School Boy Look Yoo Ah In At Veteran VIP Movie Premiere 2015.07.29

Veteran held the VIP movie premiรจre on July 29. Director Ryu Seung Wand with all the actors who participated in this movie came to attend the event, such as Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Su, Oh Dae Hwan, Jung Man Sik, Jung Woong In, Jang Yoon Ju and Kim Si Ho.

The red carpet turned to a fashion show when famous personalities, from actors to musicians, stepped on as the VIP guests, such as Kwon Sang Woo, Sung Dong Il, Moon Geun Young, Director Ahn Sung Ki, Director Lee Jun Ik, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Haneul, Park Sung Woong, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Chung Ah, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Min Ho, Cheetah, Kim Gyuri, Girl’s Day Hyeri, Kahi, Son Dambi, Wang Bit Na, Park Sodam, Baek Ji Young, Kang Haneul, and many more. Media spotted that the co-chairman of Busan International Film Festival Kang Soo-yeon was among the VIP guests as well.

Yoo Ah In was donning another unique fashion style, an oversized suit that might be inspired by the glory of 90s? ๐Ÿ˜€ He looked like a school boy wearing his dad’s suit, a stark contrast to Hwang Jung Min and Jung Woong In who always stood by his side. He looked super cute and innocent! ๐Ÿ˜€

Check the Veteran VIP Premiere videos~

Fancam [HQ]

KStar News [HQ]

Some photos taken from the VIP premiรจre red carpet & CGV~

From Monai nim

From media and instagram accounts

Yoo Ah In posing with a fashion blogger

Having a party with artist-friends after the VIP Premiere event~

Veteran is a story about a strong principle and dedicated CSI detective Seo Do Cheol (Hwang Jung Min) who pursues a young wicked plutocrat Jo Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In). Since its first preview, the movie has been receiving rave reviews and high star points from the movie critics, especially on Yoo Ah In’s first bad guy role. Veteran has been sold to 28 countries before its domestic premiรจre too. We’ll talk more about these later ๐Ÿ™‚

Get ready for the battle of the wits! The Unstoppable Detective Hwang Jung Min and Untouchable Plutocrat Yoo Ah In showdown in Veteran, coming soon in August 5.

Check more Veteran VIP Premiere photos in our facebook album

Photos: Moonai, Naver, instagram

6 Responses to “School Boy Look Yoo Ah In At Veteran VIP Movie Premiere 2015.07.29”
  1. Mari says:

    Lololol this time he’s a fashion terrorist ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe he was reminiscing the high school memories to make a contrast with his evil role in this movie

  2. Laura says:

    daww he’s super cute!

  3. Janice Tan says:

    I totally dig this school boy look, Ah Yin look super chic in this getup. Muaks! โ™ฅ โ™ก โ™ฅ! Love you Yoo Ah Yin

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