[PHOTOS/VID/TRANS] 2nd Teaser For Six Flying Dragons Unveiled + Writers Gush Over Yoo Ah In

The latest teaser for SBS’s sageuk epic Six Flying Dragons is out, and it features the long-awaited meeting between our two main characters; Yoo Ah In and Kim Myung Min.

The drama is about six key figures who dream of a better country and bring about the end of the Goryeo dynasty and establish Joseon. The teaser’s captions read: “In a world dominated by power, we mourn justice. For a new world, six dragons take flight.”

Kim Myung Min plays Jung Do Jeon, a visionary scholar who helped Lee Seong Gye overthrow Goryeo, and was also a teacher to his son Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In). So our leads will begin the story as teacher and pupil, fighting on the same side with bright hopes for building a new nation. Later they will become political rivals, as Lee Bang Won angles for the throne.

Yoo Ah In’s character Lee Bang-won is described as having a relatively carefree childhood because he was fifth in line for the throne. He’s smart and driven, reserved with his words, and intent on learning how to make good judgments. But when he does act on his thoughts, he’s like a swift, covert blade. In the teaser, he greets his teacher Jung Do-jeon eagerly: “I have waited for such a long time.”

The day before they released the second teaser, on September 8, SBS held a press conference for the writers of Six Flying Dragons Park Sang Yeon and Kim Young Hyeon. It was nice that they both didn’t hide their excitement working together with Yoo Ah In 🙂 Here are the summaries of their interview at the press conference~

[translated by Furbabe]

To the question asking about casting Yoo Ah In as Yi Bang Won, writer Park Sang Yeon replied, “There have been a lot of dramas that picked this period as the theme, and we met various Lee Bang Won through so many dramas in the past; such as Yoo Dong Geun, Ahn Jae Mo, and Jang Hyuk. Lee Bang Won of Six Flying Dragons is 26 years-old, the age when he killed Jeong Don Jeon. He is the youngest Lee Bang Won in the drama history.”

He added, “If any writers would like to dramatize Lee Bang Won’s character, Yoo Ah In is the choice. As a writer, I’m glad that I met such a wonderful young actor.”

Writer Kim Young Hyeon said, “I’ve met Yoo Ah In briefly before. And I have faith in him [to be Lee Bang Won]. I phoned him and I tried to say, ‘I really want to do this work with an energetic actor’, and he replied quickly, ‘I’m full of energy’. So I said, ‘let’s go!’ and he firmly replied, ‘OK!’. Six Flying Dragons is an energetic drama, so that we wanted energetic casts as well. Looking at their enthusiasm, I feel very excited too.”

Kim Young Hyeon also said that he had watched Yoo Ah In’s box office movie Veteran. “I went to Veteran VIP première. It is a fun movie. And today I will be attending Sado (The Throne) VIP première too.”

Park Sang Yeon confessed that he was affected by Yoo Ah In’s acting in Veteran. He said, “After I watched Veteran, I thought Yoo Ah In just did what Ha Jung Woo could not do back then. I used to think that I would not be affected by the villain character in the movie,” said the writer. “However, two days after watching Veteran, I met with Yoo Ah In at the drama script reading, and I hated seeing him so much (laughed). I was scared and felt shocked too! It is his prowess as an actor that gives deep impression towards the character,” he praised Yoo Ah In.

He added, “We are still rooting for Yoo Ah In in ‪The Throne‬. We will watch this movie and hope it gets big success as well.”

Kim Young Hyeon said, “Yoo Ah In’s film Veteran is so much fun. He got a lot of attention because of this movie. We cheered on him and shouted ‘yay!’ every time he showed up at our shooting location. He’s got a positive energy and excellent acting skill.”

To the question asking the effect of Yoo Ah In’s movies to the drama, Kim Young Hyeon replied, “We are not worried that the drama Six Flying Dragons will be affected by The Throne (Sado) or Veteran. Although Sado is a historical movie which depicts a father who kills his son, Six Flying Dragons tells the story of a son who betrays his father. Meanwhile, Veteran is a contemporary story of a third-generation chaebol. It is interesting to see Yoo Ah In playing different characters nearly at the same time. Yoo Ah In, fighting!” (laughed)

Park Sang Yeon added, “Lee Bang Won in Six Flying Dragons is a rebellious prince. He overthrows his father Lee Seong Gye and dominates the regime. His character is a stark contrast to Crown Prince Sado. It is the reversal of The Throne.”

Six Flying Dragons premieres October 5.


Source: TV Report, Mydaily, Dramabeans, DC

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  1. Mari says:

    Yeaah all people in entertainment industry love him!

  2. Kim says:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Furbabe….much thanks for the translation, without which we will be clueless😉

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