“Veteran” Draws 4 Million On The 9th Day, Goes to 2015 Toronto International Film Festival

Veteran drew 4 million admissions on August 13, 9th day after release and topped the overall box office for nine consecutive days.

The crime flick Veteran has attracted more than 4 million viewers in just nine days since its release last week, putting it on track to become another summer box office hit. That is even faster than sales for that of some mega-hit films which drew over 10 million viewers~ Ode to My Father (2014), The Attorney (2014) and Haeundae (2009) in their first weeks.

Veteran performed particularly well in the all-important first weekend after release, well ahead of The Assassination which was released on July 23, and is likely to become the first film that attracts more than 10 million viewers this year.

The movie distributor released more behind-the-scenes photo from the set of movie, showed Yoo Ah In, Ma Dong Seok and director Ryoo Seung Wan being friendly with each other, and another commemorative photo of all actors celebrating the 4 million achievement~^^


Veteran depicts the adventurous story of detectives, who chase after the tyrannical heir to a mega-corporation. Since the movie was released on August 5th, the movie is running strong and steady.

In this hard-hitting thriller, Yoo Ah In plays the chillingly charming villain. He’s a third generation chaebol at a mega-corporation and he is so insulated, he is untouchable. He is sure that there are no problems that money won’t make go away, and that is bad because he is selfish and violent. Hwang Jung Min plays veteran detective Seo Do Cheol. Seo investigates the arrogant young millionaire. But no matter how often he catches him committing crimes, he can’t seem to pin any on him.

The film has been invited to the Vanguard Section of the 40th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which takes place from September 10 to 20.

Toronto International Film Festival is one of world’s four major film festivals, such as Cannes and Venice International Film Festivals. The director’s previous works have also been invited to international film festivals. The Vanguard section mainly introduces the innovative and creative movie works. Veteran is praised for pinching the consciousness of privileged class over their tyranny, its poignant humor and various entertainment elements.

Congrats and more power Veteran! πŸ˜€

Source: Osen, CJEM

4 Responses to ““Veteran” Draws 4 Million On The 9th Day, Goes to 2015 Toronto International Film Festival”
  1. K-Drama says:


  2. Phuong nguyen says:

    Fighting YOO. Congratulation and go up to 10 million viewers.

  3. Susi says:

    Congratssss! Fighting up to 12 million admissions!!

  4. Mari says:

    It’s surpasssed 6 million this weekend. Go go up up!

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