[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In At Veteran V Red Carpet & Naver Movie Talk Live

added image stills from Veteran


Upcoming crime-flick movie Veteran is doing many well done promotional events prior to the première~ from radio, television, to CGV channel interview to V Red Carpet and Naver Talk Live. And even before the Korea’s premiere, Veteran is already sold to Japan, to première December 2015.

Veteran released the longer version of teaser trailer video as well~

Veteran 2015 Teaser Trailer


Here are several interesting interviews and photos from some strings of promotion events we gathered around the web~

On July 11, director Ryu Seung Wan made a surprise guest star on SBS Power FM Radio and he talked about his upcoming movie Veteran starring Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Ah In, Oh Dal Su, Yoo Hae Jin, Jang Yoon Ju, Jung Woong In, Jung Man Sik, Yoo In Young and Kim Si Hoo. He talked about the stories behind the filming with these stars.

In particular, Director Ryoo Seung-wan said, “Yoo Ah In was loved by all the female staff on the filming set. They showered him with love. So, Hwang Jung Min found that very annoying,” he revealed the story which caused big laughter 😀

He added, “Hwang Jeong-min has always been in annoying state. When he is annoyed he drinks a lot of water all the time. Otherwise he will look dry,” causing more laughter.

The CGV cinema group which belongs to CJ Movie Entertainment also opened advance booking tickets on July 15 for six big cities. Surprisingly, right after the CGV booking website opened, the advance reservation made a record of the fastest sold out in 3 minutes!

Tickets were immediately sold out in all the cities. CGV Daegu, Yoo Ah In hometown, achieved a sold out within 3 minutes, the fastest time of all the cities, making this city the first place for the opening stage greetings with the actors on August 8.

CGV cinema group also relays the Channel CGV Movie Talk video, which consists of interview with each Veteran actor, in the giant screen of every cinema’s lobby from July 15. Here’s one of the videos~

2015.07.15 “Veteran” Director Ryu Seung Wan X Yoo Ah In


On July 17th at 7 pm, Veteran held the V Red Carpet Showcase at Atrium 1 Yeongdongpo Times Square. The show presented the Veteran lead actors Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Ah In, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Su, and Jang Yoon Ju on a V-shaped red carpet and stage.

In this event all actors gave free signatures and took photos together with fans. Many people were flocking the venue to greet the actors who came dressing to the nine. Yoo Ah In looked super sleek and handsome in all black suit! Let’s watch the videos~


From Chinese news Hallyuworld [Eng Subs]

From The Fact: V Red Carpet Showcase

Fancam: Yoo Ah In making “V” sign in sunflower gwiyomi version 😀


Yoo Ah In on his first villain role, “I’m originally a compassionate person, so it’s very hard to act this role. For me it’s a great challenge.” At the end of the showcase he said, “On behalf of Veteran team, I would like to say thank you for coming here and for the enthusiastic response. Please come on August 5 to watch even cooler movie Veteran.”



Here are some pretty photos from the V Red Carpet Showcase~
at the waiting room before the show began, holding giant V


From Bakedbanana nim


From Moonai nim~


After the V Red Carpet Showcase, the actors attended Naver Movie Talk Live right away at 9 pm. Dressing in casual style, they had a fun and light talk about the movie and their filming experience. There were behind the scene segment and new movie stills being shown in the talkshow. Here’s the video~

Veteran Movie Stars in Naver Movie Talk Live 2015.07.17 [Note: this is not complete and was edited by Hwang Jung Min’s Fan]

Yoo Ah In still image from the first script reading, 2014


Below are the written translations based on the Naver Movie Talk Live video and the news article about this talkshow [note: we only translate the parts related with Yoo Ah In briefly. Since the video has been cut short in many parts, we combine the translations with the news articles too]


MC Park Kyung Lim points out that after playing a heap of poor man roles in his past works Yoo Ah In is reborn as the 3rd generation conglomerates.

Yoo Ah In: “Formerly I was the symbol of ‘overloaded poverty’, but it didn’t go well. Now I feel dressing in my own clothes. It fits so well, so natural” (laughs) “Jo Tae Oh is a natural-born bad guy. So, I guess it’s in sync with the impression of my own image” (laughs)

MC: “Looks like you have a newborn face too” (lol)

Yoo Ah In: “Please, go easy on me” (laughs)

MC asks about his character and why he took this offer.

Yoo Ah In: “Because this work came from director Ryoo Seung Wan and because it is the villain role. I was willing to accept the offer and tried to master the character with director Ryoo’s help. It was an honor to me to be able to take part in this movie”

MC (points at Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min’s hairstyle): “You two look very similar!”

Hwang Jung Min: “Yes!”

Yoo Ah In to Hwang Jung Min: “You follow my hairstyle, right?”

Hwang Jung Min (admits without hesitation): “Yes!” (everyone laughs)

MC: “Both of you have small head”

Hwang Jeong-min: “My head is not small. But Yoo Ah In’s is” (laughs)

MC: “His head is so small even actresses are reluctant to strike a pose alongside Yoo Ah In. Mr. Oh Dal Su, what do you think about Ah In’s hairstyle?”

Oh Dal Su (embarrassingly laughs): “You know, having a big head is not a big sin” (everyone laughs hard) “Yoo Ah In has a nice hairstyle, but it won’t work on me” (laughs)

MC asks the actors to tell each other in what field each of them is a true veteran.

Yoo Hae Jin: “Yoo Ah In is the veteran in fashion. Yoo Ah In, not only does in the movie, he also looks cool in real life. His appearance looks great, just like coming out from the movie scenes. He even put on a very nice dress in the V Red Carpet Showcase today. He seems to have an excellent fashion sense.”

