[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Rocks Busan International Film Festival Open Talks PART 1

These days in Busan, stars appear day and night. More and more stars have participated in this year’s Busan International Film Festival which celebrates its 20th anniversary. Yoo Ah In heated up Busan International Film Festival like an emerging Hallyu Star and news outlet reported rapidly. He led a crowd of fans wherever he went and his stage appearance soon became his exclusive fan meeting.

Among the famous celebrities, such as Jeon Do Yeon, Tang Wei, Song Kang Hee and Lee Jeong Jae, Yoo Ah In was the hottest actor at the 20th Busan International Film Festival this year. The “19 Million Actor” gathered more than 5,000 spectators during his two days attendance, particularly at the BIFF Village Open Talk and the Korean Reporter Association (KRA) Open Talk events on October 3rd to 4th.

Yoo Ah In moved from one event to another within two days simultaneously to promote his two blockbusters Veteran and The Throne. By the time he attended the festival, on October 3rd Veteran was crowned as the #1 Korea’s 2015 Box Office, recorded more than 13 million attendance, while The Throne surpassed 6 million.

Even the night before the Village Open Talk took place, Yoo Ah In already made the crowd stuck as people spotted him having a late night snack at a modest Udon food stall on the street of Haeundae Beach, October 2nd.

Fans saw Yoo Ah In hanging out with Director Yoon Je Kyoon (Ode to My Father, Haeundae) and his Veteran co-star Hwang Jung Min inside the food stall tent. His presence caused commotion and crowd-gather around this small eatery. Though Yoo Ah In greeted them in a friendly manner, he had to leave as soon as possible, fearing he would cause a chaos to the place as the crowd got bigger.

Yoo Ah In at a food stall with director Yoon Je Kyoon in Haeundae Beach, Busan, Oct 2nd


Many fans have waited from midnight to early in the morning at the venue of Village Open Talk. More than 3,000 people came to the Village Open Talk on October 3rd to meet Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho. The event began around 12 p.m. and finished in 2 hours. Considering the high enthusiasm and the unexpected numbers of the crowd, and concerning about the safety, the BIFF organizer decided to get the police squad involved to secure the location.

the view at the location in the morning


After the Village Open Talk, Yoo Ah In attended the “BIFF with Marie Claire Asia Star Awards” ceremony, where he won Asia Star of The Year. (Report is here)

Following the Asia Star Award, Yoo Ah In went straight to the Korean Reporters Association (KRA) Open Talk which took place at the Haeundae Village Amphitheater around 5 p.m, and met more than 2,000 people who had been waiting for him eagerly. The open talk which was supposed to be a discussion with the journalists, turned to a candid fanmeeting where he shared a light conversation with the audience.

To get more on the details, we divide the reports into 2 parts. First part is the Village Open Talk, and the second part is KRA Open Talk 🙂 Let’s check the first part~


Part 1: BIFF Village Open Talk

Busan Film Festival has a special memory for Yoo Ah In. This is the place where he met Director Ryu Seung Wan for the first time. This is the place where Ryu offered the role of Jo Tae Oh to Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In had attended the BIFF six times before. He got his first taste on this festival in 2006 when he came with Boys of Tomorrow. One year later with Shims Family (2007), followed by Antique (2008), then Sky And Sea (2009), and he went again promoting Punch in 2011 as the lead actor for the first time. Yoo Ah In came back to BIFF with Tough As Iron in 2013. Though the movie didn’t hit spectacular number, it is actually one important work which gave Yoo Ah In an opportunity to meet Veteran. Had it not for Tough As Iron, Yoo Ah In would have never meet Director Ryu Seung Wan in BIFF.

Director Ryu Seung Wan met Yoo Ah In for the first time two years ago in Busan International Film Festival. At the time, he was having a headache from finding the cast of Jo Tae Oh for his crime-flick Veteran. Later on the interview, he said it was hard to cast young actors as the villain due to their weighing on image which associated with their advertisement deals. He admitted that he offered the role to two hallyu stars but got rejected immediately. Yoo Ah In caught Ryu Seung Wan’s eyes when he watched Tough As Iron that was screening at the BIFF.

On the Veteran Meet & Greet at BIFF, Oct 4, Ryu said, “While watching Yoo Ah In [in Tough As Iron], I honestly did not even dare to suggest Jo Tae Oh role to him. But I asked him what he wanted to do for the next work, and he replied that he was looking for a work that could break his boy-like image. So, I saw him the Veteran script and he was so interested and willing to do it. Instead of sending the script through his manager, he asked me to send it directly to his e-mail. I was really surprised!”

