Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor At The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards, The Throne Wins Big [PART 1]

He finally got it! I’m super happy! 😀

Yoo Ah In & Lee Jung Hyung – best actor and best actress at 2015 Daesang Awards

Yoo Ah In took the Best Actor Award with his role in The Throne (Sado) at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards (also known as Daesang Awards). The movie The Throne also received the most number of awards in Daesang Awards with Yoo Ah In (Best Actor), Jeon Hye Jin (Best Supporting Actress), Best Cinematography, and Best Original Score.

The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards took place on November 26 at the Grand Peace Palace in Seoul Kyung Hee University. It was emceed by actors Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Joon Sang.

Assassination took three awards for Best Picture, Best Costume Design, and Best Technical Achievement. Ode to My Father also took three awards for Best Supporting Actor (Oh Dal Soo), Most Viewed Award, and Best Art Direction.

Yoo Ah In looked nervous, happy and touched at the same time when his name was announced as the winner. He shared an embrace with Song Kang Ho whom he worked with in The Throne

Check out the clip of Yoo Ah In receiving the Best Actor Award below~

Yoo Ah In looked emotional, he tried to calm himself down and almost cried. He said on his acceptance speech,

“This is my first time ever in the awards ceremony to stand on this stage. I am not suited to this stage, I’m very nervous today so I took a calm pill before I came here. Even now, this prize feels unfamiliar to me. I would not take this as something that I win by myself. While standing beside Song Kang Ho in The Throne, I thought ‘this is my place’. Not only The Throne, but also because of other work, Veteran, which has been this year’s favorite of many viewers, because of them I could stand here and receive this honor of an award. Rather than moments filled with happiness and pride, there were many moments filled with embarrassment and bashfulness. I don’t feel like being proud but ashamed, instead. But looking back through a lot of hard times, I will always put those things that made me feel ashamed as a mirror. By looking on this mirror I will continue my career as an actor who grows based on continuous self-reflection. To all the people that I love who come into my mind just now, thank you very much, I love you.”


Yoo Ah In also made an appearance with actress Moon Jung Hee to announce Rookie of The Year. On the stage they joked a little. Moon Jung Hee asked him if he has seen her movie before, and he replied unconvincingly, “I have watched it at the cinema and once again on TV.” [In fact, he didn’t watch it yet 😀 ]

Moon Jung Hee tried to say Yoo Ah In’s infamous catchphrase (“how outrageous”) in Veteran but sounded awkward. She wanted him to say it, “Will you do that for me just once?”

Yoo Ah In replied, “There are a lot of cameras around us in this place. How outrageous.” Teehee! 

Yoo Ah In enjoyed the Daesang ceremony very much. He was seated next to actor Song Kang Ho who portrayed his father King Yeongjo. When girl group AOA got on the stage to perform their song Heart Attack, Yoo Ah In was clearly enjoying himself singing along with the group.

He sang along the other performer Lee Eun Gyeol too, and he gave cute reaction to teen actress Jin Ji Hee who said that she wished to act alongside Yoo Ah In someday because she was not a kid anymore 😀

Yoo Ah In hugged actress Jeon Hye Jin, his mother in The Throne, after they announced her name as best supporting actress, and he gave a warm congratulation to actor Oh Dal Soo, his partner in Veteran, for winning the best supporting actor.

Director Ryu Seung Wan won Best Director for the movie Veteran, but he could not attend the award because he is still promoting Veteran abroad.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards came into existence in 1963 for the purpose of contributing to the movie industry by enhancing quality of Korean films. It is the most prestigious award in Korea at the moment, after The Grand Bell Awards/Deajong Awards is tarnished by controversies and failed to bring all the best nominees to the ceremony just last week (read here and here).

Here is the complete list of award recipients of the night:

Best Picture: “Assassination” (Caper Films)
Best Director: Ryu Seung Wan (“Veteran”)
Best Actor: Yoo Ah In (“Sado”/”The Throne”)
Best Actress: Lee Jung Hyun (“Alice in Earnestland”)
Best Supporting Actor: Oh Dal Soo (“Ode to My Father”)
Best Supporting Actress: Jeon Hye Jin (“Sado”/”The Throne”)
Best New Actor: Choi Woo Shik (“Set Me Free”)
Best New Actress: Lee You Young (“The Treacherous”)
Best New Director: Kim Tae Yong (“Set Me Free”)
Most Viewed Movie: “Ode to My Father”
Best Cinematography: Kim Tae Kyung, Hong Seung Chul (“Sado”/”The Throne”)
Best Original Score: Bang Joon Suk (“Sado”/”The Throne”)
Best Costume Design: Jo Sang Kyung, Son Na Ri (“Assassination”)
Best Art Direction: Ryu Sung Hee (“Ode to My Father”)
Best Technical Achievement: Jo Sang Kyung, Son Na Ri (“Assassination”)
Best Screenplay: Kim Sung Jae, Son Ah Ram (“The Unfair”)
Best Film Editing: Yang Jin Mo (“Beauty Inside”)
Most Popular Stars: Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young, Park Seo Joon, Seolhyun
Best Short Film: Yoo Jae Hyun (“Chool Sa”)

Yaaay! This is absolutely a very beautiful Thanksgiving present to Yoo Ah In and all of his fans 😀 Congratulations and more power, Master Sik!! 😀

Some Yoo Ah In’s fancams/videos from Daesang~

Red Carpet Moment

Presenting Rookie of The Year Award

His reaction to child actress Jin Ji Hee

Singing along AOA

Singing and clapping at Lee Eun Gyeol performance

A few photos from the red carpet and award ceremony~

Catch more photos and moments in our twitter and Facebook now! We will post more photos on our second Daesang post aka PART 2 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos: Naver and twitter

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  1. MNguyen says:

    Congrats!!!!! So well deserved, the beloved actor!!!!!!! You’re amazing!!!!!!

  2. primie94 says:

    What a wonderful 🤗….MasterSIK
    Hard work pays off… And you have proved it!!!
    Good going and wish you all the best…
    🎉🎉🍾❤️heatiest Congratulations❤️🍾🎉🎉

    Thankz 😇Furbabe 🇰🇷working-holiday🇯🇵

  3. Mari says:

    Daebakkkkk!!! Finallyyyyy!! I’m so so overwhelmed by his achievement! Congrats Master Sik! Thanks a bunch Furbabe!

  4. Laura says:

    WHOA!! I’m so so late!! Congratulations Master Sik!!! Hurrayyy!

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