Yoo Ah In is A Charismatic Gentleman in the 2015 Jeep Brand Winter Pictorial

Yoo Ah In has been chosen as the exclusive model for the American outdoor fashion apparel Jeep® Brand.

I just found out that apparently Jeep® Brand is very huge in South Korea. When the official statement released, many fans in Korea felt so overwhelmed by the news of Yoo Ah In being the new model for Jeep.

Jeep Brand officials said on their statement that they chose Yoo Ah In because he is rugged, a reliable and versatile actor with a unique and distinctive style.

“Carrying the slogan ‘Welcome to versatility’, since 1941 the Jeep® name has been globally renowned for rugged outdoor adventure without comparison or compromise. Just as your dreams know no barriers, living the lifestyle of the Jeep® brand is about overcoming life’s challenges to experience the grandest of adventures.

“Jeep® apparel is dedicated to those who love to live an active life and need to stay free. Whether you are a freedom explorer who feels the irresistible call of the wild or a city dweller who bravely faces the challenges of everyday life, the Jeep® apparel collection is the perfect answer to every need.

“Yoo Ah In as our exclusive model represents Jeep brand’s personality, the symbol of freedom and capability,” officials stated.

On October 30th, Jeep Brand and their new exclusive model, Yoo Ah In, have revealed his new winter fashion pictorial under the concept of ‘First Urban’.

The new theme, ‘First Urban’ by ‘Jeep Brand has been expressed sophistically utilizing Yoo Ah In’s own unique manliness. His two different sides, tough and wild as well as soft and sophisticated appeals wow the audience.

Yoo Ah In’s winter pictorial for Jeep Brand showcases the standards of winter outers, a combination of comfortableness and versatile looks.

I say he is an effin hawt gentleman in winter I want to take him home for my life-fireplace! All I need now is the photoshoot video to continue drooling 😀

Source: Naver, Jeep Brand, hancinema

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is A Charismatic Gentleman in the 2015 Jeep Brand Winter Pictorial”
  1. Miko says:

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful♥♥♥♥♥ I am charmed and seem to become a captivel♥//♥~♥ 

  2. Manguyen says:

    Gorgeously handsome! Congrats! Thank you for posting!

  3. Yasuyo says:

    Yes! Master Sik is really our life-fireplace!

  4. Mari says:


  5. Laura says:

    Hot hot hot! *drools* *peels self off the floor*

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