[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In is Adorbs At The Throne VIP Movie Premiere & Entertainment Relays

So, after he got dolled up as a school boy at Veteran VIP Premiere, our Master Sik aka Yoo Ah In thought that he had to level up his style to the kinda hot mature college boy for The Throne VIP Movie Premiere. And I love et! πŸ˜€

The Throne (Sado) VIP Movie Premiere was held in COEX Megabox, September 8th. Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, Moon Geun Young, Kim Hae Sook, Jeon Hye Jin and Director Lee Joon Ik attended the event.

Once again, the red carpet turned to a fashion show when famous personalities, from actors to musicians, stepped on as the VIP guests. Many stars were invited to the première, such as his partners in Veteran~ Oh Dal Su and Jung Woong In, actors and actresses Yoo Yeon Seok, Park Bo Young, Lee Si Eon, Kim Ok Bin, Han Ji Min, Nana, Park Sodam, Seo Yeji, Esom, Hong Seok Cheon, Sung Hoon, Oh Sang Jin, Jung Joon Young, Do Sang Woo, Kim Hee Jung, Kim Ji Su, Kim Hye Su, Lee Seong Hyun and more.





Now here are some of the gazillion photos from The Throne VIP Movie Premiere~

Posing with Moon Geun Young and Jeon Hye Jin inside theaters ^^

Yoo Ah In also attended two episodes of KBS Entertainment Relay to promote Sado, in August and September respectively.

KBS Entertainment Relay 150905 Part 1

KBS Entertainment Relay 150905 Part 2


Here are the brief translations from both episodes~

Translated by Furbabe

On the 12th August relay of KBS Entertainment Relay, Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In are invited to talk about their upcoming movie The Throne and the stories behind the filming.

MC Hwang Seung Eon opens the session by saying, “You both look like wearing a couple suit,” when they enter the stage.

Song Kang Ho jokingly replies, “I think I look more and more like Yoo Ah In, even our hairstyles look similar.” (everyone laughs)

MC asks Yoo Ah In to show how a son is supposed to look at a father, so he gives these cute lovely sweet expressions~ lol!

MC points out, “You both actually came from Gyeongsang-do (southern Korea). Since you came from the same place, you two must be very close. How do you guys feel working together?”

Song Kang Ho replies, “Actually Yoo Ah In and I didn’t talk too much. We just talked about our work,” he confesses.

Yoo Ah In adds, “When we had a drink together sometimes ago, I expressed my feeling to sunbae-nim first. I said, ‘Sunbae-nim, I really love you’.” (laughs)

Song Kang Ho looks startled, “Really? I don’t remember it! I was too drunk at the time. I’ve never heard it. I’m so sorry,” he says with regret. “Today, let’s have a drink one more time,” he adds. (everyone laughs)

About the subject that was featured in most movies and dramas, Song Kang Ho says, “The movie is about a true tragedy and it implies many things.”

He praises his younger partner in the movie, Yoo Ah In, “I wasn’t worried at all because of Yoo Ah In. He is a passionate actor.”

“There was a scene where Yoo Ah In had to fall and hit a fake floor, but he was too passionate that his head ended hit the stone floor instead. His head was bleeding,” recalls Song Kang Ho.

Yoo Ah In praises Song Kang Ho’s acting as well, “Sunbae-nim’s acting is different and incomparable. It resembles a lot with King Yeongjo. He gives the realistic feels. He is a very humble man too.”

MC says that the movie depicts the relationship between a father and son. She asks, “What is a perfect father to you?”

Yoo Ah In replies, “My dad is the Gyeongsang type of man. He doesn’t talk much, and we barely have conversations. I think Sado (The Throne) is a film to understand a father’s heart.”

Song Kang Ho then says, “I can be the perfect father but I can’t be the perfect actor. A perfect father is when I think I am perfect”.

Next, on the September 5th broadcast of KBS Entertainment Relay, Yoo Ah In re-appears with Song Kang Ho, Moon Geun Young and Jeon Hye Jin to talk about their movie.

In the interview, the host asks the actors, what keywords associated with each of them, and asks about Yoo Ah In, “From the beginning, Director Lee Jun Ik has singled out Yoo Ah In to play as the Crown Prince Sado. Why so?”

Yoo Ah In replies, “It was a very generous casting of him to me. He said I have a rebellious image. But actually, I can behave properly.” (laughs)

Moon Geun Young reveals another reason, “Director-nim told me that there is a deep story in Yoo Ah In’s eyes. So, [because of that] I wanted to see [his eyes] more too.”

Yoo Ah In makes innocent smile and tells her, “Okay, I’ll buy you delicious meal.” (everyone laughs)

MC asks what their ‘first time in acting’ was during filming The Throne. Song Kang Ho replies, “It was my first time sitting on a nice chair, being a king and putting on a nice clothes,” he laughs.

Moon Geun Young follows with “It was my first time trying a mother role. When the child actor came to me and said ‘hello mother’, I was like ‘oh, I’m a mother now'”, she grins.

In this movie, So Ji Sub plays as Moon Geun Young’s son [adult version]. “I had a wish to meet So Ji Seob in a melodrama [as a couple], not as his mother,” she sighs with regret.

Upon hearing this, Yoo Ah In huffs with jealousy, “I am the husband and his father, you know.” (everyone laughs)

This time, the host makes a pop quiz game for Song Kang Ho – Jeon Hye Jin couple vs Yoo Ah In – Moon Geun Young couple. The couples have to answer the quiz unanimously with the same choice to win the game.

At first, both Yoo Ah In and Moon Geun Young pick the same answers for “beer or soju”.

However they fail on the rest of the questions, such as “sweet or sour pork”, “bumeok (pour the sauce and eat) or jjimeok (dip into the sauce and eat)” and “work or love” questions.

To the question asking about “work or love”, Yoo Ah In answers “love!” confidently, but Moon is hesitant and unable to pick her choice.

She says, “These days I just want to work hard” (everyone laughs). Yoo Ah In pretends to be annoyed. He stands up from his seat and says, “We’re gonna lose”.

The last question is “cash or bouquet”. Moon makes everyone laugh again when she picks “cash” while Yoo Ah In “[flower] bouquet” as their answer.

Finally, they both ask audience to support the movie and give super cute ‘gwiyomi’ greeting as the closing~^^

Besides Entertainment Relay, Yoo Ah In also became a special guest for the SBS Art TV at the COEX Megabox Hall on September 3rd after Sado Press Preview.

So many people were flocking the venue to see him. As usual, there were Q&A session with fans, and some lucky fans got to hug and took picture together with him. Even Yoo Ah In piggybacked one lucky woman to the stage too!

The Throne is about the most tragic family history; Prince Sado, who wanted to be his father Yeong Jo’s son for one moment of his life.

The Throne is rated 12 by Korean Film Council. It means audience from age 12 years old are allowed to watch it. The movie aims to reach the family audience in the Korea’s Thanksgiving Day holidays.

So far, critics gave positive reviews on Yoo Ah In’s acting and the story, and the film has made early box office by occupying 10.2% audience or rank 3 at the top box office as of September 11.

The Throne premieres September 16.

The Throne, fighting! πŸ˜€

Check more photos from The Throne VIP Premiere in our Facebook Album Part 1 & Part 2

Source: Osen, sportshq, newsen, naver, Instagram, Moonai

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