Yoo Ah In Wins The 2015 Star Awards, is Honored GQ Awards Acting Of The Year


There’s no stopping for fashionista Yoo Ah In and Actor Yoo Ah In to receive more awards by the end of this year, yet!

Yoo Ah In won first prize in the 2015 Star Awards for Fashionista Award, and the 2015 GQ Awards Acting of The Year. Yoo Ah In topped the voting result in fashion entertainment team assessment at the 2015 Star Awards.

Star Awards is sponsored by Naver Movie and Sports Chosun Entertainment to pick best entertainers with best style. Yoo Ah In, who rocked the wicked young heir style in Veteran, was voted by netizens and fashion critics as the Best Male Fashionista In A Movie.

The voting process took place from 20th October which gathered a total of 277,991 people. Yoo Ah In garnered 37.15% of total votes, which was the highest result. Yoo Ah In won a mere 275 votes over Colin Firth who took the second place.

Yoo Ah In received a signature “mask” trophy as the winner in the movie fashion category from Naver Fashion and Beauty.

Upon hearing that he won with a slim margin over Colin Firth, Yoo Ah In who directly received the prize said, “I’m glad I competed with Colin Firth. I like King’s Man.”

He added, “I still feel like Jo Tae Oh in Veteran whenever I’m wearing suit. I have received a lot of love this year thanks to my two movies. Because of them I got to attend a variety of events and wore various styles too. I got the challenge to pull them off and I’m having a lot of happy times.”

Check his cute video interview from Celeb Pick when he received the Fashionista Award at the Blue Dragon Awards ceremony’s backstage. He also talked about his feeling after he won the Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Awards~^^

Cute GIFs! 😀

2015 Star Awards Fashionista Award Winners:

First prize: Yoo Ah In for his stylish look in movie ‪Veteran‬
2nd place: Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service
3rd place: Lee Min Ho in Gangnam Blues
Crystal from f(x) received first prize in female fashion sector


Yoo Ah In is also honored “Acting of The Year” by GQ Awards.

The GQ Awards is the annual award supported by man’s fashion magazine GQ Korea to honor the best of the year, from actors, authors, artistic creations and critical events.

This year’s acting goes to Yoo Ah In through his movies Veteran and The Throne, wherein his extremely close-up performances captivated more than 19 million movie-goers.

GQ quoted as saying, Yoo Ah In’s screen presence is so overwhelming to the point of perfect. And he didn’t stop there. His passionate acting continues radiating on the TV screen through SBS series Six Flying Dragons. His acting today is just like the flowers in full bloom that will be a million more beautiful tomorrow.

Congrats, Master Sik! Moarr to come! 😀

Source: Naver, GQ Korea, DC

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Wins The 2015 Star Awards, is Honored GQ Awards Acting Of The Year”
  1. Mari says:

    Omo he’s so cuuuute in that video ❤❤ Congrats Sik!!

  2. primie94 says:

    Completely… Totally… Proud of you… MasterSIK🤗😘…💕
    Thanks Furbabe👸🏻

  3. Laura says:

    He’s super delicious!! Congrats Mr Fashionista!

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