[PHOTOS/VIDS/TRANS] More Princey Yoo Ah In in Six Flying Dragons Character Teasers & Posters

More posters and character teasers released for SBS epic sageuk Six Flying Dragons. This time, they feature Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In), Jeong Do Jeon (Kim Myung Min) and Boon Yi (Shin Se Kyung).

We get to see Shin Se Kyung slaps Yoo Ah In’s face while saying “You aristocrats, what do you know?”. Ouch!

Lee Bang Won Character Trailer

Boon Yi Character Trailer

Jung Do Jeon Character Trailer

From September 14 to 18 SBS has released various teasers, trailers and posters of the six “dragons” as part of the drama’s promotion. We finally arrive to Yoo Ah In’s character Prince Lee Bang Won.

In the beginning of the teaser, he says with a deep voice, “I definitely will not join force with you.”

The next scene depicts a chaotic Korea at the end of Goryeo period. Many people cross swords with each other. The situation is unbearable for the weaklings and they fall to the ground.

Lee Bang Won shouts in anger, “How can you Koreans do this to your own people?”

On the next scene, Lee Bang Won meets Jung Do Jeon in the cave, and says, “I want to overthrow the corrupts and build a new country. I’ve been looking for this road just to see you. I will drive the conquest.”

This goes to show the beginning of Lee Bang Won’s character transformation, from the free-spirited fifth prince to a steel-leader, that we will witness in 50 episodes.

Six Flying Dragons is a fiction historical drama about 6 characters who build the foundation of Joseon features Yoo Ah In as Lee Bang Won (future King Taejong).

He is born as the son of Lee Seong Gye (Cheon Ho Jin) and fulfills a free young life while his personality develops into one that is sure of what he wants and what he doesn’t.

Lee Bang Won doesn’t talk much but is passionate in his head and is quick to move thoughts into action. He goes from a little boy who wants a world of his own to a leader of his own country.

Yoo Ah In’s character is not too different from young Lee Bang Won’s. His mature acting skill is expected to strengthen the drama.

Three posters of Yoo Ah In’s character have come out as well. One of the posters features Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung.

Six Flying Dragons is coming on the 5th of October at 10 om.

Source: Newsen, Star MK, Sports Chosun , hancinema, gif by toosil, caps by ND

3 Responses to “[PHOTOS/VIDS/TRANS] More Princey Yoo Ah In in Six Flying Dragons Character Teasers & Posters”
  1. Miko says:

    Thank you for this informationβ™‘γ€€I expect his playing Lee Bang Won that I can’t wait. He looks really

  2. Mari says:

    Second pic from the last: he looks like that the girl with a pearl earring painting 😁 Hope this drama will be great thru out 50 eps!

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