[REVIEW] Veteran Starring Yoo Ah In & Hwang Jung Min: Easily The Most Fun Korean Film Of The Year

Korea’s new blockbuster movie Veteran gets the release date in U.S.A, September 9, 2015. The crime-flick will be coming to some Asian countries soon around the end of this year too.

At the moment, Ryu Seung Wan’s film is showing in Korea and breaking through 8 million movie-goers. It is expected that Veteran will be the second Korean movie in 2015 which crosses 10 millions.

Director Ryu’s on his recent interview says that he feels so overwhelmed and is still in “shocking” mode with the success Veteran achieved. The movie was an underdog at first and put in a low-budget film group, yet came out as the victor. Ryu surprised people when he said that the break even point for Veteran was only 2.8 million admissions. (Just in case you wonder how he could manage it, these are just a few of his tricks: Ryu borrowed and redecorated his art director’s house for free to become Jo Tae Oh’s luxurious home, and he got sponsors for all Jo Tae Oh’s British high quality suits including the sport car^^)

The achievement this movie gets now is definitely no small feat. Not only doing well as number one in the top box office for 3 consecutive weeks, and still counting, Veteran is the critically acclaimed movie of this year as well.

Pierce Conran (producer at 2Mr Films, film critic for Twitchfilm and KOFIC) gives his take on Veteran on Time Out Seoul, August 19.

Veteran (2015)

Time Out Says ★★★★☆

Director and stars alike put their best fist forward in Veteran, the most rollicking and ass-kicking Korean film to appear in many a moon. Cop meets bad guy, finds out he’s up to no good and single-mindedly pursues him until one or the other must fall. That’s the gist of Ryoo Seung-wan’s latest action-thriller, an unpretentious and irresistible cocktail of brawls and bravado.

Lending his wily charisma to the stentorian “veteran” detective of the title, Hwang Jung-min brings to bear the full brunt of his rangy physicality to his second project with Ryoo, following 2010’s dynamic corruption thriller The Unjust. Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in bends his lips with a malevolent sneer for his apathetic corporate heir while Oh Dal-su nails his many comic beats with his permanently vexed police captain.

Tapping into a very local style of humor (though one that shouldn’t be lost in translation for foreign viewers), Veteran is punctuated by casual violence and foul language—but the exasperation that leads to the comedy is also rooted in an inability to deal with a broken system of corruption and social hierarchy, which lends a sharp bite to the gags.

While the film’s scale may not be on par with other local or foreign offerings this season, Jung Doo-hong’s resourceful and assertive action choreography, framed within a loose and lucid mise-en-scène, lands on the mark every time and then some. Mainstream Korean films haven’t been this fun in years, so let’s hope Veteran knocks out the competition and paves the way for others like it. ***

Go go go, Veteran!

Source: CJENM, Osen, Timeout

8 Responses to “[REVIEW] Veteran Starring Yoo Ah In & Hwang Jung Min: Easily The Most Fun Korean Film Of The Year”
  1. Susi says:

    Go go go goooooo crossing 10 millions!!

  2. shamrockmom3 says:

    Planning a Mid September road trip to DTLA to see the movie:

  3. Mari says:

    I cannot waiiit to see this film in my country!

  4. Laura says:

    I wanna watch it too!!

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