[PHOTOS & TRANS] Dispatch Exclusive Report on Busan International Film Festival: This is Yoo Ah In Hayday

Translated by Furbabe

[Exclusive] Certified popular…Yoo Ah In, 24 hours in “Hell-eundae”

Date: 2015-10-04 04:21

The drone that flies in the air


How many more will come?

The crowd that has gathered like clouds

And how much more to come?

At least as much as this day
At least today~


~it will be legit.

Because it is actor Yoo Ah In.
Because it is The Actor’s Actor Yoo Ah In.

Yoo Ah In’s certified victorial battlefield.
Dispatch witnessed closely.

Where else can you see this scene?

For example, this view?
Exclusively for Naver’s public entertainment

[DispatchㅣOctober 3rd, this is Yoo Ah In’s Day]

From The Throne Stage Greeting, BIFF Asia Star Awards, to Korean Reporter Association Open Talk, Yoo Ah In was breaking the record of 12-hour fan meeting

Dispatch reported right from the scene. Do you think we didn’t cover it from the beginning? How about the exclusive profile photo dressed in a bathrobe?



▶ 1:00 PM : Airport fashion? Not special anymore. For Yoo Ah In, it’s a hotel fashion. Posing and sitting comfortably in a bathrobe.

“Is it ordinary?”

“Make up Go”

When I first checked on Yoo Ah In, he was hanging out at a food stall in Haeundae Village last night.

“I just found a food stall in Haeundae Village. I met director Yoon Je Kyoon. But suddenly people saw me. I felt embarrassed…”


Yoo Ah In has prepared a total of three costumes. Just as he presented a variety of movies, I think Yoo Ah In is going to show a variety of fashion show too.

What about these first outfits? Lush fashion. Fear not. It is Yoo Ah In’s special lush fashion. The patches to digest.

“Isn’t it so rare?”


“Yes, Ain’s patches”

 We have this whole face full of excitement. Thinking of going to meet Busan fans automatically turns his face bright.

Before climbing into the car, he gives a warm wink.

“Busan fans, please wait for me” 

“Oppa, we are waiting~”


▶ 2:00 : Here is the situation in Haeundae now, no this is Hell-eundae. We hear words get louder and louder when hell gate is open. For Yoo Ah In (?), the police squad has been mobilized.

“Come here”

“Yes, here I come”

It’s been two years since the last time he came to Haeundae. He was in Busan to promote his 2013 movie Tough As Iron. Today he is standing up alongside Director Lee Joon Ik, Song Kang Ho, and Lee Hyo Jae.

A fiery welcome greeting showers on him from Busan fans, in particular, not only from the press. Banners are waiving in the air like fandoms greeting their idol.

“Yoo Ainie~”

“Whoa~ Ainie~”

“The best day”

“Thank you for loving The Throne. I’m feeling so nervous right now. Being here is possible because I worked in The Throne.”




▶ 4: 30 : Here comes the doll-up time again. This time hair is pulled back showing the forehead. He will not repeat the same style for the sake of his fans.

“Prominent head”

“Live photo wall”



“Now is Jo Tae Oh style, huh?”

So, what about putting on the second costume…





“The man in suit”

  “Ain in black suit”

 Yoo Ah In was escorted to the Asia Star Awards organized by the fashion magazine Marie Claire. That suit is deadly enough to deal with.

“Shall we get started?”

 “Grim eyes?”

Sitting with Lee Jung Jae, receiving the awards and giving his winning speech~

“What about the next schedule?”

▶ 6:00 PM : There is no time gap. Yoo Ah In has moved to another BIFF Village. This time the “Open Talk”.

“Yoo Ah In is coming”

“Selfie sticks are also coming out too”





It was full packed. Then a full-fledged fan service began.

“Can I ask you a question right now?”

① Research of Yoo Ah In’s sex life (read explanation here)

“How outrageous!”


“Can I have this, please~ Call?”



② Yes, Ain is next to me

“Oppa is really here”

“Here~ ice cream”

“Pats pats”

Fan service is not over until it’s over

 “I want to take the photo of my fans”

“We are taking Ain’s photo too”

“I will come to you too”

 “So many people”

 “Greeting everyone”



The finale. Yoo Ah In (inadvertently?) collected the silly questions from fans.

 Check the fans Q&A here

From the wicked young plutocrat in Veteran to the tragic prince in The Throne. This is just one way or another to enjoy Yoo Ah In. In addition to that, Yoo Ah In will come to your house through SBS drama Six Flying Dragons on Oct 5. The 2015 is Yoo Ah In’s fast-paced year, so can you still handle it? All in all, he has delivered it in Busan.



[B cut] “Shower robe, I wonder why” … Yoo Ah In Behind the Busan International Film Festival Events

Date: 2015-10-17 02:27



Who is today’s most popular actor? That’s right. He is Yoo.Ah.In.  He came last summer with mega box office movie Veteran, followed by another hit movie The Throne, and then SBS Six Flying Dragons as the much loved Lee Bang Won.

He is very popular, as you have seen in our October 4th report right from Busan.

Giving the ‘exclusive’ appearance to public in a ‘robe’, Yoo Ah In has caused overwhelming response from the women’s readers to our article.

But were those photos not enough for you? You want us to release more of his pictures, don’t you? Don’t worry, we have prepared.

Here are the B-cut photos from that article. Don’t miss them out!



Source: Dispatch [1], [2] and Marie Claire


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