[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Teases Fans At Busan International Film Festival Open Talks PART 2

Having heated up the Village Open Talk in the morning, October 3, Yoo Ah In once again gathered a massive crowd in the evening at the open talk event hosted by the Korean Reporter Association (KRA) at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival in Haeundae~^^

Nearly 3,000 people attended this event which took place at the Village Amphitheater, which is the biggest number of crowds in the BIFF history. Yoo Ah In came straight from the Asia Star Awards ceremony and he was welcomed with big cheers. The open talk gathered so many attendees even before it started, that it was likened to a fanmeeting, and Yoo Ah In celebrated his birthday in advance together with them all. Let’s check the videos first~



Now here’s the translations compilation from the Open Talk part 2 by Admin M Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

BIFF Open Talk Part 2

Big crowd have gathered at the venue before the event began at 6:00 pm. For the safety reason, fences were installed surrounding the venue. Yoo Ah In got on the stage with big cheers and scream from the audience while the cameras kept flashing and following his quick steps. He was donned a ripped jeans, black jacket and turtleneck T-shirt. Yoo Ah In waved his hand to greet them.

Reporter:What’s today’s dress code?

Yoo Ah In: Jo Tae Oh’s daily style? Hahahaha!

Reporter: You look so fresh. What’s your secret on keeping your body fit?

Yoo Ah In: I work out just before I do the filming/drama shooting, mostly on the six-pack part (everyone laughed)

Reporter: Speaking of filming, until today you have gathered more than 13.3 million audience in Veteran, and The Throne just surpassed 5.2 million. Combine the numbers together, you have 18 million in total. You are an actor who released two popular works simultaneously. It’s not an easy job. How do you feel about it?

Yoo Ah In: I have nothing to be proud about except for the fact that I worked with Hwang Jung Min and Song Kang Ho. I am the younger one so the focus has been shone on me, but Veteran and The Throne could only have been possible thanks to director Ryoo Seung Wan, Hwang Jung Min and director Lee Joon Ik and Song Kang Ho. However, I did a little contribution as well (laughed).

Reporter: You are too modest (audience agreed). You helped by acting as Jo Tae Oh excellently! You have been dubbed as the “concept actor”.

Yoo Ah In: I do like listening to such good words like “he’s a great man, he’s a handsome actor, he’s trying to act well”, but I wish people will remember me as and call me later with, “he’s a true human’.

Reporter: The assault story in the film Veteran have similarities with the real assault incident in our country. The director said that in order to ease the filming, the story was altered in a way that it was not entirely true. What do you think about it?

Yoo Ah In: I think it’s for the sake of making a good film. Have you all watched it?

Audience screamed: I have watched 15 times!!!

Yoo Ah In: Although it is packed with humor, actually Veteran contained a relatively heavy contemplation message, but it wouldn’t be something that audience want to see in the cinema because they are already tired of it. Therefore, the film passed the message in a light-heart way. The film reflects some part of the realities of this society. Some people use money to get a status of high society. Those who were born with silver spoon, if they don’t have the right direction and concepts they might become a ‘monster’. Jo Tae Oh is the most devilish person just like that, and I tried to deliver this in my acting. I hope people are not tired of watching this movie (laughed)

Reporter: We heard there will be the sequel. Are you going to star in this movie again?

Yoo Ah In: I won’t be able to star in Veteran 2, but it’s possible to star in Veteran 3 if they have a plan to make it. As you know, Jo Tae Oh went to jail at the end of this film, and maybe after he is released from the prison he is still be able to maintain his status and connection. I hope the story will still keep up with the reality. So, from the realistic point of view, it’s not possible for me to appear in Veteran 2

Reporter: You are good in writing, your sentences in SNS are very deep. If you want to publish a book, what book would you like to write?

Yoo Ah In: Poetry? Hahahaha…. I like writing articles, but I want to write a poetry book too. Today SNS is very advance and people can easily express their own ideas and show their feelings. But because of it I began to feel shy. I really want to write some sincere words, but it’s not easy because I feel embarrassed, so in the end I just throw light jokes on SNS. There are a lot of thoughts that I still keep in my heart. A lot of things I want to say but can’t be said piling up in my mind. I think poetry is a powerful and good way to express them. I like writing poems too, and I think I will choose to be a good poet in the future.

