Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete Spread Love Through 1TO10 Series Shirt


Yoo Ah In and his creative team from Studio Concrete just launched a love campaign through their t-shirt design The “How Do You Feel 1 To 10?” or ‘1TO10’ series t-shirt. This is an exclusive project for Tom Greyhound as well.

Previously reported here, the “1TO10″ t-shirt series is designed by Studio Concrete, an artist collaboration group created by Yoo Ah In. The concept of this design is inspired by a Marathon tee.

“Express Your Feelings” freely is the main idea. Each number printed on the tee expresses personal mood’s level. For instance; Level 1 – Low, Level 10 – High, Level 9 – Love, Level 8 – Super ~every level expresses current mood of a person. The t-shirts are available in white, black, pink, till up to ten colors.

The official models of these series are none other than Studio Concrete’s crews, including Takku the mascot dog 😀 She wears the Level 9 tee, which is ‘love’. How fitting!Studio Concrete’s official instagram posted the complete series photos. Here they are~


Following Studio Concrete’s campaign photos on instagram, Tom Greyhound posted the ads as well in its official instagram account~
(Update: Actor

After they officially launched the 1TO10 Series on July 1 in Tom Greyhound stores, the t-shirt quickly spread among celebrities and young people. Actress Song Hye Kyo, supermodel Lee Hyun Hee, YG model Jang Sung Hoon, and comedian Kim Young Hee, are some of the famous names posting their photos wearing the t-shirt in their instagram accounts. Check them out~ (Update: “The Berlin File” movie actor Bae Jung Nam just posted his photo wearing the tee on July 9)


After posting the teaser tagline on June 22 (read here), Yoo Ah In also posted the t-shirt photo in his instagram on June 30~


And several prominent fashion magazines posted the campaign as well in their instagram accounts, such as Vogue Girl, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Singles, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, 1st Look, Sure, and more. Elle especially posted a clip of the 1TO10 Series in instagram~


Here are more 1TO10 T-shirt Series advertisements in some of the magazines mentioned above~

More people, from professional models to regular folks, join this ‘express your feelings’ campaign. Studio Concrete took photos of random people from different backgrounds posing with the t-shirt series, and displayed the photos on Studio Concrete photo wall~


The “1 TO 10″ t-shirt series is available exclusively in seven Tom Greyhound store branches in Seoul, including Hyundai Department Store Group in Apgujeong. T-shirts are available for purchase on a first come first serve basis with limited number per purchase.

Tom Greyhound Store’s front door~


Inside the stores~


The 1TO10 Series Brochures~


If you wish to get these tees, you gotta go to Seoul directly, since these products are not for international shipping.

Tom Greyhound Store Address in Seoul:
650-14 Sinsa-Dong
Seoul, Gangnam-gu
South Korea

Check more photos from Studio Concrete’s 1TO10 Project in our Facebook Album.


Source: instagram, studio concrete, tom greyhound instagram accounts, GIF by ND

7 Responses to “Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete Spread Love Through 1TO10 Series Shirt”
  1. Mari says:

    Another grrat project from YAI & Studio Concrete~ applause!

  2. Roro says:

    Want the t-shirt!!

  3. Laura says:

    That’s awesome! Takku is so cute and Sik is so hawt!

  4. Fleitas says:

    Hey there coming from Texas! brilliant blog!

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  3. […] His best friend and actress Song Hye Kyo has modeled for Studio Concrete’s How do you feel 1 to 10 t-shirt […]

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