[VIDEO & TRANS] Yoo Ah In is Rocking The Mane Of Glory in Six Flying Dragons First Teaser

Get ready for some feast for our eyes! Yoo Ah In is officially back to dramaland with the mane of glory! πŸ˜€

Yoo Ah In has successfully made a drastic transformation as a vicious wicked heir of a mega corporation in Veteran and the tragic Crown Prince Sado in the upcoming movie The Throne (Sado). And while he is at it, he’s transforming again into another prince, this time from the early Joseon dynasty in the October’s epic drama Six Flying Dragons (윑룑이 λ‚˜λ₯΄μƒ€).

On August 24, SBS released the first official teaser video of Six Flying Dragons starring Yoo Ah In. He comes out with a strong presence in the teaser, and of course he’s rocking the mane of glory. Check it out~


The teaser introduces us a huge scale of chaos when the new monarch was just born. Later focusing on Yoo Ah In, the video introduces us to the future monarch looking anguished yet determined. Furthermore, Yoo Ah In states in a voice-over, β€œI am the new master of this nation.”

Pretty GIFs and screencaps on your way~


Six Flying Dragons is a period drama which depicts the ambitions and success stories of 6 people with Lee Bang Won as the central figure. Smart and passionate Lee Bang Won was the fifth son of King Taejo and the third king in the Joseon Dynasty. He helped his father King Taejo establish the Joseon Dynasty. This drama will deal with the younger days of Lee Bang Won before reigning as King Taejong of Joseon.

There are only three real historical figures in this drama; Jeong Do Jeon (Kim Myung Min), Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In), and Lee Seong Gye (Chun Ho Jin). While other figures; Moo Hyul (Yoon Kye Sang), Yi Bang Ji (Byun Yo Han) and Boon Yi (Shin Se Kyung) are fiction. For the complete casts, please read our previous post here.

The drama has already begun filming the portions with child actors in mid June. Yoo Ah In has begun filming this August. Here are his photos wearing a scholar uniform in the filming location, taken by some tourists~

Slated to run for 50-episodes well into spring of 2016, Six Flying Dragons takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by Mrs. Cop, to première on October 5th.

Fighting Master, Sik! ^_^

Source: Dispatch, Soompi, instagram, DC, GIF by toosil

5 Responses to “[VIDEO & TRANS] Yoo Ah In is Rocking The Mane Of Glory in Six Flying Dragons First Teaser”
  1. Mari says:

    He looks younger and pretty! Love this!

  2. Laura says:

    Fightingggg pretty & hot dragon!!!!

  3. mathed2001 says:

    Thank you as always, Furbabe~ Miss you!! ❀

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