Yoo Ah In’s The Throne Exceeds 3.6 Million in 12 Days


The Throne is people’s favorite during Chuseok.

Director Lee Jun Ik’s historical movie The Throne (Sado), starring Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho, broke through 3.6 million admissions on the 12th day since its opening.

The Throne raked in a total of 1,226,690 spectators during the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holidays, September 25 to 27.

Opened on Sep.16, The Throne massed over 418,460 on Saturday Sep.26 and exceeded 3 million by gathering 3,018,770 cumulative attendance with 42.1% seat occupation in major cinemas nationwide.

On Sunday Sep.27, the movie made an impressive feat by drawing in 566,281 viewers with 60.1% seat occupation in 926 screens nationwide, and by Monday morning recorded a total of 3,590,647 admissions.

By surpassing 3 million on the 11th day since its opening, The Throne outpaced The King And The Clown (2005) and Masquerade (2013), two blockbusters which also opened on the Thanksgiving season.

The Throne is expected to exceed 4 million early this week.

The Throne and Master Sik, fighting!!

Source: kofic

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  1. Mari says:

    Yeahhh! Fighting!

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