[REVIEW] Veteran Yoo Ah In: The Actor’s Actor, Expect For More In The Future

MBN Star Review

Translated by Furbabe

Veteran Yoo Ah In : Expect for more in the future

Yoo Ah In got hot responses for exerting a significant presence in Veteran. He succeeded in transforming as the three-dimensional young wicked plutocrat, by showing a proper acting throughout the movie.

Yoo Ah In challenged his first villainous role began on August 5. Not only did he digest the character with all his mind, heart and might, Yoo Ah In had his way to deal with it confidently. Yoo Ah In performs a complete villainous acting seamlessly. This soon led Veteran to the sky-rocketing popularity with Yoo Ah In earning a string of rave reviews.

Yoo Ah In plays a high school student of multicultural family in the 2011 film Wandeugi (Punch), a Busan tough guy in the 2013 Tough As Iron, and a poor but genius pianist in the 2014 series Secret Love Affair. He has established himself as an icon of youth through various works.

Veteran seems to be Yoo Ah In’s turning point. The unconventional attempt to take on the villainous role for the first time has transformed Yoo Ah In, and gradually raised the expectations of people to see him becoming a future big star.

Following Veteran, The Throne which opens in September will showcase another performance of Yoo Ah In, from Jo Tae Oh to the Crown Prince Sado. Having acted alongside the seniors such as Kim Yun-seok, Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Hae-jin, and Kim Hee-ae, this time Yoo Ah In will meet the South Korea’s “great actor” Song Kang Ho and raise the bar.

Professor Sim Young Seop, a famous Korean film critic and counseling psychology professor at Daegu Cyber University,  also spared Yoo Ah In some praise.

“Actor Yoo Ah In proved that he can grasp the good and evil characters all at once. In fact, Veteran is the exact opposite to Wandeugi. Both characters see the world through the eyes of the completely opposite personalities. Veteran‘s Jo Tae Oh is an arrogant and power-oriented person in a well-polished figure, while Punch‘s Wandeuk is the purest and innocent character in a rough unpolished figure. The two characters come from the opposite class. In that regard, actor Yoo Ah In is able to express both The Wealthiest 1% and The Poorest 1% of the Republic of Korea through his acting”, she explained.

Sim added, “Yoo Ah In is very ‘horrible’ in Veteran, but you cannot take your eyes off this seductive demon. Not only did the evil role, Yoo Ah In conquered the audience as well, because the devil Yoo Ah In is fascinating. He makes me curious on how his synergy with Song Kang Ho will form a chorus. But looking at his acting skills shown in Veteran, we won’t see any big problem. I’m really looking forward to his acting.”

It has been 10 years since Yoo Ah In’s début. Even before he was well-recognized in Veteran, Yoo Ah In has fully established himself as an actor’s actor through his films. Higher expectations are waiting for the roles he will take in the future. ***

MBN journalist Choi Yoon Na

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Source: MBN Star

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