Yoo Ah In Shows Off Sexy, Charismatic Presence in First Filming For Six Flying Dragons

Yoo Ah In will create a new character of Lee Bang Won.

The first stills of SBS’s 25th anniversary special drama project, Six Flying Dragons, are released. The drama, which is scheduled to begin on October 5th, is a fiction history based on the ambition and success story by the six figures with Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In) in the center, who established the foundation of Joseon together.

The drama is being highly anticipated by its potential viewers. The still images unveiled by the production team of Six Flying Dragons shows Yoo Ah In the prince charming on a white horse, who is staring somewhere, while holding horse reins in one hand and a big sword in another hand. The dim light shining through the dense trees and the white horse create such fascinating and magnificent mood.

Yoo Ah In’s overwhelming and strong presence is the most eye-catching focal point. Although it is a still image and lack any lines or action, Yoo Ah In is able to bring out the charisma of his character Lee Bang Won, who becomes the third king of Joseon.

Yoo Ah In, who last weekend saved a “10 million movie actor” under his belt through the popular movie Veteran, is well-known for his ability to bring his character to life perfectly as if the character was custom-created for him only.

People are paying attention as to how Yoo Ah In’s such special talent will portray the historical real person Lee Bang Won throughout the drama, who has been interpreted by many actors so far.

Yoo Ah In is said to have done intensive research on his role, and gave the production team and staff a strong confidence boost on just the first day of filming.

A staff from Six Flying Dragons said “Yoo Ah In’s first filming happened in August. His endless analysis of his character and his efforts assured the production team and staff members. We’re anticipating much as to how Yoo Ah In and other five flying dragons, Kim Myung Min, Shin Se Kyun, Byun Yo Han, Yoon Kyoon Sang, Cheon Ho Jin will create synergy together. We’d like to ask for much support for Six Flying Dragons, with its first episode scheduled to air on October 5th”.

Fighting, Master Sik!

Source: hancinema, kpopfighting

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Shows Off Sexy, Charismatic Presence in First Filming For Six Flying Dragons”
  1. MNguyen says:

    So charming! Can’t wait to watch the master at work!

  2. Laura says:

    Aza aza fighting!

  3. Miko says:

    OHโ™ฅใ€€He is so wonderful! It’s right he is prince on the white horse.I expect YOO AH IN. I can hardry
    wait to broadcast this drama.

  4. Mari says:

    I hope the drama gets high rating!

  5. Susi says:

    Many many good luck!

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