Veteran Surpasses 10 Million, Yoo Ah In Joins The 10 Million Club

The day is finally arrived! Yoo Ah In is officially the newest actor to join the South Korea’s ’10 Million Club” — i.e., actors whose movies have sold 10 million tickets — as Veteran surpassed 10 million movie-goers on August 29. Hip hip hurrrayyyy! Bottoms up! 😀

Fast-paced crime action Veteran joined an élite group of South Korea films that have claimed 10 million admissions.

Debuted on August 5, Veteran became the second movie which exceeded 10 million ticket sales in South Korea in 2015 after The Assassinations. The movie became the 13th South Korean film to surpass 10 million tickets sales in the film history.

As of August 29, 2015 at 7:30 AM, the movie garnered 10,015,553 cumulative attendance. It hit 10 million mark by the 25th day since release, breaking The Assassination‘s record as a movie that achieved 10 million admissions in the shortest period in 2015.

Veteran has once again emerged at the top of the box office as it enjoys a fourth week as Korea’s number one.

Veteran broke the record as a movie that sit on #1 top box office for the longest period in 2015, keeping a whopping 24 consecutive days after release, and breaking Furious 7‘s previous record (22 days).

Its pace exceeded that of The Assassination and The Avengers: Age of Ultron to jump over the 10 million hurdle, and secured rank 4 of the fastest pace in Korean movie history after The Admiral: Roaring Currents, Monster, and The Thieves.

Through sarcastic humor, invigorating actions and solid acting skills, Veteran has been making the box office record every single day since its début. It reached 1 million on the third day since opening, 2 million on the 4th day, 3 million on the 6th day, 4 million on the 9th day, 5 million on the 10th day, 6 million on the 12th day, 7 million on the 14th day, 8 million on the 18th day, and 9 million on the 19th day after opening.

Currently Veteran is ranked 13th in the list of 10 top-performance movies compiled by Korean Film Council. 

Veteran became trending topics in the morning of August 29 for its stunning speed crossing the 10 million marks.

Dispatch featured Yoo Ah In on its front page with funny title, “10 millions, how ridiculous! Veteran establishes five records”. [“How ridiculous” is Yoo Ah In’s famous line in Veteran] 😀

10Asia featured Yoo Ah In and Veteran surpassing 10 million news on its site with another funny title, “Shoot! Veteran! Can you handle this? Yoo Ah In”. [“Can you handle this?” is another Yoo Ah In’s famous line in Veteran] 😀 Teehee!

“Veteran Yoo Ah In” spotted #1 in Daum Top Search, and “Veteran exceeds 10 million” news was #3 on Nate trending topic today.

Director Ryu Seung Wan and all the main casts conveyed their thank you through a message on CJ Entertainment page.

Veteran is the first 10 mill-mark film for Director Ryu. He said, “All the movie staff and actors who have rolled into another work quietly right now deserve our applause. On behalf of all the actors and staff who created Veteran, we thank you once again.”

Hwang Jung Min became the first Korean actor whose movies garnered over 10 million viewers twice in a row within one year (Ode to My Father debuted in September 2014, Veteran debuted2015). He said, “I had a great time while filming Veteran. Thanks so much to so many viewers who enjoy the movie with us. We will pay it forward.”

Yoo Ah In, who claimed a first-class acting as a new villain and reached his first 10 million since début, dropped a reflective message, “I was filming Veteran last summer. I felt happy when it cranked up and could finally meet audience through a precious meeting in summer one year later. When I was acting, I felt so nervous since ‘Jo Tae Oh’ was my first villain role, but now all the anxiety is swept away by a large number of audience who has given us so much love. I will not be swept away by the sense of security or become exaggerated because of the 10 million number. I will continue to challenge myself through acting without a doubt, to repay the love you have given to me. I will do my best. Thank you.”

Awww~~ big congratulations, Master Sik! Cheers~! Bottoms up! And let’s wait for Yoo Ah In fulfilling his pledge: the Free Hug Event! Yay! 😀

Source: Dispatch, CJEM, Fandomscape

6 Responses to “Veteran Surpasses 10 Million, Yoo Ah In Joins The 10 Million Club”
  1. Mari says:

    Daebaaaakkk!!! Big congrats to Veteran & Master Sik! Keep up YOOr good work!! ✌👏

  2. Susi says:

    Congratulations! And celebrations! So proud!!

  3. Kitsune says:

    Woohoo!! Daebak! He deserves it!

  4. primie94 says:

    GREAT!! Way to go!!! 👍BigThumbsUp!👍

  5. Laura says:

    Kyaaaaa finalllyyyy!!! Sooo happyyyyy!!! 😀 Congrats Master Sik!!

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