And; wish Sik’s pairing with Ha Ji-won, Shim Eun-kyung, Ji Chang-wook or SJK in any kind of genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Crime, Action, Thriller or Mystery.

    A Monster Big Thankz; ~Admin MM & Furbabe ….❤️X❤️

  4. Yasuyo says:

    Many thanks for the translation and uploading!
    I’m glad to know what he’s thinking or interested in.
    Maybe he’s now learning Chinese to make a trip with Zang Ziyi ^^ haha…

  5. Laura says:

    So the drama is gonna be 50 eps. Fighting master Sik! Love the bromance ♥

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