Yoo Ah In’s “The Throne” Eyeing 2 Million, “Veteran” 6th Most Watched Film


Yoo Ah In is ruling Korea’s box office at the moment with The Throne and Veteran. He is the first Korean actor who has 2 movies at the top Box Office chart at the same period of time, and these two are the only domestic films which managed to stay on top.

Having topped the box office on its début, September 16, The Throne (Sado) surpassed 1 million mark on the fourth day of its opening, September 19, and topped the overall box office for the fourth consecutive day.

The Throne raked in a total of 1,810,575 movie-goers over the weekend and is eyeing 2 million viewers early this week.

The movie moves as fast as Attorney and Haeundae which also garnered 1 million in 4 days. It moves faster than Masquerade and Lee Jun Ik’s previous historical film The King And The Clown.

The Throne, starring Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In, describes the death of Prince Sado, who was killed in an enclosed wooden barrel, sealed by Yeong Jo his father.

Famous senior actor, director and producer Park Joong Hoon praises Yoo Ah In’s acting in The Throne through his twitter account~

Translations: “I just saw the movie Sado. This film…I hold my two hands and two feet to praise. The film is very sad, interesting and deep. Song Kang Ho once again has a number of great performances in the film, where he reaches his pinnacle. Combined with Yoo Ah In’s explosive energy and gentle acting, that gives a tremendous impact.”

Yoo Ah In’s name also climbed up Naver real-time top search due to The Throne and Veteran.

The Throne just held the stage greeting events in Daegu and Busan on Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 September, attended by the lead actors Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In and Jeon Hye Jin. We will post the photos soon~^^

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In’s summer box office Veteran moved pass Jeon Ji Hyun’s Assassination at Korea’s current box office rankings.

According to Korean Film Council integrated computer network as of September 19 morning, Veteran gathered 12,780,068 cumulative attendance, while at the same day Assassination 12,674,295 people.

Opened 14 days after Assassination, Veteran took over Assassination‘s place on the 46th day after its opening, as the South Korea’s 6th most watched movie or 6th highest-grossing movie in Korean film history.

Veteran moved on to an incredible 12,786,870 over the weekend, and is expected to surpass Miracle in Cell No.7  (12.81 million) sitting on the 5th highest-grossing movie.

The current box-office ranking in the exclusive top 7 so far: The Admiral: Roaring Currents (17.6), Ode to My Father (14.2), Monster (13.01), The Thieves (12.9), Miracle in Cell No.7 (12.81), Veteran (12.78), Assassination (12.67).

The Throne and Veteran, fighting!!! More power! 😀

Source: Kofic, Showbox, Naver, CJE

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s “The Throne” Eyeing 2 Million, “Veteran” 6th Most Watched Film”
  1. Laura says:

    Weeeehhh!! Congratsss!!!

  2. MNguyen says:

    So awesome! YAI the Great! Congrats!

  3. Mari says:

    Daebakk!!! Fighting for more numbers!

  4. Yasuyo says:

    Yes! More, more! Much more!

  5. ROR says:

    OMG sept 16 is my birthdate must be something nah just kidding lol anyway congrats! I love his badass image but yeah I’m gonna watch The Throne soon!

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