[TRANSLATIONS] Director Ryu Seung Wan Picks On Yoo Ah In On CGV Movie Talk

Previously reported here, CGV cinema group was relaying the Channel CGV Movie Talk video, which consists of interview with each of Veteran lead actors, in the giant screen at every cinema’s lobby from July 15 to 31. Here’s one of the videos~


2015.07.15 “Veteran” Director Ryu Seung Wan X Yoo Ah In

Some of their stories in this interview have been told in the previous articles, for instance; Director Ryu’s story about Yoo Ah In getting injured on his shoulder during the filming but he hid it, or about how he cast Yoo Ah In as Jo Tae Oh, or about Jang Yoon Ju kicking on Ah In’s teeth by accident, so we skip these parts and hop on to the fun parts…where director Ryu keeps picking on Master Sik like an obnoxious yet endearing big bro 😀 Ryu-Yoo Couple on the making, anyone? Let’s get it on!

MC asked whether Yoo Ah In’s youthful image affected his acting as the villain in the movie. Yoo Ah In replied that his boyish image gave him benefit to add the complexity to Jo Tae Oh’s character.

Yoo Ah In: The attitude of a man who was trying to overcome his child-like image, helped me create a new type of villain, so I felt comfortable acting as Jo Tae Oh. The challenge for this new type of villain came from the idea that he had to be a really interesting character.

After they had some serious chitchat, there came some funny parts where Director Ryu Seung Wan picked on Yoo Ah In, and made everyone laughed out loud 😀 Here you go~

-Part 1-
MC:Director Ryu Seung Wan, you have directed movies, in which every villain has distinctive personalities [the screen displays No Blood No Tears, Berlin File, and The Unjust scenes]

RSW: Yoo Ah In just played a pure villain, the kind of kicking-slapping in the face-shouting to the ears at any time-villain. Excellent acting. Those people’s face have passed all these tests. (makes sorry face)

YAI: (laughs hard)

-Part 2-
MC(to YAI): You’ve worked together with senior actors many times before [the screen displays Wandeugi and Kangchuli scenes] How do you feel working with them?

YAI:As a matter of fact, to me it feels more comfortable working with the seniors

RSW:Yoo Ah In has the advantage here…

YAI:(sits still, perks up with high expectation)

RSW: …the word ‘fear’ in him does not exist~ that’s why he is loved by his colleagues. His attitude is so audacious that I heard this guy didn’t even bat an eyelash.

(bombs explode while Yoo Ah In bouncing from his seat and leaving laughing out loud 😀 )

YAI (still laughs and goes back to his seat asking director nim): Are you alright today?

RSW: I will make it up to you (feels sorry)

YAI: Not that I didn’t bat an eyelash. But sunbae-nims and I are very close to each other that I didn’t have to lower my eyes at them

-Part 3-

RSW: (still wants to make it up to YAI) The strongest element in Yoo Ah In’s acting is…

YAI: (perks up with high expectation again)

RSW: …no conscience

(bombs explode while Yoo Ah In bouncing from his seat again with laugh even louder)

MC: Oh no, what to do?

RSW:Really, how can I make it up to you? (heee!)

(Yoo Ah In stares at him)

RSW:(stutters)Well..Yoo Ah In..like me..has a charm..well.. Okay I stay quiet now, I’m sorry 😀

MC (provides a handsome summary for director nim): Yoo Ah In has an outstanding boundless acting skill!

YAI (happy):That’s more like it

RSW(to MC): That’s what I was trying to say

MC: Please give your last closing justification

RSW (to Yoo Ah In): Sometimes you are too naïve! (everyone laughs again)



Translations by Admin M

Screencaps by DC

3 Responses to “[TRANSLATIONS] Director Ryu Seung Wan Picks On Yoo Ah In On CGV Movie Talk”
  1. Mari says:

    Lololol soo funny! Director nim is cute and hilarious too. He must like YAI a lot

  2. Laura says:

    Too cute both of them! 😀

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