Yoo Ah In’s “Veteran” Moves Up to The 3rd Most Successful Korean Film of All-Time, Exceeds 13 Million

Veteran moves up to the 3rd Most Successful Korean Movie of All-Time.


The crime flick Veteran has finally outpaced the period espionage film The Assassination, Miracle in Cell No.7, The Thieves and The Host in just 7 days.

According to the Korea Film Council as of September 28 at 24:00 pm KST, Veteran moved on to an incredible 13,121,278 over the Chuseok holidays [Korean Thanksgiving Day].

Veteran moved to rank #3 the all time most-watched film in Korean cinema’s history, moving past Song Kang Ho’s The Host which recorded 13,019,740 million admissions in 2006.

If we include foreign films on this Top 10 most-grossing films in Korea, Veteran is just below James Cameron’s Avatar (13.62 million).

On last Tuesday, Sep 22, Veteran moved pass Miracle in Cell No.7 by drawing in 12.83 million cumulative attendance and took over its place as the Korea’s fifth most watched film in history.

By Sep 27 midnight, Veteran raked in 13,015,356 cumulative attendance and outpaced The Thieves which drew some 12.9 million.

As of Sep 28, Veteran outpaced The Host with 13,121,278 attendance. [right-click image to enlarge]

Two Yoo Ah In films at the Top Box Office as of September 28th, 2015: The Throne and Veteran

Veteran also recorded 77.1% seat occupancy rate in 454 screens during the Chuseok long weekend, and managed to stay on the top Box Office for 55 days since its opening. This was the highest occupancy rate of all films in the same period of time. [right-click image to enlarge]

Veteran ranked #1 occupancy rate of all films as of September 28th, 2015

The current domestic box-office ranking in the exclusive top 7 so far: The Admiral: Roaring Currents (17.6), Ode to My Father (14.2), Veteran (13.12), The Host (13.01), The Thieves (12.9), Miracle in Cell No.7 (12.81), Assassination (12.67).

Infused with action and humor, the crime flick is about a veteran detective who chases the arrogant heir of a wealthy and powerful family while investigating the mysterious death of a truck driver. Veteran has received numerous praises by both local and foreign media.

In North America,Veteran made a solid dent box offices in its opening week boosted by its long-lasting popularity in South Korea and favorable reviews from American critics, according to the film’s local distributor.

Veteran made about US$360,620 over its first four days after being released on Thursday, September 17th, according to CJ Entertainment America. The amount is larger than the $323,506 and the $290,995 collected by Ode to My Father and Assassination respectively, in their first week of release. Both are Korean hit films that opened in the region earlier this year.

Drawing media attention is whether the new film by director Ryoo Seung-wan will outperform Roaring Currents and Ode to My Father, which were the sixth and ninth most-viewed foreign films in North America last year, respectively.

The new film’s ongoing commercial success in South Korea and favorable responses from American critics and moviegoers are viewed as factors behind the solid performance there.

Yayyy! Congratssss Team Veteran and Master Sik!! Add some moaaarrrr number please! πŸ˜€

Source: KOFIC, Yonhap, diagram by Fandomscape

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s “Veteran” Moves Up to The 3rd Most Successful Korean Film of All-Time, Exceeds 13 Million”
  1. Mari says:

    Whoa daebak!! Congrats again and again!

  2. Laura says:

    Awesomesauce!! He is the youngest Korean actor who recorded over 13 million film of all time too!

  3. Susi says:

    Hey congratulations! I hope Sado surpasses 10 million too~^^

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