Yoo Ah In Gets The 2015 SACF Beautiful Artists Awards

Why, yes, another prestigious award for our Yoo Ah In again πŸ™‚

Actor Yoo Ah In is honored with the Artistic Impression in Motion Pictures award at the 5th Shin Young Kyun Arts And Culture Foundation Artists of The Year Awards.

At the press conference held on November 18th prior to the awards ceremony, the foundation announced Yoo Ah In as the winner for Artistic Impression In The Film, thanks to his impressive active acting in this year’s two blockbusters Veteran and The Throne which drew in over 19.6 million movie-goers to the theaters.

The foundation spoke person said, “Yoo Ah In has an innate talent and a strong commitment to acting since high school. This year has been a year of growth for Yoo Ah In. He scored amazing results from his hard works and achievements as an actor, and emerged as one of Korean cinema’s hopes”.

Shin Young Kyun Foundation for Arts and Culture Foundation (SACF in short, Chairman Ahn Sung-ki, extremely prolific Korean actor and UNICEF representative) first started in 2011. The foundation has supported children tuition and art scholarships for more than 300 talented youths.Β 

The SACF Artists of the Year Award is given to artists who have shown extraordinary talent in their field, contributed outstanding work accomplishments to the development of Korean culture and arts, and achieved impressive progress every year in cinema and theater. The winners are chosen through deliberation by seasoned journalists and news desk editors covering film and theater.

Previous winners include actor Choi Min Shik and director Kim Ki Duk.

This year, the president of Korea Filmmakers Federation slash actor Nam Koong Won (dubbed as Gregory Peck of Korea who has won dozens of honors) wins the Lifetime Achievement Award, playwright-director Go Seung Woong gets Artistic Impression in Theater for his 16 years contribution and exceptional creativity in theater such as the original musical “Arirang”, Yoo Ah In is honored Artistic Impression in Motion Pictures, and film director Yoon Je Kyoon (Ode to My Father) is awarded the Grand Prize for his creativity and directional skills.Β 

The 5th SACF Beautiful Artists Awards ceremony took place on December 8th at 18:00 pm at Jung-gu, Seoul Sejong Art Press Center. JTBC senior advisor, MBN president, KT Skylife president, and the president of Korean Motion Pictures are some of renown figures among 300 people who attended the awards ceremony, including SACF director Ahn Sung Ki, as well as past winners and aspiring actors, directors and writers who have participated in programs sponsored by the SACF.

Yoo Ah In, Nam Koong Won and Go Seung Woong each received a grant of 20 million KRW, while a total of 40 million KRW grand prize was granted to Director Yoon Je Kyun. After accepting their awards, the winners held a special hand printing ceremony to preserve their handprints at the Myungbo Art Hall.

Yoo Ah In attended the ceremony in a very elegant all-black suit. He was the youngest of all the winners this year. He chatted cheerfully and comfortably with his seniors (sunbae) whom he called “seonsaeng-nim” (“teachers” or a very respectable older person). In the ceremony they showed Yoo Ah In’s acting career history in a short clip, from Banolim (Sharp) to Six Flying Dragons.

Here are some news videos from the 2015 Beautiful Artists Awards ceremony night~

KStar News

Starnews Korea

Stardaily News

OBS News

Yoo Ah In said on his speech~

I received a tremendous heavy-contained award. I’m not great enough to dare comparing myself to these seniors. I feel so honored just for the fact that I’m here today with seonsaeng-nims. I would like to thank you for this award. I admire Shin Young Kyun Arts and Culture Foundation activities and I’m impressed by your project Dream Tree that gives support to the youths. All the winners don’t think this as a personal honor and give their warm hearts to the younger actors. I will look back to this day happily as an actor. I hope sunbae-nims and seonsaeng-nims lead us to the more interesting road ahead, and I wish I will be able to make seonsaeng-nims proud of me. I will show you again. Thank you.

Now here are some pretty photos of Yoo Ah In from The 5th Beautiful Artists Awards ceremony~^^

He looked mighty foine! Congratulations, Master Sik!! Moreee good news to come! πŸ˜€

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Source: Naver 1,2, isplus, ilyo, osen, dispatch, DC

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Gets The 2015 SACF Beautiful Artists Awards”
  1. Mari says:

    All of the names here are the greatest people that Korea has. I’m SO proud that Yoo Ah In is one among them!

  2. Laura says:

    It’s surely a big honor for him to receive such a prestigious award with those big names! TX for the article, Furbabe^^ Congrats Yoo Ah In!

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