The Throne Starring Song Kang Ho & Yoo Ah In Exceeds 5 Million, OST & More Stills Out

The Throne ruled the Chuseok Weekend box office, bringing in four and a half million viewers in the 13 days since it was released. The film surpassed 5 million admissions in 16 days since opening.

The Throne topped the box office for 16 consecutive days since its release, hit 2 million in a week, 4 million in 12 days, and surpassed 5 million as of October 1st, 11:20 a.m KST.

The story of the film is hardly new to Korean viewers. It’s the story of King Yeongjo, played by Song Kang Ho, and his son Crown Prince Sado, played by Yoo Ah In.

“The tale of Yeongjo and Sado has been told many times. It’s about the throne and power, but it’s also about a father and son,” Lee Jun Ik said on the interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “There is no son without a father, and there is always a mother next to him. These relationships feed into a myriad of other relationships, and one will end up getting hurt. One tries to overcome these pains, and tragedy ensues when one cannot overcome them.”

Yoo Ah In sent his thank you message to public with funny expressions, “Surpassed 5 million viewers! Sincerely thanks to all audience!”.

I recall Yoo Ah In said on his recent interview here, that he would be very satisfied if this movie reached 5 million, so I think his wish has come true πŸ™‚

Showbox released more image stills & BTS video to celebrate this achievement again~

Meanwhile, The Throne OST was released on September 25th and it claimed rank #1 to #3 on Melon music chart.


Congratulations, Team The Throne! Up up up and fighting! πŸ˜€


Source: Showbox, DCYAI, Kofic

One Response to “The Throne Starring Song Kang Ho & Yoo Ah In Exceeds 5 Million, OST & More Stills Out”
  1. Mari says:

    Only by watching the OST it made me cry~~ Sado, keep it up!

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