[TRANS] Blissful Drunk, 19+ Joke, Ji Chang Wook & SISTAR Soyu: Yoo Ah In Story on KBS Entertainment Weekly/Guerrilla Date

On July 22, right before the first screening of Veteran at Kyung Hee University (read the report here), Yoo Ah In shot Guerrilla Date and interview for KBS Entertainment Weekly. This is his second time guesting in the show (see his first appearance here), and as usual, hilarity ensues in both segments ๐Ÿ˜€

In the Guerrilla Date segment, Yoo Ah In walked around the Kyungheedae Station, had conversations with people, and played some games with fans, including the famous pepero kiss game! Wow!

Here are some short clips/fancams from the filming location~ click away!

Pepero Kiss Game

Shove Game

Trying to hold a child

Talking in the crowd

Talking with a girl

Showing his long belt


And these are some photos taken by the crowd on the street when Yoo Ah In was shooting the Guerrilla Date outside the Kyunghee University Station~

A lucky foreign student got to take selfie with him! Whoa~~

KBS Entertainment Weekly with Guerrilla Date segment was broadcast on July 25. Usually KBS World channel publishes the video with English subtitles worldwide a week after the show airing in Korea. So, while we’re waiting for that video, these are some stories we got from the interview in written translations~

First game is the clap-shove game. One college student got picked to play the game with Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In did the clap and shove casually, but the girl was too nervous that she missed his palms and ended falling into Yoo Ah In’s embrace several times, which made everyone screamed in jealousy ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe she did it in purpose, that smart gurl. Heee~

She told the host that she had seen some of Yoo Ah In’s movies occasionally, however, to the question asking what movie she had watched, she replied with the wrong title, “I watched Mandeukyi!”, which made everyone laughed [the answer is supposed to be “Wandeugi” (Punch)].

The host told her to gave Yoo Ah In her message. She said, “I hope you continue to blossom well.” Yoo Ah In replied while smiling shyly, “I’ll do my best.”

A mother got a chance to take a photo together with Yoo Ah In, and she wanted to do it alongside his toddler too. But the little boy cried when Ah In wanted to hold him. Teehee! ๐Ÿ˜€

And the last segment is the pepero kiss game! People went wild seeing the scene on the spot. Unfortunately, when I watched this live on KBS, they only showed us this particular scene in a flash! Why oh why KBS? :p

Screencaps and picture to the rescue~

After finished filming the guerrilla date, Yoo Ah In sat down for an interview about his life, career and new film Veteran. Watch KBS Entertainment Weekly interview (minus Guerrilla Date) raw video HERE

While they were talking, the host brought up actor Ji Chang Wook, who had previously talked about his desire to act in a project together with Yoo Ah In because he really liked him as an actor. Yoo Ah In looked surprised.

Then Yoo Ah In responded to Ji Chang Wook in the same โ€œvideo messageโ€ format that Ji Chang Wook was asked to do for the show: “I really like you, too, and I heard you were a big Hallyu star. I would like to act with you, too, and be carried along by your popularity.” He burst to laughter after speaking the last sentence.

The host also mentioned that SISTARโ€˜s Soyu had said that she wanted to film a kiss scene with Yoo Ah In.

Soyu said this last December on an episode of tvNโ€˜s “Taxi”, but she has also expressed an interest in Yoo Ah In in the past. She revealed in an interview back in 2011 that sheโ€™d want him to be her partner on “We Got Married”.

Yoo Ah In had already heard this news about Soyuโ€™s interest in filming a kiss scene with him. “I really like SISTAR,” he said with a smile.

“Whatโ€™s the name of their latest song?” the host quizzed him. Yoo Ah In was stumped, and burst out laughing while yelling “I donโ€™t know!” ๐Ÿ˜€

The host took out a board pasted with Yoo Ah In’s SNS (instagram) photos and asked questions based on the emotion that he felt in those photos.

The first photo was when he looked super joy splashing the water in the bath tub. The host asked, “When is the most joyous moment to you?”

Yoo Ah In answered, “When I am drunk”, and caused laughter on the set. Even the staff could not stop laughing.

Yoo Ah In pointed at them and asked, “Why laugh? We have the same feeling, right?” followed by another burst of laughter.

On the second photo from his instagram, the question about loneliness raised.

Yoo Ah In replied, “Somehow, the most lonely place for actors seem to be in the shooting scene. Because solitude is part of our life as an actor, I think we have no choice but to be in crowded places where we can ease loneliness.”

On the last photo from his instagram, the host showed a phrase from the book cover that Yoo Ah In posted, “The Research of Yoo Ah In’s Sex Life”, which was downright hilarious!

We wrote about Yoo Ah In’s funny instagram caption about this before~ if you missed this one, check here.

The title of the book was written without any spacing as you can see; thereโ€™s no space between words. So, depending on where you add the space, the title can be โ€œThe Research of Infant Personality Lifeโ€ or โ€The Research of Yoo Ah Inโ€™s Sex Lifeโ€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Yoo Ah In replied the host with a 19+ rated joke, “I wrote down a notebook about my sexuality separately,” and everyone burst to laughter.

He then emphasized the new importance of using spaces in a sentence. “The right title is supposed to be The Research of Infant Personality Life!” said Yoo Ah In. “I don’t think anyone need a sexual manual book from me,” he joked again. Heeeย 

And finally he gave the ritual “scene-kiss” as a goodbye~

Also in this show, KBS announced the result of the best on-screen couples. KBS recently conducted an online survey through its Culture Research Center asking which on-screen couples were the best. Through the broadcast of Entertainment Relay on July 25, it announced the results of its survey and noted that two man-man couple made the list: Song Joong Ki โ€“ Yoo Ah In from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Lee Jun Ki- Kam Woo Sung from The King and The Clown. LOL bromance alive! ^^

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Source: starmbn, tvreport, sportchosunNewsen, Naver, Soompi, Instagram, DC

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