The Throne Surpasses 6 Million, to Open Hawaii International Film Festival + Netizens Comments

The Throne (Sado), starring Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In, surpassed 6 million admissions in 25 days since opening.

The Throne topped the box office for 18 consecutive days since its release, hit 2 million in a week, 4 million in 12 days, 5 million in 16 days, and surpassed 6 million as of October 11st, 5pm KST.

The Throne, a period drama directed by Lee Joon Ik, tells the brutal tale of a prince who was deemed unfit to rule and locked in a rice chest by his father. Yoo Ah In’s passionate acting as the Crown Prince Sado has been receiving rave reviews from critics.

Having recorded 13.4 million admissions from Veteran, Yoo Ah In, who is touted as the ‘Chungmuro mainstream actor’, will become the first Korean actor who drew in 20 million movie-goers to the cinema within one year.

With the box office success twice in a row, Yoo Ah In will be joining the 20 Million Actors Club along with Song Kang Ho and Hwang Jung Min.

Director Lee Jun Ik told the press on his recent interview, “Yoo Ah In is the kind of actor who does not follow the typical stars of their 20s. He has his own values that he holds firmly and yet he knows how to compromise with the world without being swayed. He pursuits a deep intellectual quality. Just by having a simple talk with him, you will inevitably feel his incredible personality.”

Korea’s Oscar submission for best foreign-language film with strong critical response, The Throne is invited to open the Hawaii International Film Festival.

The 35th Hawaii International Film Festival has set Korea’s Oscar entry The Throne as its opening night film on November 12 for its 35th anniversary, Variety has learned exclusively.

The festival is presenting 181 films, including 32 world premieres, with a focus on discovery for new talent in the Pacific Rim. It’s also seeking to show films that have played on the festival circuit and become a destination for awards-season titles.

Hollywood Reporter praises The Throne, a film that “questions political and social norms in general with lavish production values and an acting master class from its stellar cast”.

Variety US calls The Throne, “an outstandingly crafted period drama that recounts a famous historical outrage with a sense of empathy as potent and measured as its anger”.

Netizens poured in the article of “Yoo Ah In is Eyeing the 20 Million Actor Title” with positive comments~

[+2187, -86] I really liked him since Geoloh (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), he is a very very good actor ♡
[+1823, -104] Hopefully you really become a 20 million actor
[+1718, -93] I hope Yoo Ah In continues to become the 20 million actor and carefully strive forward
[+1620, -86] Let’s make Yoo Ah In some hype!!!
[+330, -27] If you have a real skill, you will be the 20 million actor someday… His acting in Veteran is really good
[+267, -29] Really like it……Seems this year is Yoo Ah In’s Year
[+262, -34] His acting drew in attendance
[+244, -35] I saw The Throne ㅠㅠ and Veteran ㅠ This year is Yoo Ah In’s Year!
[+233, -28] Having two contrast movies coming out at the same time, Yoo Ah In’s acting has never ever disappointed. Song Kang Ho is Song Kang Ho, but Yoo Ah In as the Crown Prince Sado truly draws empathy with his solidified and overwhelming sense of acting
[+213 -28] And this year is the year of Yoo Ah In

Congrats, Team The Throne! Up up up up up moarr! 😀

Source: Naver, etoday, Osen, Hollywood Reporter, Variety

2 Responses to “The Throne Surpasses 6 Million, to Open Hawaii International Film Festival + Netizens Comments”
  1. Mari says:

    Wow praises are flying from left right and every corner! Congrats Master Sik! 😀

  2. Wei says:

    “[+1620, -86] Let’s make Yoo Ah In some hype!!!” – Hells yeah! This is YOO Year!!

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