Yoo Ah In: “Jang Yoon Ju is the veteran in side kick” (laughs)

MC: “Did she make a mistake during the filming?”

Yoo Ah In: “She did a little”

Jang Yoon Ju: “In this movie I do a lot of side kick actions. There are many kind of kicks, I took a lot of practice from top to bottom. I especially practiced ‘chopping’ a lot. ‘Chopping’ is when you stretch your legs straight out. However, kicking in practice room with kicking a group of people in the movie set are slightly different. There was a scene where I had to catch hold Yoo Ah In. It took a lot of practice to keep the foot flying towards the top. I’ve made a slight mistake by running at the wrong side and ended kicking on Yoo Ah In’s chin across his teeth. I felt so sorry.”

MC to Jang Yoon Ju: “In what field do you think Yoo Ah In is a veteran?”

Jang Yoon Ju: “In this movie each of us performs different colors of action, and I think Yoo Ah In is the veteran in action. It seems that Yoo Ah In exercises a lot, because he has a very firmed body, not strong but really solid and flexible. Especially his butt” (people roar in laughter)

Yoo Ah In (embarrassingly laughs): “Just recently Miss Jang Yoon Ju surprised me. When we were shooting a pictorial together, I sat next to her and she kept touching my butt” (loud laughter)

Jang Yoon Ju clarifies: “No, I just did it once!” (everyone laughs) “I think because he’s got a very flexible and fabulous figure, he has a solid and elastic action style too”

While they are praising each other back and forth about in what field each actor is a veteran, Yoo Ah In makes a surprise answer about Hwang Jung Min.

Yoo Ah In: “Hwang Jung Min sunbae-nim is the veteran in cursing” (inserts mental collapse on stage. lol)

MC: “Alright. We’re not gonna listen to your description”

Yoo Ah In (jumps from the seat): “No, no, no! Give me time to say more!” 😀

MC: “Let’s go to the next person” (Hwang Jung Min does a little dance 😀 )

Hwang Jung Min: “I’m gonna pretend that I didn’t hear this. I wonder how you can speak such groundless words” (more laughs, he turns his back on Yoo Ah In)

After several questions go to other actors, finally the MC is back to Yoo Ah In.

MC: “Now let’s give Yoo Ah In time to explain his answer. You got 30 seconds” (Hwang Jung Min counts the time)

Yoo Ah In: “Hwang Jung Min sunbae-nim really swears a lot every day, even the filming staff don’t feel surprise at all. But actually, he’s a warm person. I found there’s a warm humanity inside him” (everyone claps, Hwang Jung Min nods with a smile)

MC asks Yoo Ah In about the action scenes and which one is the hardest.

Yoo Ah In: “The car chasing scene. It was my first time full-fledged action. In fact, I drove the car by myself [not using a stunt driver]. I was so scared and I thought I would die”

MC mentions the newborn ‘Yoo-Yoo Couple’ in Veteran, and asks Yoo Hae Jin what he and Yoo Ah In have in common and what makes them different.

Yoo Hae Jin: “Previously I heard the word ‘tear-jerkingly handsome’ for the first time, and when I see Yoo Ah In I understand exactly the meaning of this sentence” (everyone laughs) “Every time I saw my scenes together with Yoo Ah In in a monitor in the studio, I yelled, ‘why do I look so shabby? where’s the make up artist? give me make up!’ (everyone laughs hard) “After taking photos together, I found out what made us different. It was not the cosmetic or appearance, because we dressed similar. It was our suit fabric. Yoo Ah In wore English fabric while mine was very strange! English fabric certainly makes a huge difference. I should have worn it for my suit” (everyone laughs)

MC: “Was there anyone from the cast of Veteran that you would like to bring to Manjae Island for your show?” [the tvN variety show Three Meals a Day]

Yoo Hae Jin: “I would like to bring Yoo Ah In to the island, since we spent a lot of time on the movie set as an office worker and the boss. I did not spend a lot of time with ‪Hwang Jung Min‬ and the others during the filming of the movie, but since I filmed a lot of scenes with Yoo Ah In, and since he is younger than me, I think that I would feel pretty comfortable being with him on the island.”

Yoo Ah In (smiles happily): “I will cook a good meal for you” (everyone laugs again) 🙂

Veteran première August 5. More promotional events are coming ahead. Master Sik and Veteran, fighting!! 😀

For more photos from V Red Carpet Showcase and Naver Movie Talk Live, go to our facebook album part 1 and part 2.


Photos: CJ Movie, Moonai, Bakedbanana, DC, Instagram

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  1. kan says:

    congratulations dearest Ah In! Can’t wait to see you again.
    I wonder we’ll get a chance to see a snap shot with his dear Mom and Dad at film opening in Daegu

    • Furbabe says:

      When he came for Tough As Iron promotion in Daegu in 2013, his mom came and they took a picture together. Let’s hope this year we get to see him posing with his mom & dad! 😀

  2. primie94 says:

    …excited to the maxxx!! seems to be load of sarcastic action from the untouchable “Jo Tae-oh” to the unstoppable Detective “Seo Do-cheol”, 😂it’s another annoying state for 😡Hwang Jung-min…
    Hand off Sik’s butt please! …only for 😜fangirls!!
    Massive-Thankz for the translation and the post😇😇😇…. xox

  3. Mari says:

    He always looks gorgeous in black *drools* LOL at the butt-touching story! Seems they’re fun & friendly peep

  4. Susi says:

    LOL Yoo Hae Jin on ‘tear-jerkingly handsome’ and English fabric. He’s freakin funny 😀 Thanks Furbabe ^^

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