[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Talks About Characters & Co-stars in Six Flying Dragons Press Conference

Yoo Ah In Message Video for his new drama Six Flying Dragons

Six Flying Dragons D-day Trailer

Six Flying Dragons Highlights

Upcoming Korean drama Six Flying Dragons slated for October 5, stars emerging heavyweight Yoo Ah In who will warm up the autumn.

Six Flying Dragons is the most anticipated drama of the year. The casting of Yoo Ah In, the million-maker from Veteran and The Throne is the main reason of all this anticipation.

Unarguably the “hottest” male actor of the year, Yoo Ah In heated up the silver screen with a succession of hit-films Veteran and The Throne. Veteran, released Aug. 5, marked over 13 million viewers and now placed in the top-third Korean film by sales volume. The Throne, released Sep. 16, is also steadfastly holding on to its leading spot in the box-office rankings with over 5 million movie-goers.

In the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday TV drama Six Flying Dragons, Yoo Ah In will move in on the small screen as Joseon era’s key historic figure Lee Bang Won.

On the previous interview at the special pilot, Yoo Ah In told the reason why he wanted to play in a 50-episode drama.

“A lot of people asked me the same question. The writers, PD and even the senior actors wondered, ‘Why did you pick this 50 episodes drama?’ (laughs). I replied, ‘It’s because of Lee Bang Won’. I want to act role of Lee Bang Won because there’s a challenge to it. There are a lot of prejudice on the character and myself, whether I am too young to express Lee Bang Won.”

He continues, “There is a great pressure because a lot of older actors have acted as him before. But I want to show the new face, new weight, and give a fresh expression of Lee Bang Won.”

The new team for Six Flying Dragons gathered for a press conference on September 30. So many news clips and videos are released from this event. Here are some of them~


Stardailynews Part 1

Stardailynews Part 2

Stardailynews Part 3

StarNews Korea Part 1

StarNews Korea Part 2

Now here are some translations and stories taken from the press conference [note: we only translate parts related with Yoo Ah In]

In Six Flying Dragons, Yoo Ah In portrays a young Yi Bang-won, a Korean historical figure who conquers the Goryeo Dynasty with his father Yi Seong-gae.

To the question asking about what makes him attracted to Six Flying Dragons, Yoo Ah In replies, “It is fascinating that a group of six people appear together as protagonists in a drama with different stories. If you watch The Game of Thrones, you see all kinds of different characters are plot in one place. I found it very interesting.”

He goes on, “There were a lot of dramas depicting Lee Bang Won before, but I don’t think they covered his character so colorfully thus far. The writers [in Six Flying Dragons] made Lee Bang Won look diverse and dimensional. The drama brings up the conflict between Lee Bang Won and his father as well. I feel that this Lee Bang Won is more human. I did my best on my part and I think the most important thing is how the drama sparks”.

Six Flying Dragons also stars actor Kim Myung-min, best known for his role in the 2004 historical drama Immortal Admiral Lee Soon-shin, and Cheon Ho-jin, a veteran actor and Yoo’s co-star in film Veteran.

Kim Myung Min notes on his decision to play in the drama with Yoo Ah In, “I did not think twice and I said yes to the casting offer when I heard Yoo Ah In’s name. He is the current hottest actor and I was so excited to work with him. I’m looking forward to acting with him in this drama.”

Yoo Ah In himself admits he feels a bit pressured working with senior actor Kim Myung Min for the first time. “We know that Kim Myung Min sunbae-nim is dubbed as the ‘Historical Drama Deity’. I don’t know how well I will fit with him, so I feel the pressure a bit but I’m also very excited. I will do my best.”

Byun Yo Han, who got his break with a supporting role in the 2014 office drama Misaeng, and Yoon Kyun Sang from Pinocchio and The Time We Were Not in Love play the other two fictional characters: Lee Bang-ji and Mu-hyul.

Yoo Ah In tells his opinion on Yoon Kyun Sang and Byun Yo Han, “Yoon Kyun Sang plays as Muh Hyul. I think he is one fascinating character. He oozes charm by wielding his sword. Byun Yo Han has an attractive unruly and yet vulnerable character in this drama. He plays it excellently. I’m envious of them because many female viewers will fall in love with these characters.” (laughs)

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung will reunite as a couple in Six Flying Dragons, three years after they were on-screen lovers in the drama Fashion King.

To the question asking about working together with Shin Se Kyung for the second time, Yoo Ah In replies, “I’m a huge fan of Sekyung. She doesn’t hold anything back even though she’s had to wear some unsightly makeup. It’s comforting and reassuring to have her on set. I think we will make a pretty good chemistry.” He adds, “Fashion King wasn’t a huge hit, but I have fond memories from that time. I’m glad to work with her again.”

Shin was equally enthusiastic about the rising star. “I’m a huge fan of Yoo as well.” (laughs) “It’s true. We developed a sense of camaraderie several years back when a lot of things were still new to me and when I was more immature and inexperienced. He possesses a lot of personality traits I’d like to emulate.”

His nicknames ‘million-maker’ and ‘the hottest actor’ may pressure Yoo Ah In into his next work but he’s calm. When asked about the ratings, Yoo Ah In replies, “I have no case of a greatly successful drama, so I feel very slow in this regard.” (laughs) “I don’t feel pressured at all. Rather than being pressured, I just hope people recognize the quality of the drama and our hard work.”

Yoo Ah In continues replying the journalists who dubs him as the current hottest actor, “I feel a bit embarrassed to answer this question. I only played one part in one moment, and got the results of my work [he is referring to his box office movies]. There is a good time, there is a sad time. As of right now, I’m having a good time. After all, there will come a time when that moment passes. Since we are talking about Six Flying Dragons now, I will focus on this and work hard for the best result,” he replies humbly.

Six Flying Dragons will broadcast the same time with dramas from the competing channels; MBC and KBS2. Asked about competing against the other dramas, Yoo Ah In replies, “I never thought about competition. Competition between dramas is just natural. What we can do as actors is quietly keep working. But this historical drama is very colorful and attractive in terms of the story and actors. I hope it will be loved by audience of all ages.”

Lastly, about playing poor roles in the past, Yoo Ah In says, “When I saw the interview I gave while I was promoting for Fashion King, Shin Se Kyung had jokingly said, ‘Why do we always do poor roles.’ I think Shin Se Kyung and I are both pretty popular. I guess it’s because we look poor.” (laughs)

He further relates, “I think at the time, I enjoyed playing a character who was poor rather than playing a character who was rich. I liked acting out roles that were marginalized instead of roles that were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. It’s easier for me to play [my character in Six Flying Dragons] because of the character’s dramatic flair.”

Yoo Ah In gives his closing words, “I will work hard and finish shooting healthily. Please support the drama.”

The pilot episode for Six Flying Dragons will air this Monday night on the terrestrial network SBS.

Here are some photos from the press conference~

Supah handsome and cute Sik!

Also, Yoo Ah In took photos with fans’ rice donation and support banners before the press conference 😀

LOL very funny and unique standees 😀 Check more photos in our Facebook “Six Flying Dragons” Drama Album


Source: Korea Herald, hancinema, AKP, Yonhap News, sports khan, newsway1, newsway2, tvdaily, newsone.

Photos: SBS, Naver, instagram accounts, and DCYAI

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