A-Awards Winner Yoo Ah In is A Hot Gentleman in The First 2016 Arena Homme’s Cover & Pictorial

As previously reported here, Yoo Ah In was honored Style Award from the 10th A-Awards, presented by men’s fashion magazine ‘ARENA Homme Plus’ in collaboration with Montblanc Korea.

Besides the prize given to each winner, all the 2015 A-Awards winners got the chance to appear in the Arena Homme Plus’s January 2016 issue and have an individual photo spread.

Actor Lee Seo Jin and Park Hyung Sik, film director Ryoo Seung Wan of “Veteran” and Lee Joon Ik of “The Throne”, baseball star Kim Hyun Soo, rapper Beenzino, chef Choi Hyun Seok, architect Jang Yun Gyu and Yoo Ah In himself finally appeared in the magazine, which has released this week.

Yoo Ah In, not only appears inside the magazine for some individual photo spreads, got the honor to be the first who graces Arena’s first cover in 2016 as well. That’s super cool! ^_^

Yoo Ah In wears different style of suits for the single photos, and shows us how the cool and sexy people chills with style. Of course, spreading legs wide open included! 😀

Super gorgeous!!

Dispatch quoted as saying, “Yoo Ah In, the Style Award winner, dresses simply as himself. He wears a checkered pattern-brown suit that oozes his masculinity. Posing with one hand in his pocket, his appearance reproduces the look of ‘Jo Tae Oh’, the wicked young heir in the movie Veteran, with a chic atmosphere. The nobleness in Ainshidae (literally means ‘Ah In’s Generation’, or in the other words; ‘hottest actor’) is truly felt.”

Netizens commented on Dispatch article:

(+1076, -48) He’s truly got unrivaled presence this year
(+571, -34) He will become even cooler and make hype when he enters the army
(+437, -39) Congratulations! May he keep the trend up in the following year
(+407, -45) Whoaa~~ He’s so handsome! ㅠㅠㅜㅠ
(+273, -21) He is an actor who has both macho and boyish charms. He acts well either as a villain or good character, in melodrama and other genres too

Yay! Hope to see more pictorial of YOO this coming new year! 😀


Source: Arena Homme Plus, scanned photos by Kyungyeosa on DC

5 Responses to “A-Awards Winner Yoo Ah In is A Hot Gentleman in The First 2016 Arena Homme’s Cover & Pictorial”
  1. blg says:

    Thank you for translation 🙂 I am happy to see netizens reactions are so positive to him.I hope when you have time you can translate some pann’s or posts about him (if you want it ofc no pressure 🙂 )

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi! We post his news, interviews and articles too. But we have never checked on pann’s post yet. If you have any interesting pann’s posts, please share me the links. I will look at them and try translating the posts 🙂

  2. Mari says:

    Those plumpy lips tho 💋❤❤ Thanks for the sizzling hawt post, Furbabe!

  3. Manguyen says:

    Undeniably handsome and super cool !!!! Thank you for posting!!! 😘💕

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