SikSeekers’ Snack Truck Project – Supporting Yoo Ah In and “Six Flying Dragons” Crew


Hi SikSeekers~

I hope all of you have been enjoying all of Ah In’s great news and his excellent acting!  As the drama is airing now, we plan to join a Coffee/Snack Truck Project with Japanese fans to show our support of the drama along with AINZone.  Some of you might remember that we did not use all the fund we raised last time in the Sikseekland Project: Supporting Yoo Ah In And Secret Love Affair.  There was a remaining $200 fund.  The project was done with Japanese fans and AINZone.  So here is your chance again!!  If you like Ah In and enjoy his work, please consider to participate and to support Ah In with fans from all over the world!!

Our goal: To raise more fund to get presents and send a coffee/snacks truck for Ah In and the entire Six Flying Dragons filming crew.  

The presents that we have in mind looks something like is this:


And the coffee/snack truck will be something like this:





If you wish to participate with us, please contact the key person of your country/region below for more details.

If you don’t see a key person for your country (region), you may contact any person below whom you feel comfortable with.  Or, you can contact a key person who is near your country.  In addition, any question that you might have can be addressed to me or your contact person.  Thank you~ :)

The tentative deadline for donation: 12/11/2015

[Note: We are still working with Ah In’s manager to figure out when will be a good date for the event to take place.  So please do keep in mind that the deadline is tentative which means it can change depending on what the manager says.]


Canada & USA: @mathed2001 at twitter or email to

Europe Region: @gabbiepink at twitter or email to

Indonesia & Malaysia & Singapore: @Sweetgodzilla at twitter or email to

Myanmar & Laos: @mochimochila at twitter or email to

Thailand: @bluesherbet_ at twitter or email to and YooAhInMyHeart at Facebook and @mdkaolad at twitter or email to 

You can also drop your message about participating in our project in our Facebook Fanpage: Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Facebook 


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    Yay fighting y’all!

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