[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is A Playful Boy in iPhone 6s CF

Yoo Ah In shows off a bit of his martial arts skill and some flashy adorable smiles in the new iPhone 6s commercial film.

Previously reported, Yoo Ah In was selected as the brand ambassador for iPhone 6s, which was just released by LG U+ company in Korea last month. The cellphone released its first commercial film (CF) starring Yoo Ah In at the end of November.

Yoo Ah In looks super boyish in here. He shows that he is able to back flip while holding his sword toy πŸ˜€ Boys will be boys! Maybe YOO should do that in your own drama, Master Sik :p

Check the CF clip out~

Of course, GIF photos for our life saver~

And screencaps~

Cuteness overloads!

Source: DC

2 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is A Playful Boy in iPhone 6s CF”
  1. Mari says:

    Yeaah cutenessss overloadsss! Love the gifs and the CF video!

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  1. […] LG U+ Corp. or LG U Plus (formerly known as LG Telecom), offers a variety of mobile services, including LTE network, and Yoo Ah In was just selected as the new LG U Plus brand ambassador to promote their products (including the new released iPhone 6s in Korea). […]

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