[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANS] Yoo Ah In is Lovey Dovey On “The Throne” Naver Movie Talk Live

The Naver Movie Talk for The Throne (Sado) was held on August 27. The cast members- Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook, Jeon Hye Jin, and Moon Geun Young, and director Lee Joon Ik attended the event. Over 3,000 comments were submitted by the viewers during the live show. Wow!

Yoo Ah In and all lead casts with director posing at the backstage before the event began~

The Throne describes the death of Prince Sado, who was killed in an enclosed wooden barrel, sealed by Yeong Jo his father.

Yoo Ah In looks cute, happy and bright during the event. He even beams around Moon Geun Young like a little boy having a crush on her~^^

Here are the videos~

Sado Naver Movie Talk via TV Cast (FULL ver)


via Youtube PART 1

via Youtube PART 2

via Youtube PART 3

via Youtube PART 4

Now, here are the translations from the interview in Naver Movie Live Talk. Note: We only translated parts related to Yoo Ah In.

Translated by Furbabe

Director Lee Jun Ik says, “From the time when I was writing the script, I already pictured Yoo Ah In as the Crown Prince Sado in my mind. Given Sado’s temperament, Yoo Ah In’s rebellious, masculine and stubborn image is something that goes well with Sado. I wondered whose actors of their 20s fit this image, but there was no one but Yoo Ah In.”

MC Park Kyung Lim adds, “James Dean comes to mind when we see Yoo Ah In~ it’s that kind of feeling.”

Yoo Ah In bursts to laugh and looks embarrassed by the praise~

To the question asking about how his feel acting with Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In replies, “There was no other role that I have coveted than playing with him from the time I debuted 10 years ago. I’d been waiting for a very long time to act alongside Song Kang Ho sunbae-nim.”

[MC asks each cast to show off their cute side to the camera ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

Then, the clip shows cute BTS of all actors on the filming set including Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In~^^] But Yoo Ah In says he doesn’t remember this. LOL!

MC asks how Kim Hae Suk’s feel, from playing as Yoo Ah In’s mother in Tough As Iron to his grandmother in The Throne. Kim Hae Suk simply replies, “What can I do? That’s how it went!” (all of them laugh)

Jeon Hye Jin, who plays as Sado’s mother says, “Yoo Ah In has a pair of deep eyes when he is acting that makes you drawn into him. I love his voice too.”

Yoo Ah In demonstrates his ‘deep eyes’ funnily to the audience~ lol!

MC responds to Jeon Hye Jin, “Don’t you think the man in your house has a good voice too?” (Note: Jeon Hye Jin’s husband is a musical actor Lee Sun Kyun). She wittily replies, “His voice rings painfully in my ears.” (people laugh hard) ๐Ÿ˜€

Yoo Ah In says that Sado is the victim of Yeongjo’s inferiority complex.

“I think Sado is the victim of his father’s inferiority complex. Sado had legitimacy as the crown prince, and it made his father feel so inferior. Sado did not have to choose his destiny to be king. Yeongjo, who has experienced difficulties to gain his position as the king, wanted to create a rigorous learning environment for the crown prince,” he says.

Yoo Ah In goes on, “These days, kids spend 12 hours in school. They live in a harsh education system, it even caused many suicide cases. I wonder how much more hurdles Sado faced at that time. This situation resonates with the young generation’s today. So, I hope we can be more sympathize with them.”

Moon Geun Young praises Yoo Ah In’s acting skill, “Ah In oppa is very good in acting. He’s been my favorite actor too.”

Yoo Ah In cranes his neck toward her while smiling so widely. So cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

Moon continues, “When we first shot face to face for the first time, I was very surprised. We didn’t have much conversation before filming. But the moment camera rolled, the atmosphere completely changed all of sudden.”

“At that moment, Ah In oppa immersed himself in his role with a mind-blowing acting and he was swept away by emotion. And naturally, I became Lady Hye Gyeong and only saw him as Sado too. It was a strange and new experience, like magic.”

Jeon Hye Jin asks Yoo Ah In, “Are you a wizard?”

Yoo Ah In laughs and holds Moon Geun Young’s hand. Awwn~~^^

MC says, “Hye Jin seems to have a bad mood today.” lol

Moon Geun Young also says that she shed tears for real when she saw Sado suffer. “Sado is pitiful,” she says, to which Yoo Ah In replies with his cutest smile, “Then, please make me feel a little better.” Major awwwn~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

Moon Geun Young pats his shoulder and caress his hair. Awww again~!

Seeing this, MC says, “You both have a great chemistry!”

And then she looks at Jeon Hye Jin, saying “Mrs. Jeon Hye Jin, please show your chemistry with Mr. Song Kang Ho.”

Jeon Hye Jin then reluctantly pats Song Kang Ho’s shoulder with long face while saying, “Yeongjo is pitiful too”, which causes laughter.

Then MC asks Director Lee Jun Ik and Kim Hae Sook to do the same thing. Audience already laughs before they begin. Kim Hae Suk pats director-nim’s shoulder and says, “Our director-nim is pitiful too.” Everyone laughs louder.

Yoo Ah In says there was no really tough scene in The Throne, but he was exhausted by a lot of emotion on each moment. Among them, the most memorable one to him is the first filming.

“It was the ‘parliament hearing’ scene. Song Kang Ho sunbae-nim sat behind me while I was talking to the people,” Yoo Ah In explains.

“I had been waiting to act with Song Kang Ho sunbae-nim. But instead of looking face to face in our first scene, I gave my back to him. I felt all the seniors were noticing me from my back and right on my face. Moreover, it was a long scene.”

“I felt the urge to give trust on the first shoot. So, the pressure was great and I felt exhausted. I had a corny desire to even make my air went into acting. It was hard to grasp the scene,” he adds.

At the end of the show, Yoo Ah In gives his cute little dance after the music ๐Ÿ˜€

The Throne VIP movie premiรจre will be held on September 8 and sets to premiรจre September 16.

Now let’s check some of the photos from this event by Moonai nim~

The Throne, fighting!!

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Photos: DC, Naver, Showbox, Moonai. GIFs: DC

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