It’s been almost 10 years since Yoo Ah In stepped on the Busan ​​International Film Festival, and now he is back bigger than ever before. Although the weather was rough with gale warnings, fans gathered to see Yoo Ah In at the Village Open Talk at the stage appearance of The Throne.

It was such a special birthday gift for him. In his conversation with the audience he said, “I really appreciate a lot of love that you all gave me this year. This is my tenth year attending Busan International Film Festival, and this is only possible because of my acting in movies. I will take this achievement not as a personal acclaim but all yours as well, and I will keep striving forward to be a better actor.”

He added, “I feel embarrassed when people call me Ainshidae [‘Ainshidae’ literally means ‘Ah In Generation’ or ‘Ah In Year’, another term for the ‘hottest star of the year’]. But I will continue to cherish every moment of my life and acting sincerely.”


BIFF Village Open Talk Part 1 [Audience went wild]

BIFF Village Open Talk Part 2 [Song Kang Ho lifted up Yoo Ah In]

BIFF Open Talk News [Ah In Cuts]



The crowd went wild to see Yoo Ah In at the stage. When Director Lee Jun Ik praised Song Kang Ho’s acting skill, audience chanted his name. Song Kang Ho humbly said, “Thank you, but please don’t mind me. You’d better shout out ‘Yoo Ah In!'” 😀 The audience frantically followed his advise.

Song Kang Ho added, “I was here 8 years ago with The Good, The Bad, The Weird [with co-star Jung Woo Sung], but I think Yoo Ah In is more popular than Jung Woo Sung.”

He went on, “My house is over there on the other side of this place. I saw a lot of people have gathered early in the morning. I thought to myself, ‘Is there gonna be a big activity? Is a Hallyu star going to come? This is so amazing!’ After a few hours, I saw more and more people flocking. Then it dawned on me! They all wanted to see Yoo Ah In! Hahaha!” 😀

The Throne director, Lee Joon Ik, said, “Yoo Ah In will be the future world’s best actor”, while Song Kang Ho also praised, “Yoo Ah In is not only a technique actor, but he acts with his heart as well.”

Song Kang Ho spared more praise, “If you watch Sado (The Throne), you see that he has a wide range of emotions. It takes a great technical acting skill to act as a mad man. Yoo Ah In, not only did a good job with the acting technique, he also acted with his heart. He has a very good attitude as well. As his senior, I’m so proud of him.”

Moderator asked the child actor Lee Hyun Jae who played as the little prince, “How did you do the sad acting?’, to which he replied, “Director pointed at my heart and said ‘you feel the pain at the corner of your heart’. The other senior actors helped me a lot in acting too.” Hyun Jae was a bit nervous because of the huge crowd, but Yoo Ah In fixed his microphone, patted his shoulder, and whispered some comfort words to him 🙂

Yoo Ah In also praised Song Kang Ho, “Song Kang Ho sunbae-nim has a divine presence in his attitude and seriousness towards acting. I’m nothing compared to him. We were all impressed by his performance and great energy.”

Upon hearing this, Song Kang Ho held both Yoo Ah In’s shoulders and Yoo Ah In did a little dance~ which is so cute! 😀 Then, suddenly Song Kang Ho lifted him up to the air like a father to a son, to Yoo Ah In’s surprise! This funny moment caused a big laughter to all audience! 😀

About his popularity, Yoo Ah In humbly said, “I didn’t really feel my popularity until I came to Busan. I have nothing to be proud of, except for the fact that I worked with Hwang Jung Min and Song Kang Ho. I am the younger one so the focus has been shone on me, but Veteran and The Throne could only have been possible thanks to director Ryoo Seung Wan, Hwang Jung Min and director Lee Joon Ik and Song Kang Ho”.

He closed the open talk with a message, “I can stand up here because of so many attention you have given to our movie. I hope we all spend a pleasant time in the Busan International Film Festival. And thank you for loving our movie.”

On a side note, The Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jeon Do Yeon praised Yoo Ah In at the Village Open Talk on October 4th. To the question asking about working with the younger actors, she replied, “Perhaps with Yoo Ah In. These days I love watching Yoo Ah In. He’s got the passion and the talent that ooze a great energy. I can feel it every time I watch him.” That would be awesome!

Let’s check more photos from BIFF Village Open Talk with Yoo Ah In 🙂


Read Part 2 here

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