Yoo Ah In is Honored Style Award at The 2015 A-Awards, to Grace Arena’s January 2016 Issue

Yoo Ah In just received the Style Award at the 10th A-Awards! 😀

Yoo Ah In and all the winners of Arena-Mont Blanc 2015 A-Awards

The A-Awards is an annual award ceremony hosted by men’s fashion magazine ‘ARENA Homme Plus’ in collaboration with Montblanc Korea. The awards celebrate people from various fields who have made the year 2015 special.

Arena Homme Plus and Mont Blanc Korea had picked the 2015’s top ‘Black Collar Workers’ for the 10th annual A-Awards. Actor Lee Seo Jin, film director Ryoo Seung Wan, film director Lee Jun Ik, including rapper Beenzino and others, have been chosen as the 2015’s top “Black Collar Workers”.

The Arena-Mont Blanc A-Award chose Korea’s top Black Collar Workers by soliciting nominations for the top leaders in the economy, culture, fashion, publishing, and other fields. Through a rigorous internal screening process, the final nine men were selected.

Moving away from the terms ‘white-collar worker’ and ‘blue-collar worker,’ the new phrase ‘Black Collar Worker’ indicates a man who does his absolute best in his field, is upright in his style, knowledge, and emotions; in other words, a true man of this generation who knows how to cultivate both his inside and outside self.

Arena announced that a ‘Black Collar Worker’ is someone who strives to give his utmost in his field, knows how to take care of his family and spend his leisure time well, has a sense of duty toward society, is not lazy, and knows how to cultivate both his inside character and outside appearance. In short, he is a true man of this generation.

This year, the 10th A-Awards received nominations from various fields, including culture, art, fashion, publishing, and sports. The first round of candidates were stringently vetted by an internal committee before the final group of winners was selected.

This is Yoo Ah In’s second time winning the Style Award from A-Awards. In 2010, he won the same title at Arena A-Awards too (see the 2010 photos here).

Winners of the 10th (2015) A-Awards:

Style: Actor Yoo Ah In
Charisma: Actor Lee Seo Jin
Passion: Film director Ryoo Seung Wan
Innovation: Film director Lee Joon Ik
Confidence: Baseball player Kim Hyun Soo
Unique: Rapper Beenzino
Creativity: Chef Choi Hyun Seok
Intelligence: Architect Jang Yun Gyu
Contemporary (Mont Blanc Homme): Actor Park Hyung Sik

The 10th A-Awards held the awards ceremony with all the winners in the evening of December 1st at Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). All of this year’s winner’s, as well as some of last year’s winners attended the event.

The 2015 A-Awards winners will grace the pages of Arena Homme Plus’s January issue, and each winner will also have an individual photo spread.

That means soon we’ll be seeing YOO gracing the Arena’s pages! Yay!

On the night of awards ceremony Yoo  Ah In dressed to the nine with a perfect balance of dandy and preppy look. And his rimmed glasses is so on point! As my fellow Fandomscape said, “his geeky glasses add an endearing, comic touch to the otherwise overly cosmopolitan ensemble. And finally I approve of his gel hair!” 😀

2015 A-Awards Red Carpet

Yoo Ah In A-Awards News Cut & His Speeches at The Ceremony

In his acceptance speech, Yoo Ah In once again showed how grateful he was for lots of love he received this year,

“It seems this year I’m given a great reward for the hard work I have done. I would like to thank people for giving me so much love. I don’t know… Nothing is eternal, but I will enjoy each moment. And when things cool down, I will reflect and move on, and try to live as a good man. Thank you.”

Now here are some photos from The 2015 A-Awards with Yoo Ah In~

Yoo Ah In was seated between director Lee Jun Ik and Ryu Seung Wan, two people who gave a very big impact to his acting 🙂

Posing with the A-Awards host that night

Posing with a journalist too ^^

Congrats again, Master Sik! Moooarrr rewards to come! Check more photos in our Facebook Album^^

Source: Naver, OBS 1,2,3,4,

Photos: Naver, Instagram, DC

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Honored Style Award at The 2015 A-Awards, to Grace Arena’s January 2016 Issue”
  1. Mari says:

    Omo! He’s so smexy! Best style! ❤

  2. primie94 says:

    🤗😍…Oh! yes!! our “drop-dead gorgeous” SIK!!!

  3. Manguyen says:

    So handsome!!!! So charming!!!!!!

  4. Yasuyo says:

    Yes, outstanding both inside and outside! Congrats!

  5. Laura says:

    Aww adorable geek! 😀

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