[PHOTOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Attends “Veteran” Production Press Conference July 1, 2015

Upcoming Korean crime-thriller Veteran held a production press conference in CGV Theater Apgujeong, Seoul, July 1. Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Soo, Jang Yoon Ju and Director Ryoo Seung Wan attended the event together.

Yoo Ah In appeared in a unique outfit~ donning a dark blue suit, loose pants and a pair of Italian brand shoes Marni, he sported a short-cropped hair. He also wore a unique belt that came down touching the ground.

Hwang Jung Min sported a dark blue suit and short-cropped hair as well, which made him and Yoo Ah In look like brothers 😀 The press conference was full of laughter, all the main actors and director joked a lot.

There are many videos from this event we cannot post them all. But we have selected some highlight ones. Here you go~

TheSTAR: 150701 Veteran Press Conference

OBS News: ‪‎150701 Veteran‬ Press Conference & Spoilers

Veteran‬ Production Conference Highlight Part 1

Veteran Production Conference Highlight Part 2

Veteran Production Conference Highlight Part 3


Youtube links to the clips ofVeteran Press Conference. Click away~!
The Fact Part 1, Part 2
Stardailynews Part1, Part 2
Kyeongin TV Part1, Part 2
CJEnt Movie Instagram Video


Below is the translation from Veteran production conference, based on some of the videos. (Note: we only translated Yoo Ah In’s parts)

MC Park Kyung Lim said that for the first time since his début, Yoo Ah In challenged the villainous role on screen. She asked, “Which one that you prefer, a good guy role or bad guy role?” Yoo Ah In answered, “The bad (guy) role fits well,” and burst into a roar of laughter.

“In fact, I have been acting many times as a rebel, who was a good friend and a good son too. I have played a king in a drama, but this is my first time acting as a chaebol.

“I read that some fans wrote full assessment about me on the internet with title ‘poverty-overflows actor’ (laughed). Most of times, I played poor or middle class people. I feel more comfortable compare with playing a rich guy. It feels like wearing my own clothes. I always wore loose T-shirt hanging at the corner of the room while I was acting. Trapping in a nice suit, walking nicely in acting, seem to be a burden to me.

“I finally got to play a third generation plutocrat named Jo Tae Oh who is a really evil person. I really want to act well as a villain. It’s rather difficult to perform the character, but I feel happy because it’s refreshing. I had given a deep thought about it before taking this villainous role. If I have a chance to play a villain again in the future, I plan to dig the character deeper.”

Yoo Ah In said the action in Veteran have different feels compare to that of his earlier works. “I did dirty ‘ass-kicking’ actions in my previous movies (laughed). In Wandeugi (Punch) or Kangchuli (Tough As Iron), they are just rough battle. But this time it is smart, it showcases a stylish and dynamic action rather than a conventional fight.

“I shot Veteran when Secret Love Affair was still airing toward the final episode, so it was a little overlapped unintentionally. The good and the evil, they are stark contrast parts. In Secret Love Affair, Lee Seon Jae is an angelic person, while in Veteran I acted as a vicious bastard. It seems difficult jumping this acting gap, but in fact, the clear differences just made everything easy.”

Hwang Jung Min praised Yoo Ah In, “I have heard a lot from my friends that Yoo Ah In was very good at acting. I wonder how he can be so good at acting at this age. When I was his age, I wasn’t as good as him. There are times when I envy young fellow actors. So I’m proud and excited and thrilled that we got to work together. It was a really good experience.”

Yoo Ah In felt embarrassed and said, “That’s too much (laughed). I was excited at the thought of working with Hwang Jung Min sunbaenim. He took a good care of me and made me comfortable, so that I could act harshly, throwing tantrums at ease.”

Yoo Hae Jin praised Yoo Ah In by saying, “Borrowing Director Ryoo’s expression, Yoo Ah In is a very outstanding actor. I think Director Ryoo’s opinion on him is very fitting. He did a very difficult and deep acting so well at his age. I’m a senior, but I have yet to learn a lot (from him).” His last statement made everyone laugh.

Director Ryu Seung Wan added a comment jokingly, “Now that’s the method acting you got here,” which caused more laughter.

MC Park Kyung Lim told Yoo Ah In, “You have praised Hwang Jung Min, now please do it to Yoo Hae Jin too.”

Yoo Ah In said shyly, “I feel embarrassed (laughed). Yoo Hae Jin sunbaenim is too nice. We are The Yoo-Yoo Couple!” (laughed). MC added, “Oh, the bromance!”

Director Ryoo Seung Wan said, “This movie has a lot of good actors. I already pictured the casts in my head and I’m glad it came to reality.

“A cool, invigorating, entertaining movie needs a balance between familiarity and freshness to give to audience. We give the familiar image while increasing the immersive story to watch. I wanted to approach such unpredicted strategy through Yoo Ah In. I would like that people going to see this movie because they see the name of the actors, not the director.

“What you want to do and what you can do, it’s not easy to meet both needs. However, that’s what Veteran is all about. It’s a two-hour worth watching and you’ll get hooked by the movie. This will be the most entertaining work among the movies I ever made.”

Let’s check some photos from Veteran Production Conference, July 1, 2015.

Briefing behind the stage before the event began~


On the stage~

A bunch of fun people!

Veteran premieres August 5.

Check more gazillion photos from the Veteran production conference in our Facebook Album


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Photos source: CJ Movie, Veteran Facebook, Naver, Getitk

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