Veteran Exceeds 7 Million Admissions in 2 Weeks, Breaking More Records

Crime-flick Veteranโ€ฌ became the first South Korea’s movie ever which breaks through million spectator records every single day, and actually managed to outdo itself in week two by attracting an impressive 2.2 million movie-goers to its screens.

Veteran gathered 2,254,063 people over the last long weekend, 14 to 16 August, while Koreans were celebrating the independence day. With this past weekend done and dusted, Ryu Seung Wan’s popular flick moves its total cumulative attendance during the weekend to 6,642,834 people, or $44 million. The movie surpassed 7 million audience in the morning of August 18th, precisely 14 days after its release.

Veteran retains its place at the top box office for 14 consecutive days, and became the Korean film at the number one box office with the longest period, breaking the previous record of Assassination (8 days). It moves as fast as the 2014 mega box office The Admiral: Roaring Currents which also garnered 7 million in 2 weeks.

Veteran, starring Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min, raised the acceleration in the box office record for the weekend by breaking through 5 million admission on Friday, August 14th. The film garnered 714,979 viewers, scoring similar numbers with the first week of opening weekend admissions. It also became the fastest movie that surpassed 5 million, which is less than 2 weeks, beating Haeundae (15 weeks), Miracle On Cell 7 (17 weeks), The Attorney (13 weeks), and The Thieves (10 weeks).

On August 15, Veteran reached more impressive number of film-goers with a total of 817,067 accumulative attendance, making up to 5.9 million. By early morning August 16th, the movie surpassed 6 million admissions and recorded 704,754 attendance. It closed the Monday Aug 17th with 6.96 million, and by August 18th morning moved past 7 million attendance.

The lead actors and director conveyed their thank you messages and greetings in the photos for the five to seven million achievements respectively~

Yoo Ah In -now touted as ‘Korea’s best villain in the movie’- wrote, “Surpassed 5 million! So thankful, I cannot handle [he is using his own catchphrase in Veteran, “can you handle me?”]. Veteran fighting!”.

After surpassing 6 million he wrote, “Jo Tae Oh [his character’s name in the movie] is thankful for the support! Let’s go to 7 million!” [He mentioned the Veteran Facebook event too]

Hwang Jung Min sent his thank you message for the 7 million attendance just this morning~

Congratulations Veteran! Let’s go surpassing 10 million! ๐Ÿ˜€


Source: CJEMM, hancinema, naver

3 Responses to “Veteran Exceeds 7 Million Admissions in 2 Weeks, Breaking More Records”
  1. Mari says:

    Congrats! Go up up up and up higher!

  2. Susi says:

    Aza aza fightiiiinggg!

  3. Laura says:

    Yoo Hae Jin in the mountain ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations Veteran (^_^)v

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