[PHOTOS & INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In At Veteran Stage Greetings, GV Day & Free Hugs Event

During last August, Yoo Ah In and the Veteran team had been doing some promotional events for the movie. It was absolutely worth it as they are slaying the box office chart until now and made it to the Top 10 Grossing Movies Of All Time in South Korea’s film history.

Yoo Ah In especially promised to hold a free hug event if Veteran hit 10 million mark, which it did and he did! Right after the movie surpassed the number, he held a surprise “guerrilla hug event” in several CGV cinemas.

Let’s check out the fun times he had during the stage greetings including CGV Star Live Talk, Yoo Ah In “GV Day”, and Free Hugs Event~^^

Veteran CGV Star Live Talk 2015.08.04~


Veteran Stage Greetings in Seoul 2015.08.07 ~

Yoo Ah In was having so much fun with his actor-colleagues here^^

[FANCAM] Stage Greeting in Seoul 150807

Veteran Stage Greetings in Daegu 2015.08.08~

Daegu is Yoo Ah In’s hometown, so we know how big the welcoming cheers were from the locals to their beloved actor when he came back πŸ™‚

[FANCAM] Stage Greeting in Daegu 150808


Veteran Appreciation Event 2015.08.19~

Veteran held a celebration for breaking through 7 million viewers on August 19th, 14 days after opening, which is also called “Appreciation Event”, at CGV Apgujeong.

In this event, Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min and Jang Yoon Ju presented a cake to director Ryu Seung Wan, and gave presents to the youngest and oldest, a pregnant woman and a veteran policeman among the audience who came to watch Veteran.



KStar News


Veteran Yoo Ah In “GV Day” 2015.08.19~

This is a special event held by CGV group where two Ah In’s blockbuster movies Wandeugi (Punch) and Veteran had a special GV screening simultaneously in one day. Before the show, Yoo Ah In had an interview and answered questions from audience directly.

Let’s first watch the videos~


Part 1

Part 2


In this special GV Screening, Yoo Ah In answered several questions from the moderator and audience.

One of the most interesting questions was, “What is the most memorable moment from the filming of Punch and Veteran to Yoo Ah In?”

He replied, “The first day of my appearance in front of the crew is the most important and memorable to me. Before I can convince the audience on the screen, I have to convince the on-site crew first. When I shot for Punch as Wandeuk and Veteran as Jo Tae Oh, I had to appear convincingly as a rebel student and a young heir at the shooting location. If I can convince the crew who are watching me now on set, it means my appearance and attitude fit well with the characters.”

What is a good acting for Yoo Ah In? He replied, “If we only calculate our acting thoroughly on the filming site, I think we’ll be crumbled. Do the analysis on the script and character description before acting, and have a self-confidence with what I’m doing, so I can go on confidently too. And when I’m on the filming site, I try to be flexible in acting as much as possible to maximize my performance.”

What about the action scenes? Yoo Ah In replied, “When we were filming the action scene, I felt very happy. Director Ryoo Seung-wan and martial art director Jung Doo-hong have thoroughly designed every action scene, so that it felt like everything was running smoothly into my body one by one. It felt very painful and yet entertaining at the same time.”

On previous works, all his characters were completely different from Jo Tae Oh’s character. So how he managed to pull it off?

Yoo Ah In replied, “On my previous works I appeared with a youthful image most of the time. This could be my obstacle. Therefore, I had a lot of worry, like how could I create different variations to overcome this issue more than ever before? But it seems everyone liked Jo Tae Oh. I think people could see that I was able to show a little bit part of myself through Veteran, and that I gave emotion to this villain character.”

Finally Yoo Ah In conveyed his grateful message directly to the audience, “I’m really grateful that Veteran topped 7 million audience, thanks to you all. I feel very happy such luck came to find me. I would like to say thank you sincerely to all the audience who gave me this fortune.”

Too the question asking about his pledge if Veteran made it to 10 million, Yoo Ah In replied, “I will hold a free hug event”, which caused a very wild responds from the audience.

So, here we go with the “10 million free hug” event~^^

Yoo Ah In Veteran 10 Million Guerrilla Free Hug Event 2015.08.29~

This is a surprise from Yoo Ah In. He came to the theaters without early notice on the day Veteran surpassed 10 million, and he made all the audience very surprised with his presence!

Since it is called “guerrilla” free hug event, Yoo Ah In went to 2 cinemas to give free hug to the audience on the same evening. He especially gave a “Veteran” flashdisk and signed movie poster to the oldest audience.

On his speech, Yoo Ah In wittily said, “Hwang Jung Min sunbae-nim must be very upset now” [because Hwang Jung Min didn’t get to hug people πŸ˜€ ], and once again conveyed his thanks to all the audience who made Veteran reaching 10 million admissions πŸ™‚

SBS Morning Wide: Veteran Movie Free Hug Event

Audience talk about Veteran – Veteran Surpasses 10 Million

Supah love happy Master Sik! Many more great times to come! πŸ˜€ Check more photos from these events in our Facebook album Part 2 and Part 3.


Photos: CJEM, Veteran FB, Naver, Dispatch

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  1. Mari says:

    He is having the time of his life. This is his year! ✌❀

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