(Audience screamed: When are you gonna publish that book?)

Yoo Ah In: I will do it secretly using different name

Reporter: Which part of your body that you’re most confident of?

Yoo Ah In:My ears? 😀 As you can see, I’m not a handsome actor. I’m not ugly but not handsome either like other actors….

(Audience cut: Noooo!!! You are handsome!!!)

Yoo Ah In: No, I’m not that handsome! In short, because I’m not too handsome like this or that actor, I can play various roles… (cut by audience screaming: No, you are handsome!!!) Alright, Alright, I’m handsome~~ No, just kidding! 😀 

(Audience screamed: You are handsome!!!)

Yoo Ah In: What? You are so kind. Please shout louder! (laughed) 😀 

(Audience screamed louder: You are handsome!!!) LOL! 😀

Reporter: Recently, there is a variety show called ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’. I wonder what your fridge looks like~

Yoo Ah In: Since this is the Thanksgiving season, my senior colleagues sent me abalone, prawns, pine mushrooms [matsutake] and the likes. And I also like to cook~ Recently, I made abalone rice porridge [jeonbok-juk] and share with friends.

Reporter: Are you interested in joining ‘Three Meals A Day’ and have dinner with Cha Seung Won?

Yoo Ah In: I’m filming 50 episodes of a TV series at the moment~ Hahahaha

Reporter: So, what kind of variety show do you want to participate? ‘Infinite Challenge’?

Yoo Ah In: I often watch ‘Infinite Challenge’, it’s my favorite entertainment program. I watched ‘Sixth Man Project’ in the ‘Infinite Challenge’ regularly. If there’s a chance, I would like to appear in that program just for a brief moment.

Reporter: Have anyone called you?

Yoo Ah In: No, they might think I’m keeping away from variety shows, but that’s not the case.

Reporter: If they call you, will you consider going to the show?

Yoo Ah In: You throw me a big question to write a headline, don’t you? Do you think I would immediately take the bait? Hahahaha!

Reporter: Our goal and mission is to make Yoo Ah In the headlines! (laughed)

Reporter: It seems that your relationships get along very well and you have a lot of great loyal friends…

(Audience: Jung Yumi!…Who..who..who!!)

Yoo Ah In: Please, don’t dig my friends’ instagram. Seems you have been digging all the way to know these 😂

Reporter: Currently you are filming a historical series Six Flying Dragons. Following ‘The Throne’ in which you play the Crown Prince Sado, you are playing another real person Lee Bang Won. Why do you choose the role of Lee Bang Won and play another historical story for your new project?

Yoo Ah In: Lee Bang Won’s character that I play in this drama has a baby face and innocent attitude, but later with that same face he will be the blade of the monarch. Through 50-episode long, the drama will bring up the topic of justice and faith in goodness, and show the three-dimensional Lee Bang Won. During my school days, I had an extraordinary affection in history subject. There is an “intensity” in sageuk, which is the drama’s charm. Unlike contemporary drama that is supposed to focus on the reality, playing in sageuk feels like standing on the stage while wearing the costumes and acting for real.

Reporter: So what is ‘justice’ by your definition?

Yoo Ah In: Who am I to answer? (laughed). Earlier you said I’m “the concept actor”, but an actor who lives in the idea and opinion of his own mind is dangerous. Different people may have different definition of justice, but the most important is if they have the spirit of justice and good faith and practice it in life. The world now is full of ideas. To express them, then listen to the language of others, to think about how to live with others~ this maybe the world’s definition of justice.

[Fans Q&A Session]

Moderator (pointed at a fan who was holding a banner written ‘Research of Yoo Ah In’s Sex Life’, the false grammar taken from Yoo Ah In’s instagram post): What does this mean? 😂

Fans: It’s because these words have no spaces. But if you add spaces, it says ‘The Research of Infant’s Personality Life’ 

Moderator: Hahahaha you scared me. I thought we had to ask about Yoo Ah In’s sex life book too 😀

Fans (in Gyeongsang accent): Oppa, can I ask you? When are you gonna get married? And who do you want to marry?

Yoo Ah In (used Gyeongsang accent): I like the marriage idea, I’ve always wanted to get married

Fans: Oppa, please marry me now!! I’m (your) home girl too!!! 😀

Yoo Ah In (still in Gyeongsang accent): Are you crazy? (laughed, fans screamed wildly)

Fans: What is your most favorite drama and movie?

Yoo Ah In: I love Secret Love Affair. I really like the character of Sun Jae. Currently I’m watching it again. I may sound narcissistic. Although an actor can show multiple faces of someone in love, I think it’s so important for an actor to be able to show a true expression of love and the shivers of that brief moment. I acted in a melodrama but I haven’t shot an intense melodrama film yet. I think it would be nice to do a provocative, erotic romance movie. Hahahaha! (fans screamed wildly)

Fans: Oppa, what will you have on your birthday?

Yoo Ah In: I think I will have a fun binge drinking with friends

Fans: I came from Daegu and I waited for 20 hours to see you today. I came to The Throne stage greeting in Daegu too. But I didn’t get the chance to shake hand with you. Oppa, I will watch all 50 episodes of Six Flying Dragons until finish.

Yoo Ah In: Ah~ yes, I think I saw you in Daegu. Thank you! Come, bring yourself here~ (he rose from his seat and stepped to the edge of the stage and hugged the girl. Aww!)

Fans: I’ve been a fan of yours since Banolim (Sharp). If you are married, do you want to have a son or daughter?

Yoo Ah In: I want to have a son that looks just like me. I saw a father with his adorable son riding on his shoulders when I was visiting Haeundae Beach a while ago. It looked so great. I feel envious.

Fans screamed: I want to have your son!!!” 😀

Yoo Ah In: Really? Can you handle me? [using his famous catchphrase in Veteran. Fans screamed louder] 😀

(When the moderator said this was gonna be the last question, fans let out disappointment sigh)

Yoo Ah In: I’ll take the last question before finish

Fans who had the ‘Yoo Ah In sexual life’ banner: Ever thought of taking the bed scene? (everyone laughed)

Yoo Ah In: Yes, of course! (everyone laughed)

Yoo Ah In: I want to have that banner (pointed at the banner, took it and hugged the girl)

After the Q&A session, the host brought an ice cream birthday cake to the stage and lit the candles and asked him to make a wish and blow the candles.

Yoo Ah In: I’m so thankful to have a chance to meet you all (bowed his head)

Moderator to fans: I will give one of fans who have asked questions a chance to feed the ice cream cake to Yoo Ah In!

(Fans cheered. The moderator picked one fan and she fed the cake directly to Yoo Ah In’s mouth, and they hugged. All audience screamed!)

Finally, Yoo Ah In gave his final message to all the audience and fans at the KRA Open Talk~

Yoo Ah In: We met in one hour, and there are not enough words of thank you for this one hour. I’m so grateful for so much support that you have given to me this year. I had a great time. This is my tenth year attending Busan International Film Festival, and this is only possible because I’m acting in the movies. I will take this achievement not as a personal acclaim but all yours as well. I will keep acting and meet you again in the future through the films, I will keep striving forward to be a better actor. I really appreciate that we can gather here today~ You always told me, “Ainshidae” [‘Ainshidae’ literally means ‘Ah In Generation’ or ‘Ah In Year’, another term for the ‘hottest star of the year’]. But it is not an eternal thing, just a part of the good times. I believe that the most important thing is to live each moment and act sincerely, and be alive. Thank you! I hope you have a pleasant evening in Busan. (Made heart sign with his fingers)


Audience gave big applause to Yoo Ah In until he descended from the stage. Some fans tried to chase after him to his car and even to his hotel!


Here are some photos from KRA Open Talk event~


After the Open Talk Events all day long, Yoo Ah In attended Showbox Party at the hotel, followed by CJ Entertainment Party at a famous club in Haeundae at night. Here are some photos from the party~

Happy Master Sik, we are so proud of YOO! Check more photos in our Facebook Album


Source: The Star Chosun1, 2, 3, Star MT, SportsQ

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