[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In At “The Throne” Press Preview 2015.09.03

The press conference for The Throne (Sado) was held at COEX Megabox in Samsung Gangnam Seoul on September 3. Its cast members- Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook, Jeon Hye Jin, and Moon Geun Young, and director Lee Joon Ik attended the event.

The Throne is a tragic epic that describes the story of King Yeongjo (Song Kang-ho) and Sado (Yoo Ah-in) in view of father-son relationship. Yoo Ah-in plays as Crown Prince Sado. Let’s check the press preview videos first~

YTN News

Kyeongin Ilbo

Stardaily News

Starnews Korea

Zenith TV

Focus News

In the Q&A session, Yoo Ah In shared his thought on the movie and his character. [Note: We only translated parts related to Yoo Ah In]

Translated by Furbabe

Yoo Ah In answered to the question about how he wanted to depict Sado, “Sado was the victim of his father Yeongjo who had inferiority complex. The most important part is Sado’s character. I thought about his disposition to ask his father. Born as the king’s only son, he did not take his position as the next king for granted. He had no choice to ask ‘who am I?’. When acting, I thought of him as a figure of a young man who wanted to run away from the burden of Crown Prince, his fate. It had got to be hard for a father who was 40 years older, to express his feeling because his son had better ‘virtue’ than he was.”

Yoo Ah In had to express various emotions in the film. He revealed, “I put the emphasis of such detailed changes from time to time in Sado’s state. Sado is described as a madness man, and it took a process to transform from a young healthy to a crazy man. From a disobey and rebellious boy against his father, he transformed into a frenzy adult. There were many changes to show his condition. For example, in the ‘parliament hearing’ scene, my voice still sounded like an adult, so I had to record a younger voice for this scene.”

Acting as a mental disability Sado seems to be physically tough. Yoo Ah In said, “This might be a very common ’emotional scene’, where I had to express many deep and dark feelings. I tried to commit to those feelings and act as truthfully as possible, so I could give the most accurate emotion. More important things were the transformation process from a healthy guy to a crazy man, and the changes in a small bin for 8 days, and the changes of condition. I had to focus on his mind. It was very hard to play those things.”

In this movie, Yoo Ah In got beaten, fell, trapped and suffered all the pains. About the physical pains, he said, “It was not serious. Identifying the emotion was more difficult. I just worried a lot about how to express the same tears differently, and how to express the change of emotions not boringly.”

Director Lee Joon Ik revealed a dangerous happening, “It was the scene that Yoo Ah In had to crack his head to the stone bottom. Then our staff prepared only one fake soft stone. Yoo Ah In only thinks about his acting when he concentrates. So, he crashed his head to the real stone and bruised. It might have been a serious problem. Filming was almost stopped.”

Yoo Ah In humbly said, “I had to play with rationality but I overacted.”

In Veteran (director Ryoo Seung-wan), Yoo Ah In plays as a young wicked heir Jo Tae Oh, while in The Throne (director Lee Joon-ik) he plays as Crown Prince Sado who falls to mental instability. Director Lee Joon Ik says about the casting, “I feel honored that Yoo Ah In accepted this role. It is not easy to meet a good cast who wants to play a mad character. I feel lucky that I found a young actor who stood out, infused so much energy and gave deep acting to such a relatively dramatic role.”

Some critics also worried that the “mad son” trait in Jo Tae Oh (Veteran) and the crown prince Sado (The Throne) might give similar acting to Yoo Ah In. To this, Yoo Ah In responded, “The mental state of Sado is caused by the accumulation of repressed anger, which makes him fall into a state of madness. It is not the same as a psychopath like Jo Tae Oh.

Kim Hae Sook met Yoo Ah In as her son in Tough As Iron (2013). In Sado, he became her grandson. She said, “It was very easy to act with him spontaneously. We understand each other just by looking into our eyes. I just feel a little bittersweet that I reunited with him as my grandchild,” she laughed.

Finally Yoo Ah In humbly said, “I would like to thank director, senior actors and all staff for giving me a big help in acting. It is not easy for a young actor to meet such a good filming environment. I feel so lucky.”

Meanwhile, actor Song Kang Ho plays King Yeongjo’s 4o’s to 80’s. He said, “King Yeongjo ruled Joseon for the longest time among the kings of Joseon. He has an inborn complex such as the rumour that he poisoned King Kyeongjong. These things were kinds of karma following his entire life and made him alone. That is why he was obsessed with legitimacy of royal authority. I think his excessive expression of love towards Sado brought about the tragedy.”

Additionally, Son Kang Ho said, “We did not aim for a traditional historical drama. It might not have showy and stylish aspects.  I tried to express the behaviors of Yeongjo for 8 days as realistic as possible.”

In the play, Song Kang Ho expressed the humane king. He said, “It was not directed by the scenario. It came out naturally. I think we have a prejudice against the king. Rather than break it, I just played the king as a human-being.”

Finally Song Kang Ho wished for the box office success, “I can see Assassination (Kim Hae Sook) and Veteran (Yoo Ah In) actors in our film. I want to be energized by those two films.”

Now here are some photos from the press preview of Sado~

The Throne, fighting!!

Check more photos from the The Throne Press Preview in our Facebook Album

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