[PHOTOS & TRANS] More New Stills & Posters From The Throne Starring Yoo Ah In

Having released the character posters and main trailer video just last week, upcoming historical movie The Throne (Sado) released more new stills and History Keyword posters on the 25th and 26th August.

Here are the two new stills of the handsome and fierce Yoo Ah In as the Crown Prince Sado and Song Kang Ho as King Yeongjo~

The five keyword posters contain the historical moments of Crown Prince Sado and King Yeongjo.

The film depicts the most tragic story of a father Yeongjo who had to be king at any moment and Crown Prince Sado who wanted to be a son even for one moment. The released Sado history keyword posters depict the beginning and end of the crossed fates of father Yeongjo and son Sado.

Sado is spending joyful time on drawing a dragon thinking his child.

‘Proxy’ poster. It is the moment of conflicts due to the crossed expectations between Yeongjo and Sado.

‘Abdicating’ poster shows Sado’s sorrow to his father’s resent

‘Killing Sado’ poster depicts the most tragic affair in history

The poster shows the sorrow of Yeongjo who mourns his son’s death and recovers Sado’s position as Crown Prince.

Sado’s history keyword posters enable people to look into the crossed fates of the father and son. The film Sado / The Throne reinterpreted the story of Crown Prince Sado who was dead in a small bin by his father, as a family affair.

Siiigh…it must be tough dealing with the daddy-son issue, especially if your dad is the king of Joseon. That brings the issue to another level of insanity.

Now, here are Yoo Ah In in the The Throne behind-the-scenes and filming videos~ They shot the movie passionately!

SBS Movie World: Sado (Interview, BTS, Filming & Spoilers)

KNN Cineport: Sado (Interview, BTS, Filming & Spoilers)

Besides Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In, the movie distributor also revealed the still images of Moon Geun Young, Jeon Hye Jin, Kim Hae Sook and Park Won Sang.

Moon Geun Young plays Princess Hye Kyeong who gets married to Prince Sado at the age of ten and develops a dilemma as his wife and mother of Jeong Jo. To protect her son from Sado and Yeong Jo, she persuades her mother-in-law The Queen and disregards her husband’s death.

Kim Hae Sook is Yeong Jo’s stepmother and Queen In Won who adores Sado. Her performance has weight as she conflicts with Yeong Jo who tries to drive out Sado. Jeon Hye Jin plays Sado’s birth mother but gets killed by her husband. She pleads to her husband about her son’s mistakes like any affectionate mother would do.

Park Won Sang plays Queen Hye Kyeong’s father and Sado’s father-in-law named Hong Bong Han. On the outside he lives up to Yeong Jo’s expectations and works for government reformation but has to keep silent about his son-in-law’s death for the sake of family honor.

Director Lee Joon Ik said, “The Throne follows the psychological patterns between people and looks into the lives of people who do their best to protect their families”.

The Throne just held Naver Movie Talk this evening, August 27th with actors Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, Moon Geun Young, Kim Hae Suk and Jeon Hye Jin, and director Lee Jun Ik. The Press Preview will be held on September 5.

The Throne (Sado) sets to première on September 17.

To light up our heavy mood after looking at those pictures, here are our happy prince in The Throne wrap-up photos as shown on a tvN program just recently~^^

Sado, fighting!!! 😀


Source: Dispatch, Hancinema, DC, GetitK

4 Responses to “[PHOTOS & TRANS] More New Stills & Posters From The Throne Starring Yoo Ah In”
  1. Mari says:

    He loks great! Sado fighting!

  2. primie94 says:

    I think SADO is one of the most sorrowful mysteries of the Joseon Dynasty… and never doubt his ability, motivation and attitude to perform as SadoSeja!!! get the tissuesss ready 😢😤😱…😭😭
    Yes,,, Sado, fighting!!! 🙏the no.2 of 10million for YAI🙏
    Thank you our sweet Furbabe/xxx

  3. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie! Good luck, Master Sik